Friday 31 August 2012

Social Networking.. what's the point of it?!

How are we all?

I've had a bit of a week this week... we have had family up this week, so crafting has taken a bit of a back burner for now. However, I am on with my samples for this weeks demo that I have at Craft Central in Derby on Saturday.. really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Love that shop so much!

I am also in the midst of sorting out my social networking! Go me!! Yes, I'm having a bit of a decluttering and it feels good. Bloomin' facebook alerts are really starting to get my goat, so I've taken quite alot of things off to see if it improves. There are a few things I can't change.. and there are things I've changed, that maybe I've done wrong.. but it's all part of the learning process.

Really, Social Networking isn't my thing - I mean, really.. what's the point of it? Is there any??

I would value your opinion on this - Facebook, Twitter, etc.. do you use it? What do you think of it?? Why recommend it to me? Will it be useful?

I really look forward to hearing what you think on this..

Jo xx


  1. Hi Jo, I was introduced to FB by Phill Martin (Honeypot Crafts), otherwise I wouldn't have even thought about it. I do look on FB quite a bit, (only on the PC though, I don't have a smartphone), I upload pics of some of my cards and enjoy seeing what other crafty people have made etc., and I keep in touch with one or two friends who now live abroad. I also enjoy playing the word games. Having said that, there are a few alerts that are getting on my nerves a bit, and I did remove some the other day. I also joined Twitter, but don't use it, I rarely have anything to tweet about ! I would miss FB now, I feel I'm in touch with people when I log on, so I do think it does have a positive advantage, depending on how it's used of course. Well, that's my two-penneth, for what it's worth ! Look forward to seeing you on C & C soon :o)

  2. Hi Jo
    What a good question to spark a debate.. well, I think the busier we become the less we are interested in FB etc and some people are easy to follow and others not so. I used to rarely go on, I would get a message and then People would have to wait ages until I checked but I think the more you go on the more people get used to seeing you and enjoying your company so then look for you rather than just notice that you popped on. Now, to some people looking/waiting for you could be fun but to others a huge bind so again it's all about personal preference I guess.
    We all in this crafting lifestyle have a need to show our work, be it to promote it for sale Or simply to say look what I did .. or what do you think.
    So for that reason it gets you out there. I think there is a definite need for social sites, I dont see a need for an individual to be on every site there is but if it makes them happy thats fine too.
    I guess the other thing to think of is those that are not able to get out to be social for one reason or another could use the 'Social' part of it as their social life as it were, that could be due to disability or other reason maybe just shyness.
    I now use FB much more than I did but I rarely add a status update as I think of all these fab things to say and then sit down to type and cant remember what to put and it look lame lol, age strikes.. But having started a blog and slowly building it daily, I check in more often cos now I have a reason too.
    In summery like Annie C's comment I too feel there is a need but I have to play devil's advacate too and say that I know people that sit on FB playing games or chatting adding links updating all day like 'gone to bath and then washing up' I always think oh my god why are you telling people that.. But again it is'nt my business. So if it was all like that how would we all function ? needing constant validation from others that you would be missed. In that case no I definitely dont think there is a need for it..
    hmm I seem to looking at both sides Jo. I think it's good to go through your site someitmes and really look at who you have on there and who are no longer in your lives or for any reason not kept in touch with and have a clear up and tidy how things are laid out, that can feel very beneficial periodically.
    I go through phases of needing to go on and wanting to not bother with it and do other things but I would be lost without the internet for sure. I would miss seeing you though Jo if you chose not to pop on so thought I'd tell you what I thought. With Blessings.

  3. DON"T GOOOOOOO SIS....PLEASE?????? I would miss you terribly if you weren't on facebook at least!!!! Its such easier access to keep up with all the Austins and visa versa!!! Such instant catch ups bein in contact in fb and chats, pics and of course your blog!!! Remember how we wrote long letters & parcels to each other acouple times a month or so??? Here there is no waiting!!! We can nip in and chat even if only for a few minutes on a daily basis! Would you prefer skype or msn messenger then??? Chattin and catchin up with me loverly sis always makes my day!!!!
    That being said...i can certainly understand how you're feeling with all the crap stuff that facebook dumps on us......we get too many friend invites to every "Ville" game on there (which i do play some quick games but not them), i do make a point not to send you game requests and jokes etc! I have gone thru my friends periodically and weeded out afew that no longer keep in contact which in all honesty were people i only knew in highschool and even then just barely...but i would NEVER in a million years weed you out my Luv!!! I hope you don't feel that way about me! I'd be crushed if you didn't want to be friends anymore. At least on fb you can go into your settings, change your privacy and block things which helps weed out the undesirable stuff. I don't have any use for Twitter therefore i don't tweet cousin does and tried to get me to in the beginning but it was all consuming with her tweets every few minutes so i gave it up!! Facebook has been my home to keep in touch with the world for now i've put me 2 cents in...hugz n kisses to you all xxx

  4. Hi Jo, I dabble on FB and it keeps me up to date with my great nephews latest achievements and what a fabulous record for him to look back on in later years. I enjoy this bit. Then I have a friend who is posting loads every day and it is really beginning to get to me. I have to trawl through their posts to get to the other bits. If I can I want to stop their daily epic but not lose the contact, but I cannot face delving into the "bowels" of facebook to see if this is possible.
    So that's me done. Bed now. Looking forward to seeing you on C&C again I always enjoy your demos.
    Enjoy Derby

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  6. Hi Jo..
    If it wasnt for my all my crafting buddies, i would not use facebook as much as I do. It has however opened doors for me, that i never even knew was there. I have meet so many fantastic crafters from all over the world, that i would never have meet other wise. As for playing games ect.. I dont.. Dont have time, but FB give me the chance to meet likeminded people, to gain a wealth of inspration and hey, once in a while a great laugh..
    On a more personal note, Its such an esay way to keep in touch with people. As I live in a different country then my family, keeping up to date with day to day things can be hard, but with FB you have it all at hand and are not depending on phone calls that needs to be planned due to time differences..
    I hope you will stay on FB, as you know im a fan of your work, but if you do choose to leave, I wish you all the best for the future.
    Marleen xx


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