Tuesday 5 February 2008

Peaceful Pancake day!

Oh what a nice day.. the sun is out.. the pupsters are asleep.. bliss!! I'm sat here thinking that I really need to go out and buy some eggs for pancakes later - not a big pancake fan myself.. I can eat part of one before I start to feel yucky.. but the kids and husband can eat loads!

So... in anticipation for the pancakes, we've been out this morning for a looooooooong walk in the woods, where Holly found a friend who I think was called Bertie. He was a big black standard poodle, and very very cuddly! We have seen him before and they always get on well, but today me and his mum were stood having a talk for a little while. There was noone else about - very quiet!

When we got back, I decided to go out and make a few cards - which didn't go very well because the wind was starting to get up again outside, and I have two wussy doglets who were stood cowering in the corner.. they do make me laugh!!! I felt quite sorry for them, so bought them back inside..

I did however manage to make a card - but just can't show it at the minute because it's a birthday card for someone.. will show you all in a few days time when they have recieved it.

Here are two that I made yesterday. I hope you like them.

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