Tuesday 8 May 2012

Blog prompts.. a bit of a catch up on the first few days..

Yes. I know. It started a week ago.. but I've been sooo busy recently, I forgot all about it. However, this evening, I'm sat in my Hotel room, with the rain pouring down onto the window, so I thought I'd make a start and see how far I got.

Prompt One - Why should you craft?

Well. For those that have never crafted before, I think it is a really relaxing hobby. You can meet a variety of crafters, from beginners to the more advanced if you take the time to visit craft shops (which you would no doubt do! lol) and also share ideas with others at craft fairs and shows along the way.

I personally find it fills my creative side. There's nothing better than sitting to make a card, or do a painting, or a drawing of something - and believe me, I like to keep my fingers nice and nimble! It's not often that I paint, but thoroughly enjoy it when I do. I love doodling, drawing, sketching, and fiddling with colours, but most of all, I love card making.

I have done the odd scrapbook page, but it's not that often I venture into the world of 12 x 12!

However, here's one that I did do.. that I am most proud of.


Three great creative loves of mine on here - photography, sewing and papercrfts! I took the photographs in the studio of my two girls (who were obviously alot younger then!) and I also made the dresses they were wearing.. in fact, I also cut their hair.. as yes, I am also a hairdresser, and photographer and all round crafty person!

And another just to share because I can! ... layout is based on one created by the uber talented scrapbooker, Miss Katy Godbeer!


I know the photo hasn't been cropped or anything, but I just uploaded direct from my phone and wanted to share.. but I guess you get an idea of the sort of thing I wanted to achieve.

So why should you craft? Because it's sociable, creative and most importantly, it's fun!

Right.. onto day 2...

Oh my.... my 5 favourite Docrafts members galleries and why?... this could be a hard decision.. but here goes..

  1. JULIEJULIEJULIE I like Julie's colouring! I have had the pleasure of meeting her a while ago, and she is a really lovely person too.
  2. Crafty Bird Lisa I love the fact that she's got so many diffrent style cards on her gallery - and her style is like mine..
  3. Geraldine A beautiful selection of cards and items.. all very pretty and they always catch my eye.
  4. NannaCupcake Again, just my type of style.. someone I always look at in the gallery.
  5. RedRottie Seems to be alot of people who like this lady's work... and it's no suprise. Gallery is just wonderful.

Day 3.... **note to self - need to complete and create this one!!**

Day 4 - My crafty style...

Well.. to be honest, I wouldn't really say I have too much of a style, as long as it's cute! lol. Joking aside, I can make more serious cards, but I thoroughly enjoy using cute images - Hot Diggity Dog, Forever Friends, Tatty Ted.. Boofle.. to name a few. If I can send a cute card rather than a serious one, I will. That's just the way I am.

I also like to stitch. I do cross stitch too, and this is really where my passion for crafting came from a long long time ago. We had gone out to Australia, and I was handed a cross stitch to do, and loved it. I was hooked from then on. This then progressed onto cross stitch cards, which led to parchment cards. I was very lucky to have quite alot of my own parchment patterns printed in the Creative Cardmaking magasine for quite a few months.. something I loved as it fulfilled my creative designing side too.

I also really like to incorporate photographs into my cards. This varies into forms such as scrapbooking, which I don't do alot of, to just creating items within the Docrafts Digital designer discs. I love playing with photoshop, I love doodling, drawing, sketching, painting, photography, dressmaking, stitching and sewing.. a very creative mind me thinks.. !

Day 5 - Create a card or scrapbook inspired by your favourite song

Another thinking one.. I'm loving the challenge of delving into the depths of my thoughts to share with you! My favourite song... Well.. it could be 'Could've Been...' by Tiffany, but then my favourite one at the minute is Josh Groban's Awake.. have you heard it? I totally love it.. the words are really lovely - pretty much like the rest of the album this one is from.

But then, I also like this one too...

What a FAB song, I just love it!!!

Day 6 - blog your favourite photograph. I will do this when I attach the memory card. All photographs are now stored off my computer... just as it heaved a heavy sigh of relief after removing them.. lol.

Day 7 - write about your bank holiday memories as a child and how they differ now.

Bank holidays as a child? To be honest, I can't ever really remember them! One I can remember with fond memories is the Queens Silver Jubilee.. street parties, community hall parties, posh frocks and lots of fun and laughter.. a perfect day.. I will try to rack my rusty old brain a bit more on this and see what I can come up with.. lol.

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