Thursday 2 August 2012


Yep. That's what this post is all about!

I thought today, I'd share a few photos of our little trip to Monkey World in Dorset. What a charming place it was too... the only disappointment for me was that there wasn't any silverbacks! However, my hubby did tell me that it was 'MONKEY' world.. not 'Gorilla' world! Well... some people do have to be picky don't they!!! And I took great relish in reminding him that I didn't really mind, as I'd taken my very own silverback with me... hahaha...

Anyway.. here are the photos.. I've not done much with them as far as editing is concerned.. they're more or less SOOC..

Love this little guy..he loved playing with his feet and looked so cute.

This was about the only subject that stayed fairly still for me when trying to focus..

And this little cutie just sat here for a while looking a little forlorn - it was a very hot day - and was sat playing with plastic balls and water. Just look at these lickle ears... aren't they the sweetest?!

And finally.. mummy and baby.. not a great photo as it was through glass and quite a way away.. but couldn't resist a quick snap!

So there we have it... just a few photos. Now, I must fly - I've got quite a few images that I coloured last night, to mount up and make into cards!

Happy 'whatever you're doing' ...

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