Friday 30 November 2007

Advent calendar anyone?

Oooooh there's an advent calendar on Docrafts... what a great idea for inspiration! Don't forget to visit it tomorrow!!!! you know.. December 1st!

Thursday 29 November 2007

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.....

Oh isn't it great!! I went out to buy something for dinner today and came home with two packs of Babycham and some snowballs! Last week, I nipped into the shop to buy some milk and came away with Christmas Puddings and Mince Pies!!! Am I getting into the Christmas fever? I confess to already having some tinsel up - I found it upstairs the other day, so I hung it around my mirror.. lol.

I have been busy today making a few christmas cards.. they are all relevant to some of the challenges on Bex's forum.. but I can't remember which ones they were.. so here they are anyway.. I hope you like them - feel free to leave some comments. This one was using 'Chocolate' as the theme.. so I went for Mint Aero! My youngest daughter's favourite.. lol.. I used chocolate and mint papers from the Sarah Papers pack I have, the image is Penny black coloured with Whispers brush markers. Gems are papermania.

This was one for a template challenge.. I enjoy doing these, they're really great for ideas! The papers are from the DCWV Once upon a time pack, the topper is Dovecraft,.

This card was made to incorporate a christmas carol.. I went for 'Here comes Santa Claus'. The stamp is one of the very good value Dovecraft packs. I coloured him in with Glistening snow writer and pens. The edges were inked with Ranger Distress inks. The paper and ribbon is DCWV Christmas Glitter pack.

Now then.. I am so loving this stamp!!! It is one of my Dolly Mama's - Miss Behave. I coloured her in with brush markers and watercoloured it a little. The edges were inked in pink. I really haven't a clue what the papers were as I have had them for a lifetime! The prima flowers were decorated with irridescent gems from Papermania. Using another one of Bex's Challenges for this one.. the rules were to use Spotty/Dotty papers. The paper is from the DCWV Christmas pack. The bottom bit is pleated.The Santa is Dovecraft and so is the little button brad. Isn't it cute?? I might just make some more like this one..

This is a swing card - another Bex's challenge card... and one I have thoroughly enjoyed doing. The papers are from the DCWV Glitter pack, and I layered the centre with some red card to match. I went around the edge with the Dovecraft sticky ribbons and added a reindeer topper.. again, it's cute isn't it?
well that's all for today.. it was too cold to stay outside to make any more, which is a shame really because I was on a roll!
bye for now..

Bit of bad news..

Firstly, I would just like to say that it didn't work out with Mitzi.. After she had started to settle in on Monday, she was growling and didn't seem to like Holly too much.. then she growled at me in the car.. and then she just seemed to get quite grumpy. She didn't tolerate Holly too much at all on Tuesday and never even acknowledged that she was there.. so I had a word with Alison at the SYESSR and they said the best thing would be to take her back and try with a dog, rather than a bitch.. so we have taken her back sadly.. and I hope she'll find a home to settle in soon.. and we are keeping our eyes out for a younger dog friend for Holly.

Monday 26 November 2007

just having a nap..

ahhh don't they look sweet?? just like little angels.. lol.

Meet Mitzy..

here she is.. I've finally got my photoshop up and running on the new laptop, so here are some photos I took this morning of Mitzy. She seems to be doing okay.... still having a little grumble, but she is laid out on the sofa with Holly at the minute..

she loves to stand and stare at things... waiting for you to throw it, this gnome was just great for carrying about.. lol.

you can tell my garden is wearing well to dogs - not! lol.

And.. here are just a few of Holly..

A new addition and some news..

Firstly, our new addition.. We have had quite a busy week or so with one thing or another, but yesterday we went to pick up our new little Springer!! We decided a few weeks ago that we were going to get Holly a little friend, and those of you who read my blogs (anyone?? lol) that we had asked about little Lucy, and she had been rehomed. So. we contacted the South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue who had got a few dogs they thought were suitable for us. (us being picky, we needed to make sure they were fine with Holly, and also three cats and kids). We went off to see George, who is a great big fluffy lump (see the site for details), as he would have been our first choice.. however, he has always been with his daddy and they pined for each other when they were seperated.. He did play absolutely brilliant with Holly, and even though he is a rather large (!) springer, he is adorable. I would have bought him and his daddy home if I had a large enough house and garden. Then we looked at a little boy called Max., again he is adorable.. such a bundle of fun and he and Holly got on really well, only he was a little too giddy and the cats would probably not have tolerated him (they are 11 nearly, persian house cats). There were so many beautiful needy dogs up there, it was so sad to only have to pick one.. so if anyone is looking for a doggie and is reading this, please please think about a rescue dog?

