Sunday 21 June 2009

What a day..

I have had just the busiest day today. I've been down to the Stamp Magic show at the Dome in Doncaster where I was demoing for Phyllis and Diamond Card Craft.

The day started off great (!) after being stuck in traffic trying to get into the show for around 20 minutes, and I saw lots of faces I recognised. Its really funny actually.... folks stand in front of me, and I'm trying to demo, thinking 'I know you... mmm.. wonder where from?'.. and they think the same too apparantly.. usually between us we work it out. LOL.

Anyway, the day went well and the stall was very busy all day. I did get time to do a bit of retail too.. I bought a camper van stamp, a leafy punch, some bits and pieces for my cards.

I am now tired out.. being creative all day is good - it's really good - apart from it leaves me with brain-mush. Not as much though, I may add, as George and Phyllis.. who rang me around half five from the A57. They were heading home and had taken the wrong turn out of the Dome, and ended up going miles out of their way! They did get on the right track eventually hehe.. I just hope they're home now.

So, what stalls did I love the best?? Wow.. there is so much to choose from, but my favourites had to be the Stamp Man, the chinese guy with the punches (those who go to shows, will I'm sure know who I'm on about.. don't know his name, other than Spike!), loved Dianne's Die Cuts as usual, although I didn't buy anything today, and last but not least Inkylicious... what fantastic storage.. I can see that in my craft studio!!!! And it's cheap!

If you managed to get down to the show - Well Done! If you didn't.. you missed a treat!

I'm just waiting for my son to return home.. he's been doing security down at the Grand Prix this weekend, so I'm sure he's tired after 12 hours shifts!

So.. until next time.. have fun.. happy stamping!

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