Thursday 22 December 2011

As promised...

Here I am again!

What on earth is happening with Blogger these days? It really seems to have a mind of its own, and I'm finding it quite frustrating actually!! The new layout makes it easier to upload pictures and edit posts.. but this old one is just pants!

Anyway, I thought I'd come and just finish off with a few cards as promised yesterday - these are the last of the Christmas cards that went to teachers at school... so again, quite simple ones.

Well of course this one had to be blue, and I've used the papers from the Forever Friends Christmas pack ... they're so dainty and lovely..

Here's the image in more detail. She was coloured using prisma's.. and I've found the perfect paper to stamp and colour - after looking long and hard for some, my patience has paid off.. lol.

Here I've used the same Forever Friend papers from Docrafts, and a slightly different layout. Again, quite simple, and I'm not entirely happy with this one, as I think she could've done with being stuck on at the other end of the card.. but hey ho... she's on there and it's Christmassy!

And the obligitory close up for you...

And last but not least..

I combined blues and greens for this one.. not entirely sure how I'd like it, but I think it turned out quite nicely actually.. and off setting the oval a little gave me room to add embellishments.

Well. I hope you like my few Christmas cards I've had to show.

Funnily enough.. carrying on from my post yesterday about the cost of Christmas. We nipped into Tesco last night to pick up a few bits with my daughter, and there was a lady in the till in front of us. She had two big trolleys of shopping - pretty much like everyone else..

Just as we paid, I had a conversation with the Duty manager, and mentioned the cost of Christmas and the lady in front's shopping, and she nipped over to see what the running cost of her shopping was.. well, it was a staggering, gobsmacking £1374 at that point and was still continuing!!! OMG.... I am still speechless.. I think I've overspent if my shopping comes to over £100! I think I would simply shoot myself if it came anywhere near hers! Even the Duty manager was astounded! She was lost for words, and so was I. And it was only on 254 items! WTF?

Oh well... c'est la vie... and in fact, have a very Merry Christmas and a fab New Year. I don't think I'll be able to get back on before 2012.. but if I don't, enjoy yourselves!

I'll be back to doing my demo's from the 7th January - although there may be something else in the pipeline before then.. but I'll keep you posted! See you soon!

Wednesday 21 December 2011

it's nearly time...

Only another few days and the Big Day will be over... I can't believe how bonkers people go just for the one day of the year! Yesterday, I called into Tesco, and was told by the till lady that she hadn't put a bill through for less than £170 all day... how ridiculous! Or is it just me?? anyway...

Today, I thought I'd share a few cards with you that I ran up quickly for my daughter to take into school.. she always likes to take special cards for special teachers, and I was only happy to oblige.. in all honesty, I haven't actually made that many cards this year. Both daughters asked for cards, and I've made ones for the youngsters of the family.. (I was going to say children - but they really aren't that anymore! lol)

So.. here they are - my quick and simple cards made for the teachers.

This one was left really simple, as I'd used one of the lovely new embossing folders that I'd acquired..

After getting out all my Christmas stamps, this was one that Teen chose to go on her cards. And here's the close up.

When I started this card, I chose the beautiful Docrafts papers and then coloured the image to match in with the colours of the papers.

And here's a look at the papers in more detail.... stunning aren't they?

And I'm afraid, here are those papers again.... they're just stunning..

And the cute little snowman.... awwwww... so cute!

I do have a few more to show you.. but I'll nip back on in a few hours to pop those ones on... must get on with the Housework now. I've done loads this morning as I feel a bit better than I have for the past few days, so will get the rest finished now..

Until then... Happy Crafting!!

Thursday 15 December 2011

Can you wait? I know I can't.....

(taken from Nikki's blog.. thanks Nikki!)
Never Seen Before Downloads From Forever Friends

In honour of Creativity TV’s 100th episode which you can watch from Monday 19th December, the docrafts Creativity Club team are celebrating in style with EXCLUSIVE downloads from Forever Friends, inspiring projects, techniques and a super craft challenge!

“Since Creativity TV went online at we have received so many supportive reviews, emails and letters. Katy and I have so much fun with our craft friends, showing our members interesting techniques and we always enjoy featuring members projects on the show!” says Emma Collins, Creativity Club Manager.

In 2011 the Creativity TV team have featured projects by Georgina Sweetanham ( Emma Goddard ( , Naomi Van Geene ( and many other fabulous Creativity Club members. Just take a look in the 'Projects' area of the Creativity Club (

Creativity Club members can also join in with the celebrations by taking part in our 100th episode craft challenge for a chance to win over £50 worth of Portobello Road gorgeousness by Papermania.