So, we decided to go for Mitzy. Ahhh, well, what can I say? We don't have any photos of her at the moment as it's still early days but I'm sure that will be remedied..
She is mainly white, a smallish springer like Holly. She has one brown ear and one white, she's around five years old and is a very happy little poochie.. she was a bit snappy/snarly yesterday towards Holly when we got home, but she walks perfectly on the lead (apart from tangling you up. lol) and is quite happy to be fussed and play. I think she was a bit unsure yesterday with everything that happened, which is natural and she needs time to settle in.. but she played outside and walked with Holly quite happily.. This morning, Paul let her out before he went to work, and she and Holly were nuzzling each other kissing, and she was as right as rain.. so hopefully things will go really well and they become great friends and partners in crime.. (unfortunatly I can already see that one.. hehe)

Onto my next news... I *think* I've had my cards shown on tv.. I'm not sure, but I was asked to make and send off some samples of parchment with some new products for the television.. I got them finished and posted off on Friday for the Craft Extravaganza on Sat/Sun on Create and Craft. I did watch some of it, but getting ready to fetch Mitzi, I have missed nearly all, and haven't seen if my cards were shown.. is ther anyone out there who knows?? lol. That is what I was working on this last week, the weeks previous to that, I have been doing some design work for a lovely lady called Phyllis.. The work was for her companies products, and to be shown on Create and Craft again (the show was recorded last tuesday). The program doesn't come out for around another four weeks or so, but will let you know when it's on.. Of course I don't want to show these cards,as it is really upto Phyll to do that as they were for her.. That's why I haven't had anything to show for a week or so.. But. back to the grindstone.. and some cards to show later this week I guess.

Oh well.. back on puppy watch now..
bye for now..

Thursday 22 November 2007

just updating..

Hi all.
Not much to tell really, but thought I would just update.

Holly is now recovering well, everything has settled down and she's got the all clear from the vets, so is now full of beans again and enjoying her walks. (walks? I mean runs.. lol.. ) We went up to the woods yesterday and she thoroughly enjoyed it. It's the first time we've been up there for going on three weeks I guess, it's amazing how much it has changed in such a short time! Everything is starting to look very wintry - leaves off trees and a total difference to the other week when we were last up there..

I'm sorry there are no cards again today... most of what I have been doing is a bit confidential at the minute.. but it's quite a bit of parchment - everybody seems to have gone parchment craft mad again at the minute.. lol.. I was even teaching it last night, and everyone in the class did fantastic! There were two young ladies in particular, Ellie and Diane who have made the most brilliant little butterflies over the last couple of weeks (I think they're hooked!), and Angela who started it last night because she missed last weeks introduction.. she also did fantastic! Well done everyone. It's our penultimate week next week, so we are taking things a bit easier and doing a bit of spirelli, so hopefully sometime this week I will be able to share a few bits and pieces with you all.

The demo's at the weekend went really well again, the one on Saturday was at Hobbycraft in Sheffield (nice to see you again Mr Manager - Mark)... it's not often that we manage to catch up with the gossip, but he was in store that day .. not the usual happy little chappy he usually is, they had lost a member of staff a week or so earlier, and it was the funeral the day before.. but at least we caught up... he's a lovely guy, so if you're down there and you see him - give him a hug from me!!
I was demonstrating parchment craft - everyone was so interested in it.. and I had quite a few converts, mainly younger teenagers who needed a hobby (I think that's really nice).

The demo on Sunday was at the Range, Doncaster.. I'm not going to say too much about that one, only we didn't get off to the best of starts!!! Albeit, I had a fantastic day, the customers were all lovely and great fun was had by all.. alas, no goody bags which everyone came for, but hey! you can't win 'em all!

So .. until next time.. tata for now. I'll update again soon.

Happy crafting!

Monday 19 November 2007

what a weekend!

ooooh there are lots of good things happening at the moment.. too good I can't mention for now, but there are not so good things too..

We heard on Friday that Lucy, the poochie we were hoping to adopt has gone to a new home - it wasn't us unfortunately, but I hope everything works out and she'll be very happy. We are still looking around for another pooch to keep Holly company, so I'll keep you posted if anything comes up - there are a few I'm enquiring about at the minute so watch this space....

Well.. back to the grindstone for now - I'm loaded up with work at the minute, won't complain though eh?

Love Jo

Tuesday 13 November 2007

oooh goodies.. forgot to share.

