Thursday 29 July 2010

Clubs Clubs and more clubs ....

Hi everyone!

Sorry for it being a while since I managed to get onto here, but we have had family stopping over all week so time is a bit limited.

One thing I wanted to get on and tell you all about is the new Promotion that's coming up in August.

It's the brilliant Two Step Stamping 20% off promotion! Yes, you get a massive 20% off any of the listed Two Step Stamping sets. Now that's great isn't it?! On top of this, if you place an order over £30, then I will give you a FREE inkpad of your choice. Now you can't say better than that can you.

The other thing I am doing is finally setting up a couple of Virtual Hostess groups.

Now, I have two groups starting in August to coincide with the promotion, so the sooner we can get these off the ground, the more we can save.

The first group is the VH6, which is a Virtual Hostess club for 6 members. 

All you need to do to secure your place, is to make your order £25 or more for six months. You will get your Idea Book and Catalogue (the old one, and the new one in October) for FREE (usually costing £4.95). During your time with the club, you will become the virtual hostess for one month, so you will recieve a hostess set of your choice and £15 to spend in the catalogue. The benefits increase with the amount that's spent, so you could recieve even more to spend!
As soon as I have six members, then the club will start. If you'd like to join, then just email me on to put down your name.
  • In a VH 6 club there are 6 members
  • The club runs for 6 months
  • Each member agrees to spend a minimum of £25 per month, before postage (which is 5% of your order value)
  • Each month a different club member is chosen to be the hostess
  • You do not actually have to host a workshop – it’s like having a virtual party
  • When it’s your turn to be the hostess, you are guaranteed to receive a level one hostess set of your choice plus at least £15 to spend in the catalogue
  • You’ll also get a free copy of the catalogue, if you don’t already have one
 The next club is a VH10 - Virtual Hostess Club for 10 people.

This works in exactly the same way as the one above, except we will be a group of 10 people instead of 6, and we agree to place an order of £15 (£15.75 inc p&p)or more per month for 10 months. All the benefits are the same as before.
  • In a VH10 club there are 10 members
  • The club runs for 10 months
  • Each member agrees to spend a minimum of £15 per month, before postage (which is 5% of your order value)
  • Each month a different club member is chosen to be the hostess
  • You do not actually have to host a workshop – it’s like having a virtual party
  • When it’s your turn to be the hostess, you are guaranteed to receive a level one hostess set of your choice plus at least £15 to spend in the catalogue
  • You’ll also get a free copy of the catalogue, if you don’t already have one
 Product Share
The new products that Stampin Up bought out are just ace! The colours are sooo lovely. If you love the new items, but don't want to buy all the lot of them, then why not join in this product share?

Here's what you will recieve.
  • 6 x sheets of Melon Mambo A4 card
  • 6 x sheets of Rich Razzleberry A4 card
  • 6 x sheets of Soft Suede A4 card

  • 3 x metres of Melon Mambo spotty ribbon
  • 3 x metres of Rich Razzleberry spotty ribbon
  • 3 x metres of Soft Suede spotty ribbon

  • 1 x Melon Mambo ink pad
  • 1 x Rich Razzleberry ink pad
  • 1 x Soft Suede ink pad
  • 12 6"x6" sheets of double sided Cottage Wall Designer Series paper

  •  2 pieces of 6"x6" Flower Fantasy window sheets (acetate sheets).
All you pay to have the items listed is just £26 including P&P.  The papers and ribbons are only available whilst stocks last, so email me as soon as you can to place your order.

    Wednesday 28 July 2010

    Running behind..

    Sorry for the delay in posting this last week, but we have family up at the moment so time's a bit limited with lots of FUN things happening.

    I'll keep you all updated soon!

    Friday 23 July 2010

    shall I just say **C** ...

    Sssshhh.. Christmas I mean....

    I am slowly trying to build up my Christmas card pile as we speak. I've quite a few crafty friends who I send Christmas cards to, so I need a good pile before we hit December. So, slowly but surely, I'm trying to get them made in between the million and one things I need to do on my ever growing list!


