Thursday 28 March 2013

So sad....

Looking through my favourite blogs tonight, I came across THIS blog post about baby Celeste. The words contained in the blog post really do make you think.

RIP Celeste.

Friday 22 March 2013

Answering a few questions...

Hi all...

Just a very quick post this morning as I really need to get on with some work, and I've had a really bad couple of days... but quite a few folks have messaged me regarding a card I made on Create and Craft last week.

I had coloured an image using my watercolour pencils, but blended it with a paper stump. Now, for those that asked, in the jar I had the sponge part of a washing up sponge plonked in the base of the small jar (mine was a baby food jar, but you can use one of the mini jam jars) and then soaked it in sansador.

Sansador is what I use because when blending it stays nice and dry and means that I can blend tones on top of each other. Now, you can also use baby oil (small amounts of!) and also white spirit. The sansador is basically white spirit with the fumes taken out..

As you can see, you can get a really nice textured blend using the stumps. Now, you can also use water to blend the pencils, obviously, but this gives quite a light, watercoloured type of image, whereas the effect I wanted was a little darker and more tonal.

The other thing that was asked, was about what colour I use to stamp the outline with. Usually, I tend to stick to black, well... I say black, it's actually Coal Black from Ancient Page, which gives quite a light black, more a grey, colour. I find this less harsh than a solid black. 

On the image above, I used Artiste Chocolate dye based ink pad. Now, remember not to use the dye inks when you are using water, but if you're using blending solution, then dye or permanent ink will suffice. 

Using the chocolate dye based ink as my outline meant that I could add darker tones around the edges to blend in the coloured edges, giving an overall softer look. 

Is that okay? 

I hope I've explained everything as you asked... I hope it helps a little. xx

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Follow me....

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absent blogger returning.... again...

Hello all.. long time no see. Again. I'm so sorry, but I've been a tad busy with one thing or another. I've also been doing a little bit of driving up and down the country this past week, which as you know, is always a little tiring. But it's all been for a good reason!

Last Tuesday, I set off for Bournemouth, as I was doing some filming for the Creativity Club that is on the Docrafts website. You saw the buns I made to take? Well, none of those made it back I'm pleased to say.. but with a little bribery and convincing, people in the office took them off my hands. 

So. I arrived on Tuesday on a much longer than expected journey. Diversions got in the way, and I eventually got to Bournemouth at around six I think. I checked into the hotel, took the items up to my room, and then went for a quick walk down on the beach. It's always lovely to walk down there - it's only a stone throw away from the hotel, and so lovely too. My room was facing the beach, so all in all, I couldn't exactly not go down there could I?!

 This first photo was taken from my room... what a view!

And these two were down on the seafront. 

The following morning, I went straight to do the filming, arriving slightly early, but soon enough were cracking on with the filming. After we'd finished, I took a flying visit to a great friend, Lou, and her new-ish baby. Honestly, she is so beautiful... so dainty, but perfect in every way. 

A quick visit to head office, then I was on my way home.. then spent the next two days prepping for shows at Create and Craft and also doing bits for my demo at the Range. 

I can honestly say, this week has just flown past. I have quite alot of things up my sleeve that I'm wanting to get finished, sorted and posted, but as yet, I haven't had the time. 


Where does it go? I used to think I had all the time in the world to do everything I wanted, but more recently - unless it's a case of getting older - I just don't seem to have the time at all!! I have a white board with my plans on, but they just get further and further down the list... are you the same?? However, last weeks schedule ran like clockwork! So, here's hoping to a bit more savvy scheduling, a bit more planning and a bit more production!

I promise I will be back soon with a few cards and items to show you from this past weekends TV shows.. I know you all love the Country Companions - I know I do... so watch this space!

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Yes... this is sooooo true!!! Saturated Canary: what is ~Mojo~ and where does he go?

Saturated Canary: what is ~Mojo~ and where does he go?: Sometimes I get out of my creative groove.   It is a lot like flying down the highway and drifting over the white line into the bumpy tir...

Going a-travelling...

Evening cuppycakes!!

How are we all? Well, I am not entirely sure where this week has disappeared to, but I do know that I haven't really had much time to do alot! However, I have had time to do a little baking....

