Wednesday 21 March 2012

It's all go....

Phew... anyone know where I can catch my breath?

This week has been a whirlwind so far! I've been up and down the country, and totally enjoyed myself with it too.

On Saturday, I was down at Create and Craft doing a bit of this, and a bit of that.. and I had a really good day.

Sunday and Monday I was down in Bath, filming for Creativity TV... and we had a great time. We were joined by a new videographer called Pete.. he's really nice, so friendly and has such a pleasing manner about him. He shot two of the vids, and my buddy Alun did the other two. Such fun.

We arrived on Sunday, slightly earlier in the afternoon so that I could have a walk around Bath to see a few things, and it was lovely. Victoria Park is really pretty, with lots of duckies and such lovely views too. We ended up going for coffee at Patisserie Valerie... and OMG!!!! It was lovely. Well, I say coffee, it was a cream tea.. but not one you've ever seen the likes of before!!! It was filling, let's say!

Anyway.. here are a few quick snaps of the day - I forgot to take my camera, so mobile had to do the work...

This was taken from a bridge that went over what I think is the River Avon... only I had a slight accident... !

You see, after I took this first photograph, I decided to put my phone away, and it's always had its own little Tatty Teddy phone sock... well, no more ! It decided on a fluke flirt off into the river, and was last seen bobbing quite happily along the river with the waves created by this really lovely waterfall.. I was gutted!

It does look pretty though, eh? A nice place for Tatty to take a dive me thinks!

And look here.....

This cottage is up near Victoria Park. It is so pretty, but I didn't like to get too close to take a photograph, as it's obviously someones house... the details on the eaves of the house are well pretty!

So, besides being in Bath, I am just back from my show this evening down on Create and Craft, and I've a really busy few days ahead too. Well, theoretically, I do get to have Friday afternoon without work... Then back to the grindstone until Wednesday. I'm not revealing what's coming up just yet, but my oh my... my little brain is loving it all!

Whatever you're upto this week, or did last week, please leave me a comment and let me know.. and I'll nip over to your corner of the web to say Hi back!

Happy Crafting!
Jo xxx

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