    I have stuck mainly to Stampin' Up products for both of these cards, and this bauble one is one of my favourite techniques. We'll be covering this in one of my classes, so if you'd like to come along, just let me know! I will be putting dates and times on my sidebar sometime soon!


    This is one of the easiest styles of card to make. I found the instructions over on Split Coast a long time ago and usually make a few a year.. not many.. but enough so I don't forget! lol.

    The papers are Stampin' Up (as is everything else) and these ones are just lovely. They are the Christmas ones and as you can see, they coordinate perfectly with the cardstock.


    i used a little stamp from the Tree for All Seasons stamp set to create the middle section, and punched out circles from the SU punches. Have you tried these? Boy, they're fantastic!!

    Right.. that's it for today.. onwards and well, onwards shall we say.. I'm trudging through my list of things to do quite quickly now.. Christmas cake making next. (only kidding! That's next month!)

    Thursday 22 July 2010

    A little bit pink.. a little bit cute...

    Isn't she just? I just like *some* of these images.. not all of them.. but some of them, and I find the newer ones of these have much more appealing faces that the first ones.

    This one was so cute, I couldn't resist it, so I used her on my card that I made for the show this last weekend. She was coloured using PM's and papers are from my stash.


    Here she is in more detail..


    The sentiment is Stampin' Up, and cut out with the Scallop and Oval punches. I use these quite alot and there are sooo many things you can use them for other than sentiments!

    I have quite a bit of work on at the moment with one thing or another, so I am putting a few posts on scheduled so I don't forget to show you somethings that are new.. I know I still will, but I'll try not to. So check back soon eh?

    Bye for now!

    Wednesday 21 July 2010

    Guess who's on his way?

    Yep.... it's the chubby fella with the big white beard! Haha.

    Today, I thought I'd share a few photos with you of some projects I made to take to the Racecourse with me this last weekend.. Sorry they're Christmassy.. but it is only 5 months away!


    This was a card box that held a few little Christmas cards from the kit that we were selling at the stall. These boxes are just sooo easy to make!


    This shows just a few of the cards that were in the box. Very Christmassy eh?! I love making these boxes too to hold selections of cards for different occasions, they are so quick and easy.

    Until next time!

    Tuesday 20 July 2010

    Do you Skype?

    Well I do!

    I have had a skype account for a while now, but never really use it.. it's just such a faff to sort it and use it.. but one person I do talk to, almost a trillion times a day, is Nikki.

    Now.. I know she's going to positively KILL me when she gets back from her hols, but these photos I just have to share.  (she says with an evil cackle.. lol)  I did tell her I was going to put them on.. and we shared a few of the images we were taking the other day of each other.. so she'll probably do the same.. lol.

    I didn't manage to get a picture of Daisy and Dylan though - her two rescue springers - but I'm sure I will at some point.. they are so lovely, I'll just have to share when I get them.. but after all, they are springers, so they're bound to be fantastic aren't they?!!

    Well.. without further ado.. here's the photos..


    We were playing with the video on Skype.. and I think it was 'who's going to get the first photie'.. lol.


    This was just as we were saying Goodbye... lol... let's just pull some funny faces!


    And in the end, we both laughed so much we gave ourselves a headache. lol.

    Thank you so much for our fun times together Nikki! Until next time...

    Monday 19 July 2010

    Boom... in a flash... GONE!

    That's pretty much like what it WAS like this past weekend!! So today I'm having a relaxing morning, and going to see my Stampin' Up Mummy, Monica, over at her house. She hasn't been very well at all this last week or so, but I'm hoping she's feeling a bit better today.

    I was demonstrating down at the Racecourse all weekend during the Summer Crafting Event that was being held. Blimey! Talk about busy!!

    Saturday was the busiest day of the two, and it was absolutely horrendous trying to get down some of the aisles I can tell you! It was absolutely chocka! Also, the heat in the building was too much at times, but at least we had the odd breeze or two as people were walking past.

