Thursday 31 July 2008

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Wednesday 30 July 2008

Gooooooooood morning everyone....

Long time no hear? Ooooh I've been a bit busy this week, but more about that later!

Firstly, I would just like to share this little tutorial with you. I was demonstrating down at Papermill in South Normanton at the weekend, and met lots of lovely ladies - and the occasional fella - who seemed to love my cards..

There was one card in particular that most people loved, so I thought I would share it here. The idea originally came from a lady called Joy - can't remember the website now to type it - but here are the instructions. I hope they help.

Double Pocket Card

  1. Take an A4 piece of paper and keep it patterned side up.

2. Fold the cardstock in half vertically and open, then fold horizontally and open. Cut the left horizontal fold to the center of the paper. I have put the bone folder in the cut so you can see it.

3. Fold the bottom right corner up to the centre

4. Then fold the top right corner down around 3". (not quite to the centre)
5. Fold the top left over to the top right

6. Now, for this section there are two ways you can do it. a)Fold the left piece of paper under the right, as shown below, or b) fold the bottom right onto the top right sections and wrap the left piece around the card to create a back panel (this is the one I showed at PM)7. Then give all the layers a good press down with the bone folder.

I hope this makes sense to you all... Happy folding!

Saturday 26 July 2008

Yummy rubber ducky!

Now, I'm not a cakey person, but I could be tempted with some of these...

Mrs Collins and Mrs Fagg look away now if you're reading my blog!!!

Take a look at this! Awesome! It's a cake!!!!

Okay.. I give up!

Come on Mr Raincloud.... give us a downpour!!

I found this piccie whilst perusing on the net this morning - it describes just how I feel this last couple of days.. to give you a clue - Jo + red hot 'orrid weather = grumpy Jo !!! Add to this the darn flies and wasps and you've got a Jo on the edge!!!

Bring on the snow.. that's all I can say!

My ideal holiday is not sitting on a beach lapping up the sun, it's sitting on a deckchair in Iceland or somewhere nice and chilly!!!

Moan over - now back to the internet.. cough cough..I mean work!

Friday 25 July 2008

Rescue.. puppies.. everything in between!

Now isn't this a face only a mummy could love??

This was taken the other day on the sofa, when Mr Scoobs was having a bit of a nap.. (mm.. as usual!). He is soooo laid back he's virtually horizontal! Isn't he just the best!??

I just love this photo of these two babies.. Holly and Scooby out in the garden. Now, for those of you who know Holly, you will realise that to get a good photo of her is near on impossible! She hates her photo taken, and usually very quickly runs from the camera and hides behind a tree or something. So, this one is so lovely, to have them both together looking gorgeous! Notice the lack of grass?? Springers! Tut! Who'd have em??!!
A little piccy of the crazy duo. Holly has a ball, and Scooby was trying to catch something - most probably a fly! Another photo of my little Beefcake - now if you saw the size of him, you'd know why he's a beefcake.. he's a stocky lad who's quite large for a springer.. but as gentle as a giant.. he's so cute!

Honestly, if you have chance to take on a Rescue springer, I'd go for it.. they pay you back ten fold for the love and affection you give them.. I can't thank Cynthia and Lizzie enough for pointing Scooby out in our direction, he's worth a million! Everyone who meets him falls in love..

And here we have my other two babes.. typical Holly thinking "will you bog off with that camera" and little Truly, a golden cocker, being very ladylike.. There will be many more photos of her I would imagine.. She is a little cutie. She again is rescue, who came to us in a bit of a state, matted up, not quite sure of other dogs, or how to play, or even how to interact with us, she wasn't toilet trained, and definately didn't like walking in the woods..

Now.. my what a difference. I am sure Nikki will vouch for the fact that a few weeks later she was just starting to come out of herself, when she met her. She is totally different now to that little worried thing we bought home. She is so self confident (sometimes a little too much), looking fantastic now she's on a good food (more about this later!), she is completly toilet trained at home, although still has accidents when she goes anywhere new and she panics, she is so cuddly, plays with Holly and Scooby quite happily..and literally howls all the way to the woods with excitement!! What a difference four months make.

