Monday 29 November 2010


That took a while!

I've been making over my blog to make it look a bit more Christmassy... what do you think?

And it looks really christmassy outside today too, but it's bloomin' freezin' inside!

We have had a good falling of snow this morning again - like much of the country. It covered the other evening, but was starting to disappear on Saturday. Then froze on Sunday making driving a little hazardous, then we have had a good fall overnight and this morning.

fortunately the furballs love it when it's snowed. Strange things.

More later. xx

Friday 26 November 2010


Tomorrow never came did it..

On my last post, I said I would be back the day after to update you all.. but things have been a bit hectic on the work front (not that I'm complaining), but it would be nice to have some creative time to get some Christmas cards made .. hey, what the heck.. I don't have that many to make, and they would probably end up coming from WH Smiths, like they usually do.. lol.

Other than that, my demonstrations have finished for 2010. December at Docrafts is usually a very quiet time, so I am now awaiting with diary in hand to get my demo's booked in for 2011.. I have a nice collection booked in from January to November already, so off to a good start.

The other reason I've been 'away with the fairies' is because of the phone line. We've just changed over from BT to AOL and the internet has been hit and miss.. but we're now back on the straight and narrow, and things should be back to normal now.

So.. over the next few days, I am hoping to get online and upload some new projects for you.

Until then, take care and check back soon. xx
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