    I didn't manage to look at everything, but saw some familiar faces and had a hug with a few - Susannah from Dolly Cottage (hope you are feeling A1 soon again), the ever lovely Kirsty Wiseman, Kim and Jon, Jacqui and Marcea and the girls from Lili, the folks from C and C, and how can I forget Linda and Bev - you both made my weekend. And how can I forget the lovely Phyll and George. (We went out for a meal too on Saturday evening and it was!) Now, I did have one person come across to me who I was not expecting to see.. and that was Annette. It was sooo lovely to see you there and great to have a natter - we will talk more later!! lol.

    Sunday.. now this was a bit quieter.. but even hotter I'd say. The weather outside was a bit miserable, but inside must have been about 20million degrees at times! Maybe they didn't have a 50p for the slot meter or something.. but I was absolutely lathered! It was lovely to meet up with  Nigel from C&C for a cuddle and chance for a natter .. he is so charming and lovely. Love him to bits.

    But.. there was one downside to working all weekend... and that is I missed my little furballs.. (and apparantly I was told a few times, so did you miss seeing them on my blog.. ) so for all the little Pupster fans out there.. here they are!


    Here's little Holly - all fully recovered and fighting fit from her op. Such a cutie pie.


    Mr Scoobs... he always looks soooo handsome and grown up, even though he's the biggest softie cuddle monster about!


    And two of little Truly... the top one she refused to look at the camera.. but this is sooo her! **I'm not looking.. I'm not looking... I'm not looking!**


    Sorry about the fuzziness of this one.. but this is just a quick snap to catch those eyes!

    Sometimes, if you have to tell her she's been naughty, or if she just wants a plain old cuddly-belly-rub, she will give you the whites of her eyes.. just look... how can you refuse?? So cutesy.

    Given the history of Truly when she came to us, she is not doing too bad. She still has many problems, and they will never change, but she is sooo loving on her terms and has finally realised that this is her home.... which is why she probably hates anyone new coming into the house.. lol.  So, if you want to call around, please do - but bring your suit of armour! lol.

    Fancy a challenge?

    Oh, I just don't know where this week has gone... it just seems to have flown by in a flash!

    First things first though, and the ever so lovely Jill has started a Challenge Blog here and the first challenge is Anything goes. Now, I've known Jill for quite a while and she is honestly one of the most loveliest, friendliest people around, so when she asked me to join in, how could I refuse?

    So.. I set about making a card or two for the Challenge.. and here's the one I chose.


    I used a range of different things on the card, including the Fairy Stamps which are just fab. I hope you like it.... and why don't you nip on over to take a peek at all the other samples over there.

    Wednesday 14 July 2010

    No more Christmas....

    Just a quick post to show you the new PM stamps from the Summer Range.

    This set of items from this loop is very popular! The colours are just so fresh and coordinate brilliantly. The stamps are more like technique style stamps, rather than 'stamp and colour in' stamps if that makes sense, so you really need to know how to use them to their best.

    Anyway, I hope you like it..


    Tuesday 13 July 2010

    Hot foiling

    How are you all?

    Just playing catch up really with a few of my posts.. and I'm scheduling as I go. I'm not sure what day I'm upto at the moment.. but today is Saturday the 10th, so I reckon it could be a few days yet until this one goes live.

    Anyhow.. this morning I was doing a demo even though my poor pupster Truly was at the vet. She was really off colour last night, and today was told she has an ear infection. I rang hubby as soon as I could to find out what was wrong as I was so worried about her. Anyway. She's home with antibiotics, painkillers and drops.. and no doubt on Monday yet another vet bill to match Holly's.. I've spent so much time at the vets this last few weeks, I reckon I'll just move in! lol.

    Anyway.. Hot foiling.

    This is QUICKLY becoming one of my favouritest techniques. I can even use my stamps.. how fantastic!!

    Here are a few samples for you.

    Here's one of the cards I made. I treated myself to some of the new PM embossing folders and they work fantastic with the hot foiling system too!


    and here's a little close up. It shows the distressing quite well I think.


    This was the foiling system used with stamps. Pretty good eh??


    Right.. onwards and well.. onwards.. lol. I'll go and see what's left in my Photobucket to show you next.

    See you soon!

    Monday 12 July 2010

    That 'C' word...

    Oh blimey!

