Wednesday 11 September 2013

Other crafty bits... and a little gift for you..

Yep... I have been doing other crafts over the last few months. It really makes a change from making cards, and I really needed the break to get my head in order too. Well, that's probably impossible, but I needed to think through things after making a few important changes to my working life. 

What better way to do this than to do something completely different?! And this little guy is definatley different. I reckon I need to make another smaller one, maybe a girlfriend for my little guy. I also have on order a few of these, so when I get around to knitting him again, I will show you more. 

I've also made a few bags from fat quarters and my sewing machine, some are smocked, some are large and some are small.. but all are beautiful to me! I've sold a few of those too. 

I've crocheted, I've cross stitched and I've loved every minute of a little change of direction. 

I have also been doing some projects on commissions for a national, very well loved craft magazine.. and I will post more details of those at a later date when I'm allowed. 

So, life is good at the minute, things are on the up, and my blog has stopped being stalked and posted on by some random nobody.. all is good!!

It's lovely to be back, and I promise it will be more regular from now on. I just hope you're still here and reading my posts. 

If you are, please leave me a comment and I'll draw up a little crafty bag of goodies as a prize. I will draw a winner next Monday. 


Has it really been that long since I blogged? Gosh, I'm so sorry... you must've thought I'd run away.. but I haven't. Honestly.

I have been a little bit busy working with one thing or another, making plans and changing things, which hopefully will be for the better at some point. However, I'm still working on that one! lol.

I will be back later with a few wonderful words of wisdom.. well, a project or two!
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