Tuesday 30 June 2015

A funny little post for you ...


Once upon a time, there was a fish called Boo. Now, Boo lived with another little fishy called Lou, who was her tank mate. Until Boo decided that she was a little bit peckish. And ate Lou. 

This is Boo......!

Now, Boo's mummy at the time, was a little upset at what happened, so this crazy lady, Boo's grandma (aka ME!) decided to buy Boo a little Black Moor as a tank mate. (Ok, ok.... I thought she may not have eaten her fishy friend....  and it was just a poor, diseased fishy!)  

Time passed, and a few weeks later, things started to look a little different in the land of fishy-wishy. L'il old Blacky was starting to look a little rough around the edges, hiding under the filter, keeping out of the way, and we started to wonder what was wrong. One day, grandma got a call from Boo's mummy to tell her that little Blacky had gone to fishy heaven - she'd been munched by Cannibal Boo. It was a sad day. 

So, Boo was destined to live her life all alone. In a tank. By herself. With no friends to call her own. And only fish food to munch on! 

Two years ago, she came to live at Grandma's house because her mummy was off to Uni and couldn't take her with her, so she was bought a nice big tank with lots of lovely plants and sand and stones and rocks and bubbles. But no friends. Grandma thought she could perhaps 'try' her with a little friend or two, so bought the Terrible Twinsters. Aka Billie and Bessie. 

Now, Boo took to the two little twinsters with curiosity... in a friendly way, and didn't try to eat them at all... in fact she quite enjoyed the company until they chased and chased and chased her around the tank. These twinsters were babies... Boo was an old lady... and was getting quite stressed and unhappy with the constant attention. So Granny and Grandad went to buy the twinsters another tank. 

Here are Billie and Bessie in their new home.... Billie is the one at the bottom... Bessie is at the top. 

They settled in their new home very quickly, and loved all the space. They became very good friends and they are nearly always swimming together. But one day something awful happened.... 

Grandma was looking at Bessie in the tank and something didn't seem right. She hadn't eaten her breakfast properly and kept spitting her pellets out without eating them. Very unlike her, so granny went in for a closer look. **SHOCK** There was a tank pebble stuck in Bessie's mouth. She had dislocated her mandible trying to release it and was gulping air rapidly as she panicked. So... grandma to the rescue with her blunt ended tweezers, and Operation Release Pebble had begun. 

It wasn't as easy as it seemed, and the only way to release it was to pick up Bessie in her hand and try to manouvre the stone to come out. After about half hour of a very patient Bessie being very good, the pebble eventually popped out and the mandible was massaged back to it's rightful position. 

A very bruised - but relieved Bessie went swimming back to see her Billie, and after a couple of weeks the bruising had gone down, the swelling had reduced and the jaw came back to normal. It's still a funny shape but I'm sure Bessie loves her granny to pieces because she always comes to say hello at the front of the tank, and kisses her finger if she puts it in the water. 

And Boo? Well, she is a happy little fishy living with Sloopy, her little Algae eater friend... And all is content in the land of Boo!

So... here's one last little picture I took today, that prompted my little story.... I hope you enjoyed it! xxx

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  1. Awwwww!! That's such a great story! Reminds me of my daughters' cannibalistic hamsters! And my own fish ...


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