Thursday 5 April 2012

Chronologically tested..

Evening... or should I say morning? all...

I thought I'd just come on and put up a very quick post to let you know I'm still here... alive and kicking, probably much to some peoples dismay.. lol.. but I am.. and I want to share with you a few cards from a previous Create and Craft show.

Did you see the release of our new DVD?? Our Sheila bought you the Capsule Collection DVD and I must say O.M.G... it is delightful. All my favourest favourite papers all in one place!!! And what's more, there's the Chronology section in there too. It is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!! I love the capsule colours, and the new range is stunning.. here are a few cards for you.


This one (and the one below) were created by increasing the size of one of the tags to produce an A5 card. I added some embossing onto the front and colourised it a little. I love the simplicity of it, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with the new updates and tools that are now on the Digital Designer.


I must say, I really liked producing this card above.. I love the shape, and it came together really easily. I used some of the butterflies from the Digi Stamp section on the DVD to create these, then added a glow and drop shadow. Pretty eh?


Also on the show, we had some fab papers (yes, proper books of!!!) and this little card was borne of the Mono collection. I used the papers from the pack, and printed out the topper and the flowers. See.... you can craft from DVD/CD and have a bit of creativity - I am loving CD crafting!
And honestly... if I'm a convert, I'm sure you could be too!


Ooooh this has to be my favourite card that I made. Not sure why, but I think it's the colours of the ribbons and things - PINK! Love pink.. so I turned the Chronology range into a mass of girliness with this card. Just by adding glows and shadows, and changing the colours, you can achieve a completely different type of look to it.


Playing again, and this time, I created the background paper (wordy one) with the sentiment panel I printed for the front. It's easy peasy... and I'm sure if you play with the discs, you will find loads and oodles of bits that you can do!

I hope you have liked the cards for today.. I'll be back tomorrow with a couple of photos I took the other day, but as I'm down at Create and Craft again for the day, it'll have to be scheduled so I don't forget!

Happy Crafting everyone! xx

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  1. Oh Joe what stunning cards, I didn't see the cd/dvd must investigate. I don't know what to say love them all.
    Fi x


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