It is so fantastic to think what her long term future would have held for her if she hadn't been taken into Rescue, I would imagine it would have been quite bleak for her being left out in a kennel and small run since she was a puppy.

Everyone who sees our doggies always say how fantastic they look. I don't think it has anything to do with the fact they have a cooked breakfast every Sunday (!!), and steamed veg and rice most nights, but I do think it has to do with the food they are on..

The subject of feeding springers came up last night with a family who have just taken their first Springer puppy to their hearts. Not suprising really - eight weeks old, fluffy cuddly little snuggles! And I did say to them - 'please, whatever you do, don't feed her Bakers!!'.

When I say this to folks, they look at me a bit gobsmacked,because it is supposed to be a good food - - but did you know that two of the ingrediants they have in there are not permitted in human food, and are likely to cause cancer?? Funnily enough, Asti, our GSD who died last year from cancer, nearly always had Bakers in her earlier life because we knew nothing different!! And a box never lasted more than a couple of days because she was having to eat so much of it for her weight. Had we have known about Bakers before, then she wouldn't have had it!

Now.. our Springers and cockers are all fed on James Wellbeloved or Wainwrights from Pets at Home. Both are the same quality - depends which is on special offer.

There are other foods out there equally as good, Royal Canin, Eukaneuba, Hills (which Holly was on for a year) amongst others. But price is nearly always a deciding factor on what to feed!
When we had Scooby he came to us with colitis, and frequently had loose poo and bad tummies. He was on Bakers. His fur was shot - looked like a burst cushion, no shine. He was always hungry and ate like there was no tomorrow. He also drank a tremendous amount, which at first made us think that he was diabetic! But then I remembered about the Bakers!
..........So, we changed them both over onto James Wellbeloved. It's hypo-allergenic with no additives, preservatives etc, 100% totally natural. Now you can see the change. We haven't had a bad tummy for a few months, poo is fantastic (...never mind .. it's a dog thing.. it always come round to poo!). Within four weeks his fur had started to change - it was shiny not dull. And the burst cushion effect was starting to go with his grooming. He doesn't drink so much, (mainly due to the lack of added salt in JWB compared to Bakers!) and his food intake is alot less! He is eating half as much as he was when on Bakers, and has actually put on weight!He is now more toned, his movements are alot more supple too. Even his foster mummy saw a big difference in him when she last saw him a few months ago.
We also feed pilchards, chicken breast and steak on occasions. (cut off of fillet steak, £10 per massive bag which lasts weeks!)
So.. be careful what you're feeding - would you like to feed something that isn't permitted in our food?
Just one last thing - look for the protein value!
When deciding what food to feed your doggie, check out the protein value of it. Now Bakers is quie high in protein, which for a springer - or more importantly - it's owner, is definately not a good thing! The higher the protein, the more crazy they are! Ours are all on a lower protein fish based James Wellbeloved (which they love) and they are quite laid back, un-typical type springers.. not bombing about at 100mph.. and this is due mainly to the food.
We also feed Wellbeloved to the cats too. We have a persian called Senna, who's fur is just amazing after being taken off Iams and fed this, and also Kiara, who has skin problems mainly due to her age (she is 10, Senna is 12) and we have had no problems with her either recently. They are also fed tuna, not cat food, as this can also have preservatives in.
You think my pets are spoiled?? Maybe so, but they look fantastic!

Has it been that long????

Blimey doesn't time fly when you're having fun?? I didn't quite realise it was that long ago that I last blogged.. Good job I've got a few things to upload for you all this morning.. notice the time?? 7.14!! Am I mad?? Well, the answer to that my friends, is yes, quite possibly!

I've been up since around five.. already pining because me best buddy is leaving me!! She's off on a guide camp, and I won't be able to talk to her for nearly a whole week if not more! Yes Nikki - you know who you are... you deserter you!! Who am I gonna have a chin-wag with now on Monday? Any takers?? Feel free to call! I think it will have to be Phyll.. she's lovely.. did I tell you we're off on a jolly next weekend? Can't tell you where for now, but it's going to be totally fantastic!! Miles and miles of craft heaven me thinks!
Anyway, rather than pining over my friend NIKKI leaving me (did I tell you she's off on a guide camp - a whole week without a natter!!), I am now going to upload some cards I've been making.

