Sunday 18 March 2012

Multishaper.. what a bargain!

Hello everyone!!! How are you all?

Today, I'm off down to Bath for the night as I'm filming for Creativity TV tomorrow... I really love doing these video's, they're such great fun!

This week, I've got quite alot on really.. in fact, for the next few weeks I'm quite busy - I'm not going to chase my tail though because following my new routine, I'm getting really organised!! Nothing is really left to the last minute, and I feel soooo much better for it! Much less stressful.

I do have quite a few shows booked in on Create and Craft too, so I'll let you all know when they are when I have my diary with me..

so, onto today's projects, and I want to share you some Multishaper cards. Have you seen the punch? Loads of punches on one platform - they're fantastic!! Corners, borders, squares, circles, ovals... you name it, it has it all! You can see them HERE on the Docrafts site.


On this mini card I used the square shape, which sort of turns out quite rounded..


The centre was punched from the 2" scallop circle punch. It fits in the space created quite perfectly. And isn't the image cute? I love, love, love the New Arrival decoupage set... in fact, all of this range is fab!

And here are some other shapes you can create too.


This is the Blossom punch that I used here. Can you see the detail in the punch? Amazing! I love it.


On this card, I've used the borders and corners to create the various shapes. I finished it with some of the metallic butterflies which we had in our demo kits a couple of months ago.

Very bright, but I love the colours.. I hope you do too!

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