You know how it is... the other night, I was sat reading a craft magazine, and decided I wanted to bake something. I don't really know why, but melting moments came to mind, as I'd not made this in years! In fact, the last time I made any of these wonderful little things was for a competition at school, during the home economics class (yes, that's cookery to me and you!) and I was entered as one of a group of students entering for the North East Derbyshire section.. as far as I remember, the ones I made back then tasted alot nicer than these ones did! I don't know why. But I remember they did.

In addition to making Melting Moments, I have also been busy tonight making cupcakes.

These ones are a new recipe - Maple and Pecan. And although I didn't think they'd turn out too brilliantly, they are actually really nice!!

 You see the little pieces on the top? Well, that's the pecans in a caramel toffee brittle. I can't actually believe that the toffee brittle was so easy to make! I'm quite pleased with how these turned out... but then these little beauties are my favourite!

These are the Lime and Coconut ones. 

Enough about food..... and onto the craft.

This past Saturday I was at Reams in Derby demonstrating for Docrafts. Customers were lovely as usual, and everyone seemed to like the Build a Scene dies.. Of course, the Galleon came up trumps for those who wanted to create something with a more masculine theme.

This card was a group inspiration really.. I had started to use the fab papers from the new Papermania All Aboard range, and someone mentioned that it would look fab if there was a galleon as it looked a little like a treasure map. So, of course, their wish is my command... and here it is..

 I've layered up various sheets of the All Aboard papers, and then plonked a pirate ship right in the middle! I think it looks rather cut.. what do you think?

I also did a rather plainer card. Just simple matting and layering onto the card blank, and you have something really special just by using these new papers etc.

I really hope you like today's post... I will be back tomorrow with another.. albeit, it will be from the decidedly sunnier climes of England - the Bournemouth coastline!

Yes, I'm off down to Docrafts Land to film more episodes of Creativity TV with Katy and Emma.. .and a special guest will be popping in too I'm sure... providing the snow holds off that is.

I will post more for you tomorrow.. my eyes are getting tired, and fingers aren't working to the best of their ability.. lol..

So, bye for now!!! Check back tomorow when I'll be sharing some more bits and pieces. x

Thursday 7 March 2013

Wednesday 196... WOYWW

I haven't joined in with this for a while, but tonight I thought I'd show my workdesk... **sorry to all those tidy folks out there... ** but this is work in progress for the weekend. lol. Well, it's very true! I mean, I know I'm not the tidiest of crafters when I'm home.. but still... 

So - to what do I owe the honour of photographing and blogging my desk? Well, it's the WOYWW... What's on your workdesk? Wednesday.. and people from all over congregate on Julia's blog HERE to celebrate whatever is on their desks on a Wednesday! And here's mine ...... 

Firstly, you can see that I have a clear mat!! This was taken before I started work again this evening, and on the mat is my To Do list of what needs doing. To the left of it is a large piece of yellow paper.. well, this is my agenda for the couple of days I'm in Docrafts Land next week. So, is the yellow paper significant? Well, heck yes... it means it's bright enough that I won't lose it amongst all the other stuff on my desk! lol.

The bits scattered on the plastic pen tubs at the back of my desk is work in progress for Friday.

So, onto my next photograph, and this is to the left side of my desk.

Not really too much to report on this one... just the usual wall mounted stamp storage, the racking for my ribbon, and my desk spinner in white! A great little investment from Peterborough on one of the last times I was down there. Looking at this, I think I seriously need a craft fairy to come and help me tidy/organise/declutter!

Last but not least is the right of my desk.. You can see on the wall there is my white board, which has around 2 weeks of planning on .. I date everything, complete with days (because I'm useless with matching these up!!) and I write the dates I need to do things by, and drop everything else in around it, with enough time to complete the given task. Well. That's the planning done. Now just to tackle the procrastination!! Only kidding. I must say, that doing my planning this way gives me a clear picture of projects that need doing and the timescale I have. It's one way I've found to keep focused. As much as I love my filofax, and use it every day, there just isn't enough room on my desk to put it so I can see it! 

The large guillotine is sat on my printer, which is sat on a chest of drawers. The filing cabinet holds all my personal post, and on top is a cupcake stand full of quirky little things, keepsakes, printer inks and other bits.   And can you see my little blue and white dragon? That was given to me by my friend Tracey, as a get well gift when I had my op two years ago. A very treasured little thing there.. Hanging on my filing cabinet at the side is again, a little collection of trinkets. Keyrings given to me by my daughter, little presents from here, there and everywhere just hung with the magnetic monkey. Just little things that make me smile..

