Thursday 3 July 2008

Chitty chitty bang BANG

Well... I'm finally back home.. and all I can say is Thank God!

As some of you know we've been over to the Isle of Arran for a holiday. It should have been for two weeks, but we've cut it short and came home on Tuesday after our car was wrote off in an accident.. I'll write more of it later.. but this is the car..

All I can say is that we all managed to walk away.. that's a good thing in my eyes, and definately makes life worth living!

Speak soon folks.. there's loads I need to catch up on..

Namely, my new addition to the Sisterhood of Blogging stampers 19.. updates later.. xx


  1. Oh gosh, Jo - you were extremely fortunate not to be badly hurt, but I'm sure that it has shaken you up. Please take care.

  2. Good grief, that looks scary, I am so glad you are all okay!

  3. whoaaaa Jo, what a mess - you were lucky to get out of there, I think. I hope you're okay

  4. Oh my goodness!!!

    I am so glad that you are both okay hunny. !!!!!!! at the state of the car, I can only imagine what has happened and how you feel right now.

    Huge huge hugs

    Jules x

  5. OMG, so glad to hear you are all ok.
    Big hugs from your fellow SBS19 sister x
    Nic x

  6. OMG Jo, you are lucky to have walked away from this!!! My stomache did a flippy thing when I saw this - good grief, makes you certainly look at things differently when you have survived something like this. So glad things were not worse


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