Tuesday 16 October 2012

What a way to get organised....!

Have you heard of FizzyMilkJelly? Well... I am a fairly organised sort of person, but sometimes my schedules leave me running around like a headless chicken, and not knowing what to do first... 

However, I've recently learnt about FizzyMilkJelly from a great friend, Emma Collins, and would love to introduce you to being more organised...... so here's Emma to tell you a little more. 

The initial concept for FizzyMilkJelly came about as a result of a cycle that founder Trudy Spikesman was stuck in. Recently described as; "a revolution for the terminally disorganized" I had to find out more…

“I have always been a bit of a personal development junkie and I would buy and read book after book about goal setting, life change, productivity etc. I would feel amazing highs from the material and would create lists of actions to take along with page references from the books – all noted in a pretty notebook. I’d then find a new pretty notebook, stash the old one in a drawer and wonder why I hadn't experienced the amazing transformations I was anticipating. All that and yet I was successfully keeping up with day to day appointments and ticking through many tasks and projects at work and home.

After then painstakingly drawing lines into a day to page diary, so that I had space to start getting my goal focus into my daily diary ... I created the Break The Mould 90 Day Life Energiser Workbook. This was the first product that I launched in 2009.

Beyond the first product, the natural development was to create a range of products to help people to get organised, and to simplify life, so that time is not wasted on life management activities – but on making the most of the time we have to do the things we truly want to be doing.

I love knowing that everything is out of my head and down on paper. I would start to go stir crazy if I had to keep everything stored in my head, or wonder where I could find key information.

How Can Fizzymilkjelly.co.uk help us busy Crafters?

Well there’s a heap of downloads available to help keep a record of what craft projects you have planned, how much you are spending on the products and a shopping list to keep you focused when you visit your local craft store! You even have a chance to see for yourself. You can grab yourself a 7 day FULL ACCESS trial for just £1.50! Use coupon code 150TRIAL 

What is great is that all of this is available online. Download them, Type into them, save them, print them, file them, and write on them!

I really hope you go and visit the site - it's fantastic!! Just click on the images or links, and it'll take you straight there! 

And no more 'being unorganised' for me! (until next time!!!) Perfect!

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