Thursday 23 June 2011

It's one of those weeks...

Free Smiley Courtesy of You know how it is sometimes - very quiet when you don't want it to be, then so inundated with stuff it's a bit manic? Well.. that's what it's like here.. Not that I'm complaining at all.. but I'm on a bit of a countdown now for a few major life changes and it seems everything is coming all at once! lol.

So..... Free Smiley Courtesy of there are not really any crafty updates that I can share with you at the moment.. I only wish there were, but I'd probably get linched if I did.. Ha ha.

I've not had time to join in any blog challenges this week, as I have a mountain of commissions to get through before the weekend.. (fantastic product too!!), contracts to sort out, sign and return before I forgetFree Smiley Courtesy of ... bags to pack for our weekend away ... and this is how I'm feeling a bit this week.... in a good way though!
Free Smiley Courtesy of

But normal service will resume shortly.. in the meantime - enjoy yourselves.. Happy Crafting!

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