These ones are for my upcoming demonstration, at Papermill, South Normanton on Saturday.

There are more too, but I'll upload those another day for you.

Now these ones I can't go into too much detail with, other than to say they're for a little project I'm working on at the minute.. I hope you like them though..

Tuesday 22 July 2008


I was just having a nosey at a Springer rescue forum I go on, and came across this..

If, like me and my fabby friend Nikki, you love dogs, especially springers, then why would you do this????

It is absolutely disgusting and I hope they catch the b*&%*£ds that did this and do the same to them!!

Rant over!

Saturday 19 July 2008

Thank you Ladies - and gent!

I just came on to check my emails and to say a BIG thank you to all the lovely ladies who took the time to come and see me at my demo at the Range, Doncaster, today. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and I am glad you all enjoyed it!

Also... thank you to the lovely gentleman who said I looked pretty with my sparkly face! Now, I am the first to confess I have not been called pretty for many a year... in fact.. ever?? LOL.. Now he didn't smell of alcohol, but vodka doesn't smell does it?? It gave me and all my ladies a little chuckle !

Anyway, I am off for my coffee - caffeine shortage today! - and will hopefully be back with a few cards and tutorials over the next few days as promised.

Until then.. toodaloo!

Friday 18 July 2008

So far... so good!

Right everyone..

After plodding on with this idea for some time now, I have managed to locate premises to hold craft workshops in my local area of Doncaster.

If you are interested at all, please feel free to leave me a comment. The first workshop is booked in and ready to go on the 30th July.

I'm getting all excited now.. that's another one to cross of my list!

Thursday 17 July 2008

A few new things to share...

Hi everyone!

I'm glad to say that I feel a bit more with it today - but my elbow is hurting like hell this morning. **ouch**. I don't know why, but it's the arm I smashed into the windscreen of the car in the accident, so I presume it's to do with that. It's been bugging me for days.. hey ho! Everything else is sorting itself slowly but surely. Back to normal in no time! (normal?? now what's that??)

Anyway, here are a few cards I've been making over the last few days. I hope you like them.

Papermania papers, Craftime glitter flowers, butterfly and ribbon,
Papermania adhesive gems, Papermania wedding stamp,
eyelets, cropodile

Papermania Colossal card, white ink, white gel pen, prismacolour pencils, eyelet, ribbon

Bazzill card, gingham paper, cuttlebug dies, organza ribbon, cuttlebug embossing folders

Papermania stamp, cardstock, ribbon and outline sticker, cropodile, pale blue ink, brads, glitter

Wednesday 16 July 2008


What a wierd word!!

I have woke up this morning feeling a bit 'not with it', rather headachey (which is becoming the norm now!) and feeling very very tired!! Yawn yawn!
I've also been blog hopping.. and whilst doing so.. I found this - Very interesting facts about - you guessed it - yawning!!
The Social Yawn:

All animals yawn and in humans yawning seems to be contagious. Seeing another person yawn, or even just reading about yawning can make you yawn.

You can pretty precisely define what a yawn is. The characteristics are instantly recognisable: the screwed-up eyes, the head thrown back and of course - the gaping maw.

In humans a yawn typically lasts around six to eight seconds. We do know that it is found in all vetebrates and that it develops early - even 10 week old human foetuses yawn. (it has even been suggested that fish yawn!).

It can be a way for a group to signal to itself something like "time for bed" or "we're bored, let's do something else now".

Pre-school children don't catch yawning off others. This would fit with research in child psychology which suggests that, until around the age of three or four children, aren't able to think about other people's states of mind. They don't have what many people would call empathy. One aspect of this lack may be that they don't socially mimic others like adults do, and hence don't catch yawns.
You can bet that the next time i'm around a three year old I'll be yawning at them to see if they copy me.
Supporting the connection between automatic contaigon of yawning is research published earlier this year which showed that people who are higher in empathy are more likely to catch yawns off other people.