Creativity Club members will need to download Sketches Of The Month Part Twenty One and the gorgeous and EXCLUSIVE Black & Gold Forever Friends printables that will be live in the Creativity Club from Monday morning!

“This collection is absolutely stunning and we are very excited to get our hands on these beautiful printables from Forever Friends. They have never been seen before!” says docrafts resident craft expert Katy Godbeer

Visit on Monday 19th December for more information about the challenge!

Happy Crafting! x

Saturday 10 December 2011

Saturday already..

And thank Goodness for that!! I am totally ready for the weekend this week - I woke up yesterday feeling a little worn out and with a blinding headache.. so today, I'm going to take it easy and have a lovely relaxing time!

Well.. that's until I start preparing for our Craft Class on Tuesday. It's the last class this week until we return again in January, so I've got a few things to sort out for everyone.

As you know though, I was on Create and Craft the other day, and this is a project I did for the show..

I most definately didn't leave this sample behind... it's now sitting pride of place on my shelf in the Craft room.. I love this picture of Scoobs.. in fact, there's probably no picture of my woofers that I don't like, but this one is so lovely. The frame was created with acrylic paints and bubble wrap, and a decoupage was added to the corner.

I hope you like it.. xx

Monday 5 December 2011

Just playing...

I've had a play this morning with another CD... this time, the Tatty Teddy Christmas one.  And here's what I made for our Challenge this week over at the Crafty Bloggers Network..

I love the fact that I can design something on screen, then print it off if I wish to.. what a fab way to create those quick cards!

And I was thinking the other day, you know, there aren't that many people out there who can openly say they love their job... but I am pleased I'm one who can.

I get to do lots of fun things, like playing with paper, trying out new products and meeting up with lots of fabulous crafters along the way. But did you know that you can chat with us peeps at Docrafts on a Friday? No... well read on...

We started doing a Live Chat on the Docrafts Creativity Club forum - you have to be a member of the Creativity Club to join in - but we have a right laugh. There's usually myself, Emma and Katy, and this week we had Nikki on there too... one of our demonstrators from Snowy Scotland.

Now, the chat went well, until Nikki suggested a Craft-off using the new digi downloads from the Club.. and then chaos reigned in.. we were to make a card by the end of the hours chat. It was such fun trying to type, make sense in what I was writing and thinking of how to put a card together at the same time.. here's a sneeky peek of what I made.. I will be back tomorrow with the finished card.

And just look at my desk!! I think Nikki needs to come and tidy it up... what do you think?!

Friday 2 December 2011

I did it...

This week has been quite a week I can tell you! It's gone by in a hurry, and at the end of it, I feel like I've drifted along without a definate start and end! I've got that confused I don't even know what day it is, let alone trying to get the old brain to function!

so.... what have I been upto?

Well, on Tuesday, as most of you know, I made my way down to Ideal World to guest present the Pick of the Day for Docrafts, with the lovely Sheila. I've done the journey many times, but never with Docrafts, so this was something new and a little bit daunting, as Docrafts are such a well known, and well loved company!

Anyway... here's the outside of Ideal World House at about half past six at night...

It looked rather lovely with all the lights on, if I must say. The little figure you can see walking to the building is Nancy Watt.. and we'd just had a laugh about the fact she'd forgot where she'd parked.. lol.

Our first show went out live at 9pm, and the presenter was Andy. A lovely chap who I've had the pleasure of working with before too. Here's a quick snap I got of Sheila and Andy taking a look at the CD which was the Pick of the Day.

We had quite a few shows to do, the 9pm one was followed by one at 11pm and another at 12am, so we basically got to our hotels and dropped into bed. Up again bright and early to get back to Ideal for another show at 8am.. and we worked our little socks off until 8pm on Wednesday.

It was a tiring day, but full of fun and laughter, and the highlight of the two days must've been my chat I had with Shaun... lol... the subject of Porn Star and Lap dancing were hilarious.. lol.

And then today.. I got an email from Erica who is the owner of the fab company, Odds and Soxlets, to inform me that I'd won her November challenge of having my Monkey sketches made into a digi stamp for her web site! I can't quite believe it!! I have also been invited to be part of her Design Team! 

So there you have it - this is what I've been upto this week... and next week, it's more fun time as I'm down in Bath for the filming of more Creativity TV for the Docrafts site.

You know.... I love my job!!!!
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