I hope you've had a good look round, sorry about the quality of the photos.. they were off my mobile.

Until next time, happy crafting!! Now go... shoo... get me a picture of your desk ... yes, I'm just plain nosey! lol.

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Chitty chat

Evening all...

I do have a very quick project to share with you all at the end of the post, but before that, I thought I'd just spend a bit of time catching up with you all..

Have you all had a nice day? I have had a lovely day today, finishing off a few bits and bobs in the craft room, starting other bits and bobs ready for the weekend, and all that with my thinking cap on about another project I need to come up with in the next day or so....!

It's been quite a strange sort of day today really.. the mist was in this morning, really dull and foggy and to be honest, it hasn't really lifted all that much tonight. In fact, I'd say it's a real pea-souper! We've also had some of the roofing work finished on the house.. only a few more bits to go, then the house will be all ready for next Winter. Bless Reece, from HDT Roofing.. he's an absolute star. Up on the roof in this weather - it's freezing cold, but he doesn't complain.. Rather him than me sat on my roof tiles, that is for sure. He's done our roofing work for the last 25 years we've been here, if ever we've needed any.

My friend and craft-class helper Tracey has been round tonight. She's picked up a few little special packages that were waiting for her, and also had a dollop of my Earl Grey and Chocolate cake. It had been waiting in anticipation for Tracey for a couple of days and was thoroughly enjoyed too me thinks.. It's always lovely to see her too, as we exchange ideas and thoughts on crafting. Great fun.

So... onto my card for tonight, and this one is  a very quick one I did at my demo last weekend to show some of the All Aboard range of products..

It is in fact a money voucher card, one that would take a credit card size voucher and is held in place with a little pocket.

The outside of the holder is a layer of paper from the 12 inch pack, and then the spine fastened together with some of the wonderful craft tape. The topper was a tag which I did some resist stamping, and embossing onto before colouring it up to match the background.

The bunting is one of my favourite things at the moment... made simply from the craft tapes again. The pink bow is a customer request, as she thought it needed making a little more 'girly'. lol..

Well, I am going to get off and get to sleep.. it's a little late and I have lots of work to catch up with tomorrow.. this week is going soooo quickly!

Whatever you're upto tomorrow, have fun. Until next time.... happy crafting! xxx

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Busy days = no posts!

Hi everyone..

So sorry for the delay in posting for the past few days. I've been a little bit busy with making sure I had some great samples for my demo last Saturday at the wonderful Craft Central in Derby. Now it was a very special day there too, as we all celebrated (and a few of us were very lucky to cuddle...) the birth of baby Leo. He has been a much awaited grandson of a lovely lady who comes in to watch my demonstrations. And there were cakes too. All made by the lady herself as a celebration treat. Wasn't that lovely?

I also had some magazine commissions to finish off and post, some Create and Craft samples to complete and lastly, some projects for the upcoming filming of Creativity TV! No rest for the wicked is there... although I don't think I'm that wicked really. I love my job, and wouldn't have it any other way than busy. Its the best way to be I think.

Anyway.. tonight, I thought I'd bring the laptop upto bed (for a change!) and lay here to post my little bloglet for you.

I have really wanted to share this little card with you for the past few days, but only just gotten around to taking the photo off my phone. (new phone = no idea how to extract photos without a wire!) Oh the joys!!

I can tell you, I'm soooo in love with this fantastic new range from Docrafts. This is the new Forever Friends range and it is stunning! It's called Kraft Notes and honestly, the papers are just divine. They look quite vintage and as you can see, I thought a perfect combination to go with the kraft card.

I coloured the little bear with pencils to give him a really soft, fluffy look. Isn't he just the cutest?! This is one of the larger stamps from the set of four that have been released, and I definately think the others will have to make it to my collection!

Obviously there are more than just stamps and papers in this range... there are fabric papers, toppers, ribbons, bows and decoupage.. and lots more! So, if you're not really into stamping, then you can create the card below using the same image as above, but in decoupage form.

Again, I've used kraft card as my base, and cut the star from the self adhesive fabric paper.. I have great plans for this paper, but firstly I need to purchase another couple of sheets!! I'm hoping it doesn't fly off the shelves too quickly before I can buy some.

Here's a close up of the details for you.

Well... I'm going to get off and sort out my next project to share with you. It's something a little different, but I know you're going to love it! Until next time.... happy crafting!
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