Tuesday 6 September 2011

Sharing a Photo Tutorial with you all

Would you like to take photographs for your blog that look like this - which has a cluttered background,

Or this.... which has a lovely white background and no interference!
I personally think the second one looks better - no clutter, just the card.. I don't like scanning my pictures much either, because they glare with the light and spoil the cards a little, but if this is the only thing you can do, then you have to do it. (just use a photo editing program to alter the levels after.. lol)

So here's a little tutorial for you today... this is how I take my photographs (mostly!!).

Now, you'll see clearly if you check 'em out...  which ones on my blog are taken with this set up and which ones haven't .. lol..

Enjoy your tutorial..

This is my set up..

Now, as you can see, I have two lamps - one is a standard bendy lamp with a normal light bulb in it, normal 60w. The other lamp which comes in from the front is my Creativity lamp I bought to use in my studio because it has a daylight bulb in it and my previous lamp is in pieces!! - you don't need this, just another angle / bendy neck lamp is absolutely fine. Generally, I am photographing in daylight anyway, never usually at night, so all you are needing is extra light.

Now, this is a photograph of a card without the set up, clearly showing the problem of a cluttered background...

And this is a photograph of a card using the set up.

Now then - a few pointers.

For mine, I decided against using a box with the sides and top cut out, and lined with white papers, basically for storage reasons. My studio is not all that big, and I would have problems storing it. I went to my local Range, and bought some white Foam Mount Board - this has a plasticky outing (so easily cleanable) and has a foam core, so even when I have cut my slots for the lamp (I have one in the top, one in the side for different positioning) it is very self supporting, but I can tape it together randomly with a bit of masking tape and then take it apart to store it. It's slightly larger than an A4 size, which is perfect for cards.

The other thing that I tend to do is to use a piece of white printer paper taped onto the back of the set up, around half way up the back, sloping gradually and taped to the bottom section too. This makes sure that the light is even and not too harsh into the edges.

For those that like to 'fiddle' with their photographs and put in watermarks etc, as I tend to do, then you can use a photography program like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or even better than purchasing (more money for craft supplies!) you can download a fantastic little program called Gimp from the internet. This works exactly the same as photoshop, which I have, but is totally free.

I'll also just mention cameras.. if you do take a photo with a point and shoot type camera, then see if you can turn off the flash - it will make the colours of your cards look more intense. I personally use Canon EOS DSLR cameras.. the one that is designated for my card photography is my 400D because it permanently has my macro lens on it, so I can go in really close for the little details.

So.. go enjoy your photographing, and hope you enjoy this little bit of help xx


  1. Very interesting tutorial Jo! Thank you so much for sharing and I would love to see more!

  2. Very cool...thanks for sharing your tips :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your pointers. I have just discovered some of the magic I can do with my photoshop program...

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this idea :)

    The photos look better clutter free.

    Alex x

  5. Thanks Jo, this was a great tutorial. I have been using cushion covers and the natural light in my conservatory. This seems like a great idea though with the box. Might just have to get crafty with one of them. Hope all is well with you, Hazelxox

  6. thanks for sharing such a great tip I have now bookmarked you for any other useful

  7. Very cool and great cards!! tfs!!

  8. Love the info very useful and love your demo's on Create & Craft. Great job!


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