In humans yawning can reflect our profound capacity to unconsciously and automatically be influenced by the behaviour of others. Catching other's yawns is fundamental to the social imitation that is so advanced in humans. Yawning in synchrony is more common amoung potential lovers - not as a sign of bordom, but as an expression of their mutual empathy and attraction!
So, there you have it... I am obviously attracted to my puppy Holly... she is the only one on the bed with me who is also yawning.... and I am obviously not just tired! (Yeah right - tell my eyes that later!)
Bye for now! Enjoy your day..

Tuesday 15 July 2008

she's so luvverly..

I was going to title this 'Truly Scrumptious', but thought I'd change it!
But I do have a little update for you all.. you know we were fostering a little cocker, Truly, which we have had since Mid April? Well... she has just become big sister to Holly and Scooby on a permanent basis.

After much soul searching, and months waiting for her new home, we have decided to keep her with us. She has changed so much from the little matted bundle of fur that came to us. She has become so full of life, cheeky, cuddly and totally adorable, we just fell in love with her. So yesterday, a conversation was had with the Boss, and it was decided she was stopping here.

So.... introducing officially, Miss Truly - aka Un-ruly Truly! lol

Monday 14 July 2008

Praise time!

I just needed to come onto here today to praise a fantastic couple of shops!

The first one - CRAFTS U LOVE

---After searching high and low for the swiss dots folder by provocraft, I eventually found it here. I ordered that (and a few extras!) on Friday, late morning.. and it arrived on Saturday! Fantastic service!


---The web site for this shop is being updated at the moment, so is currently offline. However, I was demonstrating at this store at the weekend.. WOW WOW WOW! What can I say?? It is such a fantastic little shop stocked to the brim with lush products!! I did buy a couple of little bits (!) that I just needed to have. Ann and Chris who own the shop are two of the most pleasant people you could ever wish to meet, and are very very happy to help on things you are stuck on too!

They also offer workshops and demonstrations, along with special open events for customers from time to time - which in this day and age with the smaller craft shop suffering! - is a brilliant idea. They are both so positive about the shop, the future and crafting in general, it was an absolute pleasure to work alongside them for a few hours!!

Because the web site is off at the moment, here are the contact details for the shop - give them a ring, tell them Jo Austin sent you, and I'm sure they'd help with whatever you want! If they haven't got it, I'm sure they'd get it!!!

HU16 4BB

tel : 01482 843663

Sunday 13 July 2008

Oooooh.... drastic!

Hahaha... I got up this morning with a bit of a cleaning frenzy buzzing around. Usually, I don't tend to do alot of anything on a Sunday morning - cuppa tea, watch Countryfile, cuppa coffee, check emails, cuppa coffee -- you get the picture??

Anyway, this morning, I pulled out all the sofa and hoovered underneath - I can't believe how much grub gets under it from one week to the next. (actually.. yep I think I can - we have two springers and a cocker - say no more!)

Next, I decided I was going to have a bit of a tidy in the kitchen - which led to total destruction of me kitchen! First went out all the pots and pans that needed renewing, next was the top of the cupboards - why is it everything gets put up there and forgotten about! There were mixing bowls and cake storers galore... so they got chucked. Then I decided the slow cooker was getting changed for a smaller one, so the old one has now gone. As has alot of other bits and pieces that have never seen light of day for weeks! It sorta reminded me of this -

My new rule has to be - if it's not used in six months, throw it!

My kitchen now looks very very tidy, the house is clean, and I am feeling a bit chuffed with myself!!

Now then..... where's me cuppa tea?!

Friday 11 July 2008

At last - some cards...

As I have a demonstration tomorrow up in Humberside, I thought I better make a start on some samples.... so here goes!

We have had a fantabulous kit arrive from Docrafts for our demonstrations, I can't even begin to tell you what we got! The papers are just fantastic, the stamps are so lovely, the acetates are wonderful... and that's just the start!

Anyway, I hope if you come over to see me at my demonstrations, that I inspire you just a little bit!

