Friday 20 June 2008

What a day!

Don't you sometimes have those sort of days where crap things happen and yet you still feel dead chuffed with yourself?? Well, that was today for me!

I called Trimcraft today and had a word with the demo manager there.. and now I'm free!!!! I have been thinking long and hard for ages about this, as Jane would tell you!.. but never actually plucked up the courage to do anything about it... well, today's that day! I no longer work for Trimcraft.

I've had an okay time over this past year, I loved doing the demonstrations and having a good old natter with like minded crafters, but it just wasn't 'doing it' for me, iyswim.. let's just say 'certain' companies have a better understanding of the demonstration programme! (yep.. Katy, that means yours!)... So.. decision made.. done.. dusted... finished!

In addition to this, I have been breeding washing.. I'm sure the more I wash, the more appears.. I never understand why this is!

I've also just been down to the vets with the poopies for the routine wormers.. Scooby has maintained at around 24 kg, Holly is around 15 kg so has put on a kg, and Truly is now just over 10kg and was 9.3 I think... She is looking so much better..

Will be back later with some photos hopefully.. I've been busy making cards but not for here at the minute... sorry! And yes... Hazel, I have your package all wrapped and ready to go, just sorry it's taken so long to sort it.. I haven't forgotten.. xx Thank you for being patient!

Right... off now to drown my sorrows in a bottle of Glenfiddich... not! TBH, I have umpteen things on the go at the minute, and something had to go... now I feel more at ease!

Wednesday 18 June 2008

Love, love, love...

Nope.. not me... but Holly!

Ever since we bought Holly home, she has had a fascination for these slimy critters! Mind you.. I do quite like snails myself.. but in close proximity - like in my house! - they really aren't the done thing!

When she does her last toilet call of the evening (!) she goes a Sidney-hunting.. she is obsessed... she knows where to look, and where to find them.. and I'm sure they like her too, because you often can find them crawling up the back door to get in!!!! When she does find one, she picks it up in her mouth and - if you're not careful - brings it to bed!

Now, she does get that sorta guilty look on her face like spaniels do, so you know exactly what she's done.. bless! Thankfully, spaniels have a soft mouth, so in the past year, she has only damaged one.. all the others have gone on to live very happy, fulfilling lives out in my garden!

Here's one she found while Sidney-hunting the other day.. so I plopped him on the fence out of harms way - two big baffoony spaniels and a cocker running about doesn't help the snail population at all...

Now, how can you say snails aren't the cutest - - - just look at his tiny face.. only one a mummy would love!

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy..

Slightly late I know, but here are some photos that Carley had done for her dad.

I have a very lovely friend, Richard, who owns a photo studio in Doncaster, RA Imaging, and he does the most fantastic portraits.. as well as being a lovely lovely person (if not a bit bonkers LOL). His prices are very reasonable and the service he provides is brilliant! We are back again in a couple of weeks for some other photos.. see you then Rich!

Anyway, she decided that she wanted to get Paul some pro portraits done of Holly and Scooby so we took them down a couple of weeks ago. The photo shoot went very well, Scooby behaved fantastic and loved every minute of it, Holly on the other had, didn't quite know what was happening and was quite subdued by it all.. she hates her photo taken.. so much like Asti! Point a camera at Scooby and he poses.. as you can see.. Enjoy!!

Thursday 12 June 2008

A few little bits..

Here are a few bits I've been working on over the last few days. I can't show a good proportion of my work, it's part of the official secrets act, and I would get shot if I shared.. so sorry... no go.. !

I'm at Papermill in York this evening on behalf of Trimcraft, doing a Loyalty Event, so these are a few of the bits I'm taking with me.
This was covered with the lovely paper from DCWV Nursery Boys. I just love the new packs, they are so more-ish.

Laura Ashley stamps and papers on this one.

Very simple tea bag folding - this one isn't quite finished yet.

And this is a BIA book I made as a prezzie for one of Martina's friends. I made a card to match it too, but that was just basically the same papers. This was from the DCWV Blossoms and Butterflies papers.. they are luvverly!

And last but not least, my favourite.. a little mini album of Holly and Scooby, put together by Carley. I made a presentation bag/box for it to go in too.. How Sweet!

And they called it... puppy love...

It's been a very busy few days here, so apologies for not updating sooner. I have had cards and books galore coming out of my ears. I love being busy, but sometimes you just need a bit of time out.. iyswim. So, today, I spent an afternoon playing with the pupsters.

