Monday 27 February 2012

Woodland folks...

I lurve these little folks.... all the images are so cute, and my favourite definately has to be the badger.. but here's the little squirrel.


It just reminds me of the squirrels that were hanging about on the Isle of Arran when we were out there.. they don't really have grey squirrels, just red, which is lovely to see when they're in the garden on the feeders.

The papers etc are from the Woodland Folk range of products that were bought out a while ago, and we had these on Create and Craft a week or so ago.. I'm really not suprised that they flew off the counter!


I cut the aperture using the Xcut star die, and layered up the papers to the aperture I created with the star die.

Hope you like it..

Monday again...

This morning's got off to a very quick and early start, as my new Greenhouse has finally arrived. Well, I say finally, but as I didn't actually order it until last week, it was really quick actually.. and I can't wait to get it built... and hopefully, once it is up this is what it will look like!

You can see it better in the picture that is on the site I ordered it from HERE.... great service too, and they kept me upto date with the delivery at every stage. Perfect.

I also received my little kit for doing the next set of Creativity magasine projects. And by 'eck, they're lovely!! I can't share with you at the minute as they're all new products, but you are going to LOVE them!!

So, on my agenda today? To do my mag cards, sort out projects for craft class tomorrow and, if I get chance, to make a few demo samples for my upcoming demo's.

Whatever you're upto today, have a fantastic day, with lots of fun and Creativity!!

Sunday 26 February 2012

Moments of Faith

This range of products has been quite popular at the demo's I've done.. although sometimes people tend to think that they're quite 'funeral' stylee... but check this out...


It isn't is it? This was the demo I did on Create and Craft, so it's not absolutely perfect as you have to stick 'em together really quickly! lol.. But I've created the background with the Hot Diggity Dog papers to keep the colours really fresh and lovely looking..


The layers were cut out of the mahoosive decoupage sheet that came out with the range of products.. a whopping minimum of 16 decoupage on one sheet!!! And this is just one section of it.

I hope you like the card...

See you again tomorrow? Same time? Same place? I hope so...

Saturday 25 February 2012

Fluttery butterflies

How's your weekend going? Mine's just perfect at the minute. Lovely weather over the last few days and time at home with family and hubby.. just perfect!

Here's the card that I hinted to yesterday..


I am loving this type of small card. I've cut the blank using the spiro circle from the Xcut range, and layered up with papers cut with the shape cutter. I simply created a border, and added a Dimensions flower and some Dimensions butterflies.


Can you see how the butterflies stand up from the card? They just adhere down the centre of their bodies, and the wings are free and unsticky, so you can lift them and bend them into shape.

I hope you like todays card.. I'll be back tomorrow with another..

Happy Crafting!

Friday 24 February 2012

That's another week gone...

And this is my last weekend before my demo's begin again for the second loop of the year. We have a range of lovely new products coming out at the beginning of March - and I love them all!

But, as we've still got a few days before the launch of our new products, I'm going to continue with showing you cards from the last couple of months.. and firstly, here's the card I hinted to yesterday.


I really like the little Blitters flowers... all glittery, mulberry-fied, and they are so delicate. And I love the fact that they've got the gems already added! Result!


I cut an aperture in this card to give it a different look. The frame was cut with the XCut bloom die.. love that die! It gives a perfect shape to a card. So feminine and lovely.

Now, do you want a sneaky peek of tomorrow's card? Yes? Well, here you go..


Check back tomorrow to see the card in full.

Happy Crafting!
Jo x

Thursday 23 February 2012

My scooby doo...

I wanted to share this photo with you before I forget... here's my big boy, Scooby..


Isn't he beautiful... awwww... my gorgeous boy... He's looking more handsome every month, and I love him even more when he's got his silly expressions and raggy ears.. He loves his photo taken, so even though I was trying to get photos of the thush's below, he just kept woofing and whining until I took his picture.. such a poser!


I had put out some fruit and suet for the birds when the snow arrived the other week, and these two thrush decided to take charge of the garden and chased off every other bird that came to eat. They are quite territorial, but they are also so beautiful. I feel quite priveledged to have had two in my garden at once.


The photos aren't great as they were taken from inside the house.. they're quite shy birds and didn't come to feed if I stood outside.. still, I think they're quite good pictures, so I'm more than happy with them.

More tomorrow ... until then, Happy Crafting!

I managed it!

