Monday 7 September 2009

Do you want to join?

Would you like to be part of this great new venture of mine? Well now you can.

I'm all ready to start a new Virtual Hostess club, which is a lovely way to add to or start off your great collection of Stampin Up product over a period of time, whilst spreading the cost and still recieving the fantastic hostess benefits associated with a qualifying order. A qualifying order has a minimum value of £150 and for this, the hostess can get one of these FREE benefits.

  • One Level 1 hostess stamp set of your choice. (these can't be bought, they can only be earned!)
  • £15 worth of free product to spend as you wish in the catalogue.
So, what do you have to do?

A group of lovely folks, 10 in all (advertised for by me, you don't have to find them.. lol.. although if you know someone then invite them along too!) and we form a club. This club will run for 10 months, and each member agrees to place an order for a minimum of £15 per month plus the post and packing. This will give us the minimum we need every month for the hostess benefits.

Each month a different member is the Virtual Hostess and will collect all the free benefits that come with that month's total order.

For the club members, I will set up a new group with access to ideas and inspiration, special offers and challenges. You will also receive a FREE copy of the new catalogue and idea book, and any mini catties or other bits released during the 10 months.

If you fancy it, just email me..

This is a new club, so there are currently 9 places left.

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