Friday 9 March 2012

Pretty peacocks..

After my post yesterday, I am sooooo glad that you love the fairies from Docrafts. I think they're just so pretty.

Today though, I want to share the other beauties in my kit - the new Dimension stickers.

This card was just a very quick one I did to play with two of the peacocks that I'd had made up for a few months - I got these to do Creativity TV a while back, and couldn't decide what to use - so instead of them going to waste because they were already built up, I plopped them onto a card.

Aren't they just beautiful. I must admit, I agree with the feedback that I got, that they look really nothing in the packaging... but take them out, build them up, and they are all brill!


Lovely aren't they? They're slightly different from the normal dimension stickers, in the fact that there are around four or five sections that build up on top of each other, and there are a range of designs to choose from. You can see a collection of the ones available HERE.

If you use them on a project, leave me a link and I'll add a link to your projects from this post.

Righty-oh... must get on. I've got a busy day today with lots of sample making, the totally lush DVD (that is being released on Tuesday on Create and Craft) to have a browse through and play (of course - just for research purposes!!)

Whatever you're upto today, have a great day - have lots of creative fun!



  1. Love the card, and the peacocks are fab. Hope you have a good day too x

  2. Beautiful card love the peacocks. Chris xx

  3. THEY ARE BRILL!!!! Love it!!!! Then again i love everything you do!!! lol
    Hugz Sis
    Lesley xxx


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