Monday 28 September 2009

So, what did I do?

In my previous post, I said I'd made a few changes to my blog.

  • I redid the header so my pupsters were back on there - just for Saskia. And also because my woofers play a large part in my blog, and it wasn't the same without them.
  • I put a doggie next to my post header.
  • My post header now has a different unique text.
  • I have a dotted border alongside the sidebar, and changed the px for it to make it larger.
  • My date on my posts is now in lowercase and uppercase. (typically it's uppercase only)
  • The signature line at the bottom of my post is now lower and uppercase too. Again, typically uppercase only
  • I have a little speech bubble next to my 'write a comment' bit at the bottom of the post
  • I have a dotty line under each post to seperate each seperate post
  • I have a flower next to each sidebar title
  • My Archive is now a pull down menu.
  • My Labels are now a pull down menu.
 And.. in addition to all this, I've now set up my blog so I can post from an email!

So..not much change really.. just minor things. But it's looking good!


  1. Hi Jo

    Your blog is looking good except for one thing....

    On EVERY section there is a square bit from photobucket saying ' this image or video has been moved or deleted'. Thought you might like to know as it obscures quite a bit.

    Hope you are ok.

    Hugs Christine x

  2. Bloody hell woman! You HAVE been busy! Aren't you meant to be taking it easy at the mo though.....?

  3. All looks perfect to me.
    Well done you!

    I need to get you working on mine soon.... lol

    Nikki x x x


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