    I'm sure you know what I'm on about.. but if not, think penguins, stars and snowmen.

    Yep. We are well and truly in the throws of Christmas for demo's this time around. There is some lovely Summer crafting stuff out there too, which I'll share over the next couple of days or so.

    But here is a collection of the Christmas bits. Just a quick post.. but hope you like them.

    This is the new star template. I just scaled it down a little to give me the size I wanted.


    Quick decoupage - now this is my sort. Push it out and stick it together!


    Now.. this is more me. Cute stamping!


    This little guys - Penelope and Percy - are just the cutest. You can even get pyramage!


    Sunday 11 July 2010

    A little bit of Creativity...

     Morning campers..

    After a very busy day yesterday at my demo, I spent the evening chilling in front of the fan. Boy was it hot!! Thankfully, Sharon, assistant on the craft department was there with fan in hand to cool us all down. Thanks love.. you're a treasure!!

    I just wanted to show you these projects that were in the Creativity magasine this last month. They're quilling, and quite simple to make - full details are in the mag.. so why not give it a go?


    This one below shows all the projects that were in there. The picture frame took a little more time than the others, but I think it was worth  it.


    I've got a few more things to show you tomorrow, so why not check back.

    see you soon xx

    Saturday 10 July 2010

    Playing with bits

    Well - I knew it wouldn't take long after talking to a lovely lady called Kathryn! She makes the most impressive models from Fimo, and is going to make me one as a gift. Me being me...well, I promised to make her one in return. So set about it and this is what I came up with.

    fimo baby girl

    I'm not totally happy with it - but it is my first attempt, so will accept a few flaws along the way. I still need lots more practice, and even then, don't think I'll get them to look like Kathryns.. lol.

    fimo baby girl

    Now.. I am good at making roses.. I've made those for years, but dolls? Well. Give a girl a dollop of plastic playstuff and she'll try her best.. lol.

    fimo baby girl

    Hope you like it anyway. She actually looks quite sweet sat on my Pandora box.

    Bye for now!

    Friday 9 July 2010

    As promised - a couple of videos

    I have spent the last day or so making samples to take with me for my demo this weekend, but thought I'd spend a few minutes to make a video or two..

    This first one is to show how to make up the Star Template I was demoing last weekend.
    A few of my fellow demo's are having problems with it, so thought I'd share.

    This next one is the one I promised to customers last weekend.. the pretty basket that we made together.

    I hope you can make sense of them.. I will do a photo step by step at some point.

    Happy crafting, and have a lovely weekend everyone!

    Birthday Puppy...

    Here he is.. the Birthday Boy.. Scooby is our rescue springer who had his 4th Birthday on Tuesday.

    We've had him since he was 18 months old, and he's just a little (errm.. I mean rather giant... ) dreamboat. Why anyone would want to put him up for adoption is beyond me. They said they couldn't cope. But he is absolutely no bother at all.. just give him food, a cup of tea and a double bed and he's happy! lol. And a lick of a yogurt pot, a tripe stick and a bit of ice cream is nice too!


    He is SOOOO unimpressed by being woken up at half past five in the morning. Can you tell??

    Mind you... his little Sis doesn't look that much interested either! Here's Holly.


    When we were looking around for another Springer, Holly chose Scooby herself. It was only fair that she did the choosing as it was going to be her playfriend and companion just as much as ours.

    And the puss? Well.. he's just up for a cuddly snuggle any time of day.


    Little Senna is now just over 12 years old. What a handsome chap for his age. He was 10 months old when we got him and his brother, Biela, who died a while ago, and he's just a delight to have (even if a bit vocal and opinionated at times!)

    Now, did you notice anyone missing??

    Yep. Truly and Kiara.(Kiara is my son's cat.. she's 11)

    Early mornings,Truly (and in fact, Kiara) don't mix either - and I thought Springers and Cockers were supposed to be hyper?! I pointed the camera at her to get the birthday pics, and she just turned her back and wouldn't look at me.. but I'll get one of her later. lol.

