Wednesday 9 September 2009

Dawn Chorus

This morning, I was up bright and early with the birds, and was greeted with the Dawn Chorus.. isn't it so lovely. Early mornings must be my favourite time of the day, hearing all the birds singing along. The weather this morning seems quite nice, so they were all out in force.

My most favourite one is the Robin. We have a few that come visiting the garden, along with a cheeky blackbird, thrush and bluetits. As well as these we get a couple of doves and the usual sparrows and starlings. On occasions we have also had a sparrow hawk.

Years ago, we had a blackbird that used to hop its way into the house and eat from the same bowl as the cats and dogs - and none of them minded each other at all. My mum has a photo that she took years ago, I'll have to ask her to find it so I can scan it in. So funny. We had two cats at the time and a couple of dobermanns. lol.

Off now to make a cuppa. Talk later. xx


  1. Wow! what a fabulous picture, I love Robins too. We had two families of robins in the bird box last year, and one this year. Lynne xx

  2. Brilliant photo Jo. Ian and I have lots of birds visiting our garden too and we have a bird bath outside the living room window that gets lots of visitors, it's great to watch them. We had a sparrow hawk visit too, it attacked a sparrow which was not nice but they are just following their natural instincts. Debbie in the shop had one visit her garden yesterday and it was actually bashing itself into her budgie's cage to get at them!!

    Anyway, great photo!

    Jill x


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