Monday 12 March 2012

Bootiful Boofle and a busy few days..

Now then.. confession time!

There aren't many things that make me go a bit gaga, (well, maybe more than I think.. ) but I'm afraid to say Boofle is one of the things that do!

I love him. He's a little doggy, so how can you not? I like to collect rubber stamps of doggies, all types, I'm not fussy, even if I never intend to stamp them.. but if they look like a spaniel then all the better.. anyway, I digress..

Boofle. He's lovely, and he reminds me of my Scooby. Cute and cuddly, with a round tum. Lol.

And the kit that we have from Docrafts for the next couple of months has plenty of this little fella. Do you wanna see? Well, here you go...


I think it's the texture of him that makes him stand out from the crowd.. not quite so cute and fluffy, but still wonderful. I have a few Boofle things - including a keyring for the car keys. I'm just Booflesitting that though, as it's my daughters.. lol.


So, this is one of the Designer Decoupage sheets that I've cut out and placed very simply onto a card. The next one below, is a stamp that's available from all Docrafts stockists.


I created a little easel card from a plain square card, and kept the layout quite simple. In the stamp pack, you get a Boofle outline and a silhouette ( a shadow style stamp). You can also buy a set of texture stamps... so what I did was ink up the texture stamp with a brown ink, then 'kiss' the silhouette stamp onto the texture to pick up the ink. I then stamped it off to create a lighter colour and stamped onto the card. I took the outline, inked it up in the same brown ink then stamped over the silhouette to create the outline.


I think you can just about see the texture on him. I then added a tiny bit of water to some areas to create a shadow or two, and finished him with a button on his tum and gloss on his sunglasses.

I hope you like him, and the cards, just as much as I've enjoyed working with him.

I did have every intention of posting earlier than I have, but time has just flown again.. I'm sure it's just a sign of getting older!!!

This past weekend has been a bit of a whirlwind.. starting on Friday, which was lovely as me and the hubby went to meet up with our daughter in town for a coffee.. just a flying visit as she wasn't feeling too great, and we needed to nip some paperwork into the solicitors.. but as always, it's really lovely to catch up with her for a natter.

Then, Saturday, I was down in Derby to demo at a shop I've never been to before.. Reams. To begin with, I got myself in a flap because I couldn't find where I needed to be. Sally Satnav was being a plonker and I've since decided that the flyover and dual carriageway in Derby is my new best friend!

Anyway, I got to the shop, and there were some familiar faces, and lots of new ones.. what a little hive of goodness that shop is too! I confess, I did buy a Pink Pig book.. just the one, but it did start out as two! But I relented as they can be a bit addictive.. what was that? You've never heard of them? My oh my... you'd better visit HERE to see them... they are Luvverly!! I first used them when I was doing my A level art, and honestly.. they're great!

So, as I say, I did have a £5 spend.. lol.. but we also had lots of fun, laughter and shared loads of ideas. So, if you're reading this.. thank you so much for coming along, you made my day.

Then Sunday was Create and Craft day. I was there for 10am, as I was doing the Tool Shed with Dean at 12.. he's such a lovely chap.. so funny. I was back on at 5pm with Debbie, showing the tools again, and techniques used.. so if you missed any of the demo's, let me know and I will try to explain how to use the items on the show.

Today was a bit more relaxed, as I spent the day planting my seeds in the greenhouse. Hopefully by the end of summer, we'll have a garden full of veg, fruit and lots of lovely flowers! This evening I got stuck into making cards for my craft class tomorrow evening.. and I'm a happy bunny as everything is now cut, packed and ready to go.

So.. that's me up to date, news and all. What have you been upto? Don't forget to drop by and tell me, and leave me a link to your blog.. I can then come a-hopping over to say HI back!!

Until next time... Happy Crafting!

Jo xx


  1. So so cute he's just so adorable :) Fab cards Jo x

  2. brilliant cards Jo, especially like the first one, so nice and fresh and bright x

  3. these are lovely he is one of those quirky lovable rogue types! Vee xx


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