Look at what I got... I forgot to share this a few weks ago when I recieved them.. but couldn't resist you taking a peek.. This is my new wheelie trolley.. the only thing I can say i don't like about it is that it doesn't have handles on the sides to lift it.. but then, the room inside it and outside is fantastic!

On the inside there are dividers, one of which forms a tool holder which you can sit on your desk to hold all the necessary bits 'n pieces. Then there are all the little pockets .. they are all detachable on velcro. You can shove loads of bits and pieces in there and then just pull them off for quick access. The pockets on the sides, well, one of them has compartments in which easily fits in 8" papers and again, in the other more pockets to hold embellishments. There is just too much to tell you about.. but I'll have it with me at all my Docrafts demonstrations for all to see..

and I also have this top bag which I can honestly say holds loads!!

the zippy section at the top opens up to reveal different little compartments for all the extra bits and pieces.. there are pockets all around the sides which are just brilliant for holding glues etc. In the base is a little pull out drawer where you can put ink pads, stamps or whatever you like.. a great idea! This fastens onto the top of the trolley and has a little loop you place the handle through so it doesn't slip off - now this is a common problem I have with the cases that I have now!

Then to top all my kit off, I got one of these new lovely brown and pink totes

Unspringy Springer!

Sorry I haven't been around for a wee while there.. we had Holly spayed last Thursday, and we were told to keep her quiet (!!), calm (!!!!) and warm for a week.. otherwise she may harm the muscles around where they operated.. Well the first day / evening went okay.. the next day was a bit more wide awake.. and from then on just drove everyone up the twist.. lol..

Anyway, we have been being very good with her. Holly has been being very good, not too much springy-springy until the last couple of days when she's obviously been feeling a bit better. To cut a long story short.. she's been back for her post op check up and she has obviously been boinging a bit too much because her tummy is lumping up. So.. bed rest and relaxation until check up on Friday to see if it settles, if it doesn't she's on complete rest until her check up on Monday.. no walks.. no running.. no climbing stairs.. no jumping or springing (oh jolly me!!!)


Oh well..

I have been making the best use of the time keeping her quiet by making some parchment cards for someone I am in doing some work for. I would love to show you, but I'm not.. I'll keep that priviledge to the lovely lady herself if she likes them.. lol... can divulge a little more later hopefully.. but still working on other things for her. Oh secrets secrets.. aren't they awful!

That's it for now.... just to add there's no news on Lucy as yet.. still waiting to find out one way or the other. .... will post as soon as I know..

Wednesday 7 November 2007

Company for Holly maybe??

Well watch this space...
We have been looking around for a little playfriend for Holly for a while now, she loves the company of other dogs, and we felt she would benefit from having someone with her.. anyway, to cut a long story short, we have come across this beautiful young lady down in Devon.. isn't she adorable??
She is in Rescue down there, and I spoke with the lovely lady who is looking after her, this morning and things are looking good so far... just need a homecheck and then go down to meet her. My friend, Elaine, who lives in that area said she will go and see her for me. Isn't that nice?

Anyway, back to the pooch.. her name is Lucy and she's 7 years old.. very good with cats, dogs, and children, and is very placid.. she sounds wonderful! Just what we're after for Holly.

We were wanting to wait until after Christmas as Holly is going in tomorrow to be spayed, so it will give her chance to get over her operation.. and I couldn't resist... watch this space

Now doesn't she look swell???

Last week, my darling daughters decided to have a bit of fun with Holly.. honestly that puppy is soooo soft! She will set and let the girls do anything, but as it wasn't anything too serious we had a bit of dressing up fun.. I think she enjoyed it.. what do you think??

What about a nasty witch for halloween..

feeling a bit like Royalty.. Queen Holly of Tashasti

And last but not least, Ho Ho Holly...

Tuesday 6 November 2007

My little haven!

After meeting lots of lovely people every weekend at my demonstrations, I get asked loads of time what my craft room's like.. well here it is.. I have a little craft chalet in the garden.. my haven of peace and tranquility.. well.. somewhere I can put my scissors down and make a mess at least.. lol.. However... after looking at these pictures again after so long (Well.. a few months.. ) I can't quite believe how much it has changed.. I have more shelving, more stash and loads more storage. I have a cd player in there now, and there really isn't a spare space to put any more.. I need to extend.. going upwards is the only possible way (.... now to find someone who can do me a shed loft.. haha) Only kidding... I am running out of room, but nothing that a good sort out won't keep in check!

My creative hotspot!

After my demo's this weekend, a few of the ladies I came across have asked about where I do my crafting.. well, here you go....

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