    Truly is our Cocker. A true little Irish Ginger Whinger. She came over from rescue in Ireland when she was nearly two, and came straight to us for fostering. Truly has so many mental and physical problems that she's stayed with us. She had her 4th birthday in May.  

    Happy Birthday, Mr Scoobster.. xx

    Thursday 8 July 2010

    Happy Birthday Teen...

    Here's the birthday card I made for my daughter, who has just turned 14.

    Doesn't time go so quickly.. or is that just a sign that I'm getting older??


    This stamp I got a while ago now when I was down at the Lincoln show, and I'm ashamed to say, I've only just inked it up. It's the first time she's been out of the packet, but isn't she lovely?

    I coloured her with the pro's, and added a bit of glitter to her wings. The card is an Easel card, which are sooo easy to make.

    And just look at me lickle flower -


    I have crocheted a few of these over the last few days.. all different styles, double ones, single ones, thread ones, wool ones.. and I just love them. I thought with this card though, I'd keep it white and add a bit of pink with the button.


    The greeting is Stampin' Up, as is the Chocolate Chip card I've used to layer things up, and I've stamped the image using the new Soft Suede ink pad - it's really nice for that subtle outline.

    So.. Happy Birthday Teen... Love you!

    Wednesday 7 July 2010

    Thank You mini notes

    Don't you just love little cards?

    One of my favourite card sizes are square cards. I just love them. And these smaller size 4 inch or so little cards are just perfect to say 'Thank You' when you need to.

    One of these was sent to Jackie and the staff at the shop I was demoing at on Saturday. (I still haven't done the video for the basket - that's on my to-do list for today. lol)

    I sent the Girls the yellow and lime card, and kept the pink one.


    The greeting is Stampin' Up and just perfect for those little times you need to say thanks. I punched it out with the oval and scallop ovals to finish it off.

    A little bit of ribbon and some buttons finished them off to a tee.


    Right, I'd best get on. I had a very busy day yesterday - scoring, cutting, sticking, making.. We had our Monthly Event over at Bullcroft Memorial Hall - and we made a lovely stationery box.
    Thank you to all the lovely ladies who came along to play for a few hours. It was great having you all there. Thanks too to Sheila - you always make me smile, Cheesy Feet!!


    Look at this...


    Lordy.. I hate spiders! Don't get me wrong, I'd never hurt one... but I don't like them! Not this small anyway.

    Now, tarantulas I can handle.. really. Yep. I can hold them, touch them and it doesn't bother me one little bit. But this? OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH nope!

    I mean. Just look at the hairs on its legs. **shivers** And it came and sat in MY house on MY stairs looking at ME!!

    How very dare it!

    Tuesday 6 July 2010

    Just sharing ....


    it's come to my attention that some people don't know about us second-hand dogs. Being that I AM one, I thought I'd tell you a little about me and about us. My sisters, Cali and Mira, came to our house when they were puppies and my Mom had been waiting for them since before they were born. That's not how it happened with me. I got here all grown up and had been waiting for her! She'd been waiting for me too, actually, but she just didn't know it. Sometimes two-legs aren't as smart about things as they think.

    I'm a second hand dog, but I've got first rate love. I wag my tail just for you. I practiced for the others that got to me before you, but there's a special wag and a little noise I make just 'specially for when I see you and you've come home to me after being out for a while.

    I'm a second hand dog. Sometimes we second hand dogs get to you because somebody who loved us died. Sometimes we get to you because somebody we loved left us. Sometimes we never had anybody before we got you. Sometimes we lived forever in a cage until we don't know how to do anything except spin in circles. We made puppies for people who walk into pet stores to pick up a book or some fishfood and leave with a puppy instead. Mom says dogs aren't meant to be impulse buys, but so far England doesn't know that. She wants to tell people to look me in the eye, both the good one and the one that got ripped open in the puppy farm, and tell me why it's important they have the choice to walk into a store to buy a dog without a plan the way some folks buy a magazine or a pair of socks. But Mom says that isn't very nice of her so she tries to say it in a better way.

