Thursday 30 May 2013

Well... failed again... but I'm still here!

I really need to get a boot up the backside me thinks to get me blogging on a more regular basis... lol.

I can't help it... things just get in the way!! Well, say things.... by things I mean two little furbabies that are living with us - Humphrey and Lola the kittens.. and doing extra projects for my demo's.

This last week or so saw me creating loads of jewellery pieces for a demo I had in Oldham. To be honest, jewellery was not really my 'thing' if you know what I mean.. but having sat for a few days making some pieces, I can honestly hold up my hands and say that I loved every moment of it and I'm a bit hooked.

I made this bracelet -

and I love it. In fact, I've made a few more of them, including two for orders. They're so easy once you have done the first one and got the hang of the beading, the last ones were a doddle!

I've also been spending a bit of time in the garden and have some plants ready and waiting to go into the hanging baskets, including this little beauty..

This is my nemesia. I remember years ago, a lovely old gent who lived behind our house gave me a pink and white version and it flowered every single year. It's such a pretty little plant.

And to finish this quick post for tonight, I thought I'd show you how the two little furbabies are growing..

Here's Humphrey..

And here's Lola...

Hope you like the piccies...

That's all for now, but I promise that I'll be back sooner than before!

Thursday 16 May 2013

Ten things...

Yes, I know I promised to get back on track with the blogging, but things just seem to get in the way, and to be honest, it's been nice not worrying if I have anything to upload. I have treated myself to a well deserved break, and I feel better for it. So, trying to keep up with the Blog post a day challenge, and as you can see from the title, I'm not doing very well!!

So. What's new? Well, nothing really to be honest.. although the weekend saw us collecting the new addition to our little fold. I say addition. It should really read additionS... lol. as we have two little furkitties come to live with us.

We have a ginger and white boy called Humphrey and his mackerel tabby sister Lola. The other sister we collected has gone onto her forever home and been called Fleur. They are just 8 weeks old and are little  bundles of loveliness. After two days here they have settled in well with their big brother Senna, who has turned into a little mother hen.  They even come to you when they haven't seen you for a little while, and are eating absolutely perfectly. We've had a couple of little accidents but nothing too major.

Here they are..

This is little Humph. Such a tiny sweetheart he is. He loves his cuddles, and talks to you quite often. He is quite a contented little puss, and I'm sure he's going to grow up to be a beautiful large boy.

This is Lola. She is slightly more mischievous, and not quite as big as Humph, but she eats like a trooper and always has her head in the food bowl! She has her little routine at mealtimes.. wake up, toilet, eat, toilet, sleep! She is soooo contented.

And here is the Mother Hen..

Well, I say Mother Hen, but really it should be Father Cockerel I suppose. Doesn't sound quite the same though does it.. lol. But here is my old boy, Senna.

He's just had his birthday, so is of a grand old age.. and I think the two little tearaways have tired him out... He is suffering a little hayfever at the moment where he keeps going up the garden. Vets time again me thinks as his eyes are getting a little runny... but love this photo of him fast asleep.

Apart from loving the little furbabies, and spoiling my woofers, I have indeed done a little bit of crafting.. and here's a couple of what I've created for my demo's. These are all from the Ahoy There selection of stamps. I just love these, and I like the way that just going around the edges with chocolate ink, you can make it look quite vintage. I hope you like them.

So... onto my Blog Post a Day, and it was (lol) 10 things that make me happy.. and here's my list.