Yes folks.. I am definately back with a card or two!! I know, how very suprising!

So, without further ado - here you go.. my card for today.


This card was one that I created for my Ideal World shows last week, and it uses the fab new Tri Boss embossing folders - triple embossing through your Big Shot! Perfect!


This must be one of my favourite folders, and it creates a wonderful background for a simple design like this one.

I used an outline sticker to create the greeting. Stick it onto the card and lightly ink over the top to create this delicate looking topper. Cut out and layer.

And you see those butterflies? My oh my.. I love these!

These are the new Dimensions butterflies from Docrafts. They're just lovely to put onto the top of a card.. and here they are on my card for tomorrow..


So.. until then.. Happy Crafting. Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see the card in full.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

oh dear...

This really isn't doing too well is it... lol.. updating the old bloglet I mean. Whoops!

I know I promised some card pictures from the previous Create and Craft shows - and they are on the camera... I will honestly try to get them updated soon.

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind really - we have had some work done in the garden, which looks absolutely fab! We had the a new fence put around the garden, and along the side of the house. My next door neighbour, Ian, has done a fantastic job with his dad, and I loves me new fence... so thank you Ian!

I've also been back down to Create and Craft for a few shows last Wednesday, which went really well. Well done to everyone who managed to get the Xcut dies - I am sure you're gonna love them as much as I do.

I also had Craft class on the Tuesday - lots of fun there as usual - and also a demo at Scents and Sentiments in Barnsley on the Saturday.

It's the first time that I've been to this shop, and it took some finding, but cor blimey!!! What a little treasure trove that shop is!! Melanie and her hubby were lovely, friendly and we had a really good time. I'm booked in to go there later in the year too, so I'm sure I'll see all her lovely customers again soon. I even managed to convert some crafters into stamping - result!!

On top of this, I have had time to reignite my love for Cross stitch! I had met Jane Greenoff a while ago at Create and Craft and said if ever she needed any doing, I was here to help.. I haven't cross stitched for many many years, but I got a little kit from her a couple of weeks ago, and I've been doing it most evenings. I have LOVED it!! I can't quite understand where my mojo for cross stitch went to all those years ago, but it well and truly back with avengeance now!

I was using linen to stitch onto... and I love linen.. but obviously I can't give you too much more information, other than to say, the design is wonderful! Such a talented lady and a great designer too. Now to hunt out my favourite charts, cottons and a bit of fabric.....

So that's what I've been upto this week - and yes, I promise I will get the photos of the camera and get them onto my blog... lol.. in between everything else I need to do.. actually, joking apart, things aren't too bad this week. I'm waiting for delivery of my Docrafts designer kit for the next loop of demo's, I've got a few more shows booked in for Create and Craft (details to follow asap), and I'm working on samples and ideas for the next session of filming for Creativity TV in Bath, which is coming up in March.

Whatever you're upto this week, have a good one! Let me know if you update your blogs and I'll pop on over and take a look..

Jo xx

Monday 13 February 2012

Oh my poor neglected blog...

17th Jan? Really?? That was my last post on my blog?

Gosh, I can't believe time has gone so quickly recently. However, things have been a little hectic in Austin Towers...

I've had quite a few shows scheduled in for Create and Craft with the totally fab Docrafts products. In fact, one of these was a full week of the Tatty Teddy Pick of the Week.. which lasted a total of 48 hours. Well, it was just under the 48 hours actually.. We released the collection at 12pm on Friday and it had sold out during the 11am show on the Sunday!

After it sold out, we moved onto the back up plan of Forever Friends papercrafting kit. It was just as fab as the Tattys, and people had already started buying it because the Tatty's had sold out. This lasted until the end of the week, then I was back on Saturday with the Moments of Faith and Portabello Road collections. It was a very very busy week, but so much fun!

Before my journey's back and fro to Ideal World House, in Peterborough, I had been down in Bath for another filming session for the Creativity TV. I absolutely LOVE doing the videos, and we have so much fun too. Alun who does the filming is lovely and so patient, and the day goes so quickly.

So... Bath, Peterborough, demo's and life - I haven't had an awful lot of time to update my bloglet. However, I will try to do better.. lol.

I am back in Peterborough again on Wednesday, and craft class tomorrow night, plus a demo on Saturday and some cross stitching that needs doing for the 27th... so it's all go.. but I'll try my best..
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