Tuesday 6 March 2012

Me again...

I just wanted to show you a quick card that I found on my hard drive earlier... and I don't think I've shown it before, so here it is..

I really like this card, and I love how the colours went together.. it was a very quick card I wanted to take to a follow up appointment at the hospital.

This is the card in full... quite simple, with a very simply layout.. but you know, I think these are often the best types!

I hope you like it too... I enjoyed making it..

I'll be back tomorrow with another card to show you.. something from the demo I had last weekend.

Oh.. before I forget... here's the daft birdie that we had to rescue earlier today..

It's not a brilliant picture, but you can see the little sparrow sitting on the edge of the feeder, munching it's way through a ton of food...

You see, this is what happened.. the woofers were taking an unusual interest in the bottom of the drainpipe and when I looked, couldn't see anything, so thought it was a little mouse that sometimes feeds on the bird table. I looked again later, and realised that the 'mouse' had a beak! It didn't quite sink in that there could possibly be a little birdy down the drainpipe!!

Anyway, we duly dismantled the guttering as it was the only way to remove the pipe, and there it was... a cute little sparrow. I lifted it out and it flew straight to the feeder to get something to eat and have some water. Bless it, little thing... I don't know how long it had been there.. now all we need to do is rebuild the guttering and put the downpipe back where it should be! I have put some chicken wire over the top of the pipe now, so this shouldn't happen again.

It bought back lots of reminders of why we have a hole in our sitting room wall with an air vent cover over... that was a starling that fell down the chimney, and the only way we could get it out was to drill through the wall! Fun times!

Anyway... until next time!

Happy Crafting!!


  1. A lovely card Jo, and I agree, the best cards are often the simples design. thank you for sharing, I caught you just as I was switching of the pc :-)
    Glad the wee birdie is ok too :-) xxx

  2. Such a pretty card, love the cute image and the papers are fab
    Lindsay xx

  3. Your cards are lovely Ido like the images. It is nice you would dismantle your house before hurting a wee bird I like that. Vee xx

  4. FAB card love the contrasting backing papers. Chris xx

  5. brilliant card, glad the birdie is ok x

  6. its lovely, love it. louise xx

  7. love the card Jo, the image is fab and the colours are just lovely xx

  8. What a lovely card Jo the backing paper is lovely and adore the image too xx lovely card xxxxxxxxxxx


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