Thursday 24 November 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Oh it's a busy week this week in the Creation Station!

There's a new Pick of the Day coming up on Create and Craft with Docrafts, and I've been asked to make some samples for the show. Well, of course I said YES! And the product is so lovely - I'm sure you're going to love this one loads!!

I've also had a few birthday cards to make this week, as well as try to sort out some projects for filming in Bath shortly, and also sort things out for the Craft Class I had on Tuesday.

Tuesday's somehow seem to come around far too quickly, and when it's Craft night, my room looks like someone's broken into it and had a good rifle through my stash! This past week we created stamped candles, a card box and a selection of cards using card sketches. Everyone loved the candles and found it easier than expected (there were some panicky faces when I told them what they were doing.. lol) and the cards the group came up with were beautiful.

Still.. it's not as bad on Tuesday's as it is on Wednesday's when I unpack. So yesterday I had to have a very good tidy around so I could settle to work!

But I thought I'd get a little update on here to what's happening - in between appointments, car repairing, doggy walking, christmas window shopping, and doing the books for the self assessment, you can definately say things aren't boring!

I promise I will try to get a few projects uploaded - after all, I do have some samples made with the new Docrafts product that was released this past month. So, please check back for an update.

Until then, Happy Crafting.. !

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