Monday 19 September 2011

A little thank you..

Obviously, the word Little is a bit of an understatement here..

After an horrendous week travelling to a range of different hospitals with Carley, and being there with her while she has all her tests to find out what's wrong, I was absolutely gobsmacked to receive these flowers from her.

(The ones with the bow are what I recieved from her, the others are remains of a bouquet from my husband)
They smell absolutely lovely and the colours of the flowers are wonderful - such a lovely arrangement. The card had a very simple message saying 'Thank You'.. but my darling, Carley, I would have been there with you all the way, flowers or not.. But I do appreciate them, they're lovely, and I hope you get better soon.. or at least we find out what's causing the problems. I love you!

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