I'm so glad we have a nice large garden which they can run around in (hence no grass!) after they have been for their nice long walkies - or in Holly's case - run. She always runs like an uncoiled spring out in the woods. Scooby is so much more relaxed, and just loves to take it easy.

Truly is still with us. She is our foster cocker who we have had for the past few weeks. She has come on leaps and bounds over the last three weeks.. she's a cheeky girl, full of mischief, and since being with us, has learnt how to play and have fun. She is now (fingers crossed) getting there with her toilet training. She is 2 years old, but didn't really have a clue after her previous circumstances, but has now been clean in the house for around the last week and half. Bless her. She is leaving us for her new home mid July, so I'm sure there'll be tears around when she goes.

Anyway, here are the photos from yesterday.

Monday 9 June 2008

What a scorcher!

After quite a busy and hot weekend, I thought this morning that I would sit and have a dabble with photoshop..

This is the start photo..

and this is the result..

Apart from dabbling with this, I have been doing some very creative stuff for a VERY lovely person.. but cannot reveal any of this at the moment under any circumstances.. lips are very tightly sealed..

I have also had a demo this weekend up in Rochdale, at the Range.. what a store, what lovely customers and Faye, the fantastic assistant in the craft department, made my day a real hoot.. it was really busy all day.. So, thank you to everybody who made it perfect.

Yesterday was spent putting up some new fencing, and my gazebo from last year. Primarily put up for the puppies to sit under, it was lovely to sit in the shade until gone 10pm last night.. what a smashing, hot, sunburny (!!) day.

I'll be back later with some projects I have been making this last week for my demo's and the loyalty event at Papermill on Thursday.. see you there from 4pm to 8pm??

Thursday 5 June 2008

Baa Baa ... giraffe...?!

A few projects to add to my collection of bits from today.. These were made with my new FABBULUSH Die Cuts with a View nursery papers.

I think this one fits in really nicely with the new challenge blog here. It has a template to follow, and this is my interpretation of it. It also fits with this weeks challenge on Page plans (link ---->)

This one was also made to the sketch on here.

I must admit, I really like the look of this blog.. and the sketches are lovely. I hope you like my cards.

One last one here.. made using Studio G stamps, pigments, ribbon and button..

Cards, Cats and everything in between....

What a week... I've got work coming out my ears.. and I love it!

Sorry I've not been around much this week, I've been in a bit of a tiz after losing Biela last week, and with work, dogs, work, cats, work (you get the picture??) I've been a tad occupied.

But - I have found time to nip back and say Hi.. and even upload some bits I've been working on.

Firstly, I want to introduce you to Senna. This is B's brother. Playing out in the honeysuckle....isn't he luvverly, and he's coping so well without his brother.

Secondly, my two poopies.. Scooby (L) and Holly (R). I don't know what Scooby is doing.. lol.. but I think Carley took a brilliant photo of them - don't you?
These two photos were taken yesterday. They are a few of the lovely flowers that Mum bought me for my birthday on Tuesday.. all my favourite flowers in a lovely bouquet.. Thank you!

Now... do you want to see some cards??

These are a few bits I've been working on for my demo at the Range, Rochdale this weekend. If you're close by, why not call in to say Hi.

The projects above were made using the new DCWV papers - they are simply LUSH! Blossoms and Butterflies has to be my favourite, which is what was used to make the BIA book above. It just needs some ribbons and then it's finished.

In the collection of new papers is also Nursery Boys and Nursery Girls. They are just so pretty. Projects with them too coming soon!

The other two cards were made with the new Dovecraft papers. Again, they are really lovely.. dragons and fairies, pets... take a look.. they're really lovely.

Last but not least for today is my daughters new creation. She is making a mini scrapbook for her friend Laura, and has used the DCWV Spring pack. Very pretty and summery. I'm not sharing the inside pages just yet as they haven't been finished., but I think she's done a really good job of it so far, don't you?

I hope you like the photos. We do still have Truly living with us, the home which was planned didn't work out so we still have the pleasure of her company. She is a fantastic little dog, who has her little quirky ways which are so cute. She gets on so well with Holly and Scoobs that I could be tempted to keep the little dot to myself.. she's adorable!!!! Only thing is, if I did that I wouldn't be able to keep fostering for Jackie - and of course the dogs who need all the help they can.

Well.. that's me for now. Work is calling again, so out to my Studio I go when I've grabbed another cuppa..

Sunday 1 June 2008

Competition entries up to date..

Details are HERE for the Krafty Cards competition. Please take a look.. and join in...

Elaine from Krafty Cards will be choosing a winner sometime in the next day or so..

And here are the entries so far..
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