Saturday 17 March 2012

Fantastic plastic...

And it's all about Templates...


So, today I'm down at Create and Craft, and I hope this scheduled post comes on on time! Maybe I'll have to check later to make sure.. lol..

So, the sneeky peek is one of the waterfall card template and there are LOADS of them available... check them all out over on the Docrafts site HERE... but as I say, this one is the waterfall card.


All the measuring and everything is done for you on the templates, which makes life alot easier!! And here are a few of the others that I used on the shows I did..

This one is the bow -


and I turned it into a bauble type of decoration, just by using the multishaper punch behind it to add the shape in gold. Again, I kept the card quite simple as the bow makes it look wonderful.


Now... this little cutie...


As I was browsing the Docrafts website last week, I came across THIS project by the very talented Katy Godbeer.. so as I only had a few moments to finish what I was doing before I finished for the night, I made a rough sketch of it, and this was my very quick version... still prefer Katy's though - that is one cute chickadee!!


This box above is one that I used the hexagonal template for. I extended the box to create it slightly longer for something bigger to fit in, or as favour boxes for weddings where you'd like to share a few chocolates.

The box below is the cupcake template.


This is the larger version of the cupcake, and on the template you get two sizes.. this one and a smaller one.. very nice eh?!

Okay.. so that's all for today. I hope you've had a brilliant day crafting, don't forget to share what you've been making. I'd love to pop over for a look. xx

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