    We second hand dogs often have old eyes even when we're babies. I think it's because we're used to looking at people who don't see us. Once you DO see us though....our old eyes are sparkly (even if you've got a blind one, like me) while also being soft with love. It can take a long time for the sad to drain out of them though, or the scaredness. You might have to wait a while for that to go away for good. But most of the time, you'll get the soft and cushy love like something you can just rest in. The first time we fall asleep on you, my Mom says it's like somebody gave you the best present ever.

    We second hand dogs come with things we know, but there's plenty we don't, so we need you to help us learn what's important in our family. Can I go on the furniture? Where do I eat? How do you want me to let you know when I need to go outside? Can I chase the cats? How should I say hello to people who come to visit? Will you leave me when you take me on a car ride? What if I eat your slippers (because you forgot to tell me I shouldn't and left them where I found them)? I'll learn the things I need to know, but I need you to figure out the lessons and help me practice the homework. I love the sound of that.....HOMEwork. Second hand dogs love practicing their HOMEwork.

    So if there's ever a time when you think there might be room for a second hand dog in your family, don't be afraid to bring us home. And for us second hand dogs, just like the dogs that got waited for before they got born, a family is the best thing ever.
    Your Truly, Tansy I got a home now Pansy Pants

    Monday 5 July 2010

    A quick catch up

    It's been a few days since I last came on to add any cards, but I haven't really had the chance to make any 'for me' if you know what I mean... in fact, I did make a card the other day for a birthday so will show you that one later.

    On Friday, in fact all last week, I was working hard making samples for my demo last weekend in Derby. Then on Friday evening, I spent a lovely couple of hours or so with Jan and Sara, a couple of SU demo ladies doing a bit of stamping and colouring. Although it went VERY quiet at times through concentration, it was fun.

    Saturday I was down in Derby for my demo, and big thanks to all the ladies who came along to sit with me for a while. It was an absolute pleasure to have you there.. and yes, I'll do you the fold for the basket later.. lol.  We sold out of alot of the product - they were just flying! No goody bags left - either the Summer or Christmas ones - they just flew out!!

    Sunday was a nice day too. I was out in the morning teaching photography and photoshop to two ladies I met at a demo. I got home around 2.30, then later on we took the woofers for a walk in the woods. I took my camera and got a few nice piccies.. so here they are.

    This is a piece of honeysuckle.. I absolutely love the smell of it when you walk around the Woods. It's just everywhere.


    Here's a couple of photos of the foxgloves which are now in all their glory. They grow off the beaten path, and trying to focus and take a photo is near impossible with a couple of springers boinging about your feet!!



    See what I mean?? "Mummy, mummy, take a photo of me.. yoo hoo.. I'm here.. mummy.."


    This flower grows like a weed around the Woods too. But still, it's so pretty..


    And to finish.. here's one of Holly, she looks a bit subdued, but it was taken the afternoon of her big op, so she's still sleepy. Bless her.


    And I'm pleased to say, that she's fully recovered, fighting fit, and has the all clear now, so thank you all who asked about her.

    Hope you like them - I'll be back with a card or two later on.. and the step by step for a fantastic basket.

    Thursday 1 July 2010


    What a lovely way to wake up on a Sunday morning!

    Albeit, I was still sleeping until my hubby shook me to come and have a look.. He had heard a BANG outside, and thought someone was breaking in so went to investigate. There wasn't anyone there, so went to look out of the upstairs window and saw flames roaring above the houses!

    There is a storage yard just down the lane across from where we live, and something in there had exploded at around 4am and it all went up in flames.

    Of course, I grabbed my camera.. and here's the piccie.

    This was taken at around quarter past five, so the flames had died down compared to what they were like.

    What a funny start to the morning. Conversations on the park (where the photo was taken from) and children playing on the swings - 5.15 in the morning.. so wierd.

    The roads nearby were closed for the rest of the day and the following morning whilst the fire crews were damping down. But normal service has now resumed.

    Shame noone had any fillet steak to barbeque whilst we were watching!

    Later that morning, I took a trip down to the local Craft Show. The Stamp Magic show is very well loved by crafters, and there were lots of familiar faces around. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

    So. That was my Sunday. Explosions... Crafting... and other than that, just relaxing! Perfect!!
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