Wednesday 2 December 2009

What's the Buzz?

Oh it's been one of those weeks again!

So sorry I haven't had the chance to upload any projects on here for a while, things have just been so manic!

On Monday, I took a little trip over to Bradford to see a man! He was a man with a mission. He was the man who wants me to go on tv on Friday and Wednesday.. so I guess I could call him Man Friday. lol.

Actually, his name is Andrew, and he owns the company who I will be demoing for.

Obviously I cannot tell you what I'm working with, you'll have to tune in for that. But the products are really nice and it was lovely to sit yesterday and craft all day making samples for the shows. And... it made a change to make some cards for the fella's!

Anyway... I just wanted to update you, I will post a little more often I promise, but you know how it is.. shoeboxes and shows.. time just flies!

I've also added a little poll to my sidebar.. would you mind doing it for me? Research.. that's all..

**edited to say that names have been removed from this post as somebody who's got nothing better to do has contacted Stampin Up regarding who I was on TV for.. sad people! Now apparantly demo's can't even mention any other company even if they don't link!**


  1. Stooopid BERTIE SMALLS!!

    I do hope this dont spoil your weekend Jo, ....

  2. I took your poll - voted for rubber stamping only... can't be bothered with ANY of the others, LOL!

    Incidentally... (!) I still think you're allowed to say the name of the company!

  3. Congratulations Jo you are going from strength to strength I would have loved to have seen you on TV, don't let the small minded person ruin it for you hun xx


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