Friday 16 March 2012

Fancy schmancy markers...

Yep - they definately are. This is what I'm sharing with you today... it's all about markers.

The markers I've used on this project, can be found HERE on the Docrafts site. And I think they're lovely...


This is the full card, and below I'll tell you how I created it.


So, I began with a Kraft card, and then cut the front off leaving a section at the top to put my acetate onto. I had some of the Birdsong filigree paper left, so decided to add that onto the acetate to create the design.

The marker pens were used to colour in some of the sections of this paper, and they leave a wonderful metallic look to the card ... and the best bit?? You can use them on black card or white card, and the result is stunning on both!


Doesn't it look lovely?

The card below was made using stamps, pigment ink and chalks.. and the greeting was embossed with the pack of folders we had on the show.


The pens were used on this card to add some shine to the greeting - colour onto a glass mat with the markers, then quickly pick up some of the colour onto a dry baby wipe and rub over the wording... it leaves a great shine - although you can't see it too well on the card.


The folders are amazing - but I don't tend to use a machine to emboss these as they are too thin. I just use a bone folder, or something hard, to rub over the top of the folder with the card inside.

I hope you liked today's projects.... here's your sneeky peek for tomorrow!

Guess what it is? check back tomorrow and all will be revealed.

I am going to schedule my post in for Saturday as I'll be off to Peterborough for a visit to Ideal World... and I'm there with the remainder of the Pick of the Day. Did you catch it??? Did you like it??? I know I did!!

Until then, Happy Crafting!!

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