Sunday 20 December 2009

Winter Wonderland....

It's been snowing! Again!

I absolutely love the snow.. but I don't like it when I have to drive in it, walk in it, work in it... in fact.. I only really like it when I can sit in my house and LOOK at it! Which is not what has happened so far this week. lol.

I did manage to time it quite right the other day when it first started snowing the other day - I had just come in with the furballs. I did have to nip out later that evening though, to see someone about some stationery for their wedding.

The dogs however, absolutely love it!


Isn't our Scoob-monster just the best? He sat and woofed to have his photo taken, whilst his l'il sisters ran about chasing all the snowflakes! Funny little Truly... she hates it when it's raining, but loves it when it's snowing! Quite peculiar! On the photo above, you can just about make out Holly catching the flakes!


Here he is again.. quite happily sitting in the snow posing for his piccie. They went for a walk in the woods earlier and came back like Snowballs, never mind Furballs!

Today, the snow has fallen again quite thickly, and what do you do in snow? Well, you make Snowmen! Here's one that Martina made earlier.
And his little companion -

She went outside quite happily to make these little chaps - would you believe they are only about four inches tall?!

Anyway, this is likely to be my last post until after the Big Day, as I have lots to do this week. My car is in for it's MOT in the morning - 8am!!! Blimey! Then we have shopping to do, in to town on Tuesday to pick up my ring and finish off the last bits, then my Sister in Law is arriving on Wednesday. In between all of this, I have to make the invitations for the end of the week. At least I have a house full of helpers. lol.

My hubby and son are also now on holiday, they both finished this last week. Paul always has the week before Christmas off work with me - it's our little treat every year.

So.. I will wish you all a Merry Christmas - unless I'm back again before the end of the week.. lol.

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  1. Love the doggy pictures Jo - adorable!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas



  2. Hope you all have a fab christmas Jo
    love the snowmen lol
    hugs Mel

  3. Just found my way here for my first visit! Cute doggies and sweet snowmen - what a treat! Jo x


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