  1. My family - by family, I mean my husband, children and sister in law Tilly. Without them, there is no me. They put up with me  support me with my work and things I do and rarely complain. I don't have any other family to care about, so to me they are everything and I treasure them dearly. (even if I do whine about things, but hey... that's allowed isn't it?!
  2. My furbabies. Such a wonderful little furry family I have, we have the three woofers, Scooby Holly and Truly, and my kitties, Senna, Humphrey and Lola. They live perfectly together and I just love my cuddle time with them. 
  3. Work - I love my job. I work with Docrafts, one of the leading craft suppliers in the UK and working alongside some of the most awesome designers there is fantastic. I also get to go out and meet some great crafters and share ideas and techniques. What's not to like about that?
  4. Peppermint Tea. Oh yes. A perfect start to the day me thinks.. it's great as a pick me up through the day too. I also like my Chai tea... any tea really. It used to be coffee, but don't drink that so often these days. 
  5. Reading. By reading, I mean it depends on what I'm reading. At the moment its the organising and time management books by Julia Morgenstern, and they make perfect sense to me. They've helped me alot this past few weeks. I also love looking through cookery books, which brings me to number 6.. 
  6. Baking - yes, baking, not cooking! I can't cook... although I try, but it's not always successful. Baking is not always successful either, but at least it's tasty! lol. I have a great collection of books which are now on my new bookcase so I can peruse at leisure. Favourites at the minute are the Hairy Bikers Curry book, (yes I can now successfully make a curry from scratch!) and my cake decorating books. I don't make posh cakes, but one day....!
  7. My Sat Nav. Without it I doubt I would be able to do my job. It still takes me the wrong way, lol, but at least I can get there more or less in one piece. 
  8. Mablethorpe. I know, it's a silly number 8. But I love Mablethorpe. It brings back many happy memories of days gone by with the children on our family holidays. We have a lovely beach down there that I love to visit too which is nice and quiet. 
  9. Britains Got Talent - hell, this has to make an appearance. There is so much talent out there in the UK it's so lovely to see people giving it a go.. and good luck to them! It's also quite funny at times, and makes me think that one day I will be there singing my heart out and not getting any buzzers! lol.
  10. Last one, so what will this be? it has to be my craft room. It makes me happy. I - and other members of the family - like to sit in there and chill out. It looks out on the garden, so I can watch the birds come and go and look at the changing seasons. Perfect. 

So.. there's my top 10. Now what's yours? Leave a link and I'll come a visiting!

Sunday 5 May 2013

Blog every day in May!

I've missed the first few days already.... as I didn't know about it, but my day one starts today (or maybe tomorrow!)

A little quote.

A quote.

I kinda love that we are not always a 'perfect match'.
That we sort of sand down the rough edges on each other;
I am thankful that God gave me you.
A man who challenges me.
Loves me completely.
And keeps my heart tender.
A guy that makes simple moments pretty special.
And everyday, no matter how hard or easy, 
because you are a part of it.

So it's not gonna be easy.  It's going to be really hard;
we're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that
because I want you.
I want all of you, 

You and me...

What a week....

How are we all??

Sorry it's been a while again. I have very good intentions to get started again regularly with the blog, but it always seems to be one thing or another these days. I don't often get chance to get onto the laptop to check and do things, and most things are done on my lovely new mobile. I will start to put posts up on my mobile if I get chance - promise!

Anyways... this week has seen the start of the new loop of crafting products from Docrafts. Ooooooh's and Aaaaaahhhh's were the sounds heard yesterday whilst I was doing my first demo of the loop - I'm wondering if it's going to be the same today!

So, I thought I would just share a couple of little cards with you that I've made to take with me...

This one uses the packaging of the new Capsule collection - Brights! Aren't the colours amazing!!!! I just totally love them. I finished the card using the mini spotty buttons. These are double sided too, plain on one side, spotty on the other. Just fab!

This card here was a little idea I saw on Pinterest... I thought it was fab and a great idea to use up some of the lovely buttons that are in my very large bag of Capsule brights buttons... Just stick them on a card, layer them up, create a dotty border and doodled leaves and stems and voila! Done!

I promise I will be back tomorrow to share a few more photos with you... I have a couple of days where I am not doing alot of anything. Having a day at home with the hubby tomorrow after another demo today.

So, see you soon. Don't forget to let me know what you think of these new products!

A little furbaby...

A little humphrey cat

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Playing with my blog..

I've been a-fiddling tonight... just playing around with a few minor changes on my blog. Firstly, the blog post title and date are now centred... I think I like this better!

The comments section has had a makeover too... a little bit bolder and brighter. Not sure if I like this yet.. but will keep it for now and decide tomorrow.

Last but not least, I have a little plaything on my photos.. hover over them.. see what you think. Pretty cool eh?!

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