This card is a copy of one in the Creativity! magasine from Docrafts. I like to copy a couple of ideas from the magasine, so that you peeps can see them in real life (although this is not actually as fuzzy as it looks!!!!)

This is another card by the lovely Jo Dumbleton. I really like her work, and this card just shows why! The stickers are the new dimensionals... they're very very pretty!
This blue card was one of my simple cards. To be honest, I'm getting fed up of the Dahlia fold now - I think it's been overdone! The original idea came from Split Coast Stampers forum months ago - go over there .. you'll be suprised by what ideas you can find there, some of which are replicated on other parts of the net, for when we have them blond - or brown - moments. lol.
A quick and simple card this time. I used the new clear Papermania stamps, acetates and elements stickers. I love these new acetates.

This one started life as a topper with a fancy fold (come to my demo to learn how to do it!) and flowers, but I decided to put it onto a diamond type card.

My favourite baby wipe technique! This was a mixture of an idea from Nikki and myself - you're a great mate! I LOVE YA!

Just another quickie favourite of mine.. so simple and effective - thanks Split coast again for the original idea!

Well, that's it for now.. Hopefully more soon. xxx

Tuesday 8 July 2008

Trying to catch up!

Blimey.. don't things pile up when you don't feel right?!

I am desperately trying to catch up on everything I need to do.. only to end up feeling sore and achey... so I'm just taking things slow but sure!

Anyway, I was perusing through my messages, only to realise I had recieved an award from Nic, one of my new bloggin' sisters (SBS 19).

Thank you so much for this.. I really appreciate it!

What I need to do now is to pass it on to seven people what inspire me.. how can I possibly choose just seven? Every person who passes my blog and leaves a comment inspire me - to visit your blogs and spend hours on the net (!), to continue my crafting, and to keep writing my blog!

So... if you're visiting my blog, feel free to take this award for your blog - you deserve it!!

Saturday 5 July 2008

The Beauty of Arran

I've been playing with my photos this morning, and thought I would share a few whilst I'm sat here having a quiet, restful morning..
It was tiring on the day we went.. all the pupsters were pleased to be able to flake out! We set off from home at 7.30 and arrived at the cottage around 3pm.
This was the view over towards the top of Kintyre. It is just along from the cottage. Beautiful
The little visitor who came to see us every morning for his peanuts.. They only have red squirrels on Arran, no grey ones. This little one is a boy.. how do I know? Because he has a belly button! (aka his little winky!)

The cheekiest little darling you could come across! This is Honey the Red Deer, resident of Lochranza. I just love this photo - just as it came off the camera, no photoshop!

This was Honey and Martina.. the cottage is in the background. She came strolling over for her little treats. She is beautiful and so delicate for her size.

This handsome guy was running up the middle of road in front of the car. We followed him up towards the golf course, where he stayed for a graze.

Just look at the fluffy baby! How sweet. The family are always resident on the Loch and had had two babies. This is the only one which is left.. grow strong small baby! So cute!
This is Holly and the view from the garden of the cottage. It is just a lovely view to wake up to. Judy you're so lucky!!This is a wide view of Lochranza, taken by Paul. He was walking over to Fairy Glen and took this panoramic.. wonderful!

Holly and Scooby having a play time at Catacol Beach.. it was empty this evening, apart from us and the dogs..
We took a long walk over to Kings Cave near Blackwaterfoot.. it was a beautiful day. Here's Scooby having a rest on the cliffs at the seaside.

This was the view from along the beach.

A couple of hours into the walk was tiring... Martina and Truly looking out towards Kintyre. Taken from another viewpoint.. the village is Machrie (I think).. will have to check.

This was taken at Glenashdale falls. What a magnificent view. It is 200ft from top to bottom! I'm so glad that water isn't dropping on my head.. the walk up there was bad enough!

We did have a little bit of rain whilst we were there.. Usually this bit of water at Sannox is a little stream.. not a wild gush as it was on this day!

This is a view over towards the main town of Brodick, where the ferry comes in.

That's all for now.. thank you for looking - and as you can tell, we did have such a wonderful time until the 'car' thing!
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