Saturday 6 June 2009

Oh darn it - inked again!

At last.. after a year.. I've got the inking I wanted on my finger! YAY!

Because of the problem I have with gluten - since the accident last year funnily enough! - if I eat it without realising, I tend to retain water which leaves my fingers quite swollen... and they don't go down for days. During these days, I can't wear my wedding ring, so I've always said that I wanted to get my hubby's name put on my finger... and at last I've done it. It looks a bit patchy at the minute, and I'll have to go back and have it gone over a second time next week or so when this one heals. It's all good though, as I decided to tuck into a yum-yum last night (feeling a need here, you understand!).. and yep.. this morning I looked like a balloon, lol. Oh the joy! I can't wear a wedding ring until it heals anyway, so all is good I guess. I don't like not wearing my wedding ring, so this makes it more bearable.

I also want to say Well Done to Mr Davies from the English Democrats who has just become the new Mayor for Doncaster. I had decided not to vote out of protest this time, but if I had I would've probably have gone for Mr Davies. Anyone who was willing to cut the amount of money wasted on Mayoral wages and ridiculous schemes around the town deserves my vote!

Anyway, it's bedtime now, so I'll bid you adieu... Heavy rain tomorrow, so I'm glad we got out in the garden today - even if it freaked the dogs out a little.. more on that later, and a little video too on Scooby's first real life liaison with the alien invaders in our garden ... aka snails!! Nothing, I repeat NOTHING stops this little furmonster bouncing like a giant gallooooooon, but this little sidney snail did... so funny I just had to video him!!

So, until then, goodnight and enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

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