Friday 11 May 2012

Blog prompt - Day 10.... Jo Austin Craft?

Here's the prompt for today...

What makes you smile?
Is it a product? a crafty friend? a particular blog? An event? Your family?
Blog about what makes you smile.
Have you been looking at your blog traffic stats? Take a look and see if your traffic has increased, look at what blog post has been most popular and mention it in today's blog post.
Have your followers increased? Make sure you leave comments on other blogs - it's kind.
Have you tried searching your name in Google? Are you on the first page of your search yet?

What a good one eh? So, where shall we start with this one??

What makes me smile... well, lovely things - like silverback gorilla's, giraffes, family, elephants... lots of things, including my children, pets and husband.

To single one thing out, it would be my dogs. There's not a day goes by when I don't smile at their antics. Scooby in particular is one of the funniest, cutest characters I have ever come across. He is such a cheeky boy. All of our dogs, Holly, Truly and Scooby have their own characters.

Scooby is the cheeky minx, the loveable rogue. The one who gets into mischief without even trying. He loves attention, loves his cuddles and loves his food... and he knows how to get it. Scooby is one in a million and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. His cute nickname is Wussypants.. as he is actually a big softy who's scared of most things.

Holly is the complete opposite. She's our little Grotbags. She is the most loving doggy you could want. She loves her cuddles (and always has to sit on your left to get them... she hates sitting on the right!!) and will always greet you with something in her mouth, bum wagging from side to side and lots of slobbery kisses.. When we are in the house, she's loving, quiet and a typical young lady. When we're out, she becomes a tearaway. A little rogue who loves nothing more on a walk, than tormenting Scooby.. chasing him and following him, pinching his ball, and being a general grotbags with him. But he loves her to bits, and she chose him when we were looking for another dog. She was 6 months old and she pined when we left him. It's just like they've never been apart.

Now Truly.... unruly truly.. the ginger whinger.. Call her what you will, because she totally doesn't take any notice.. lol.

She is our little Irish gem. She came over from southern Ireland when we were fostering. I won't go into details, but she was a bit abused, in a bit of a state and quite subdued. That is totally not what she's like now!! She's a bit (!!) unruly, is a bit hyperactive (slight understatement here.. !) and has lots of emotional / physical issues.. lol. She is a whinger. She moans and grumbles at the smallest thing, she chatters away and you always know what she wants. I would say she is the only one of the three that is quite talkative.

The best thing about her is her character. She is totally besotted with her Daddy. When he's at home she doesn't give him a minute. She sleeps with one eye open all the time. If he moves, she moves.. and when he's not there, that affection turns to me. She is adorable. The funniest thing about her that makes me smile is how she bats him around the head with her paw when she wants something.. lol. She loves to sit on his knee for a cuddle but if she's feeling cheeky, she'll just whack him, and nuzzle him. So cute to see.

So, that's what makes me smile. Being at home with my pets.

Now onto part two, about my blogging.. and which post in my traffic feed is most popular.. well, let me go take a look...

Bearing in mind that this blog was only started in February, the most popular page on this blog is about the Moments of Faith products from Docrafts.

On my previous blog, THIS post was the most popular..

So there we have it so far... now I must make a move and will finish it later. xx

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  1. Hi Jo could you please tell me what blender you were useing on create craft at the weekend with colour pencils

    many thanks


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