Sunday 7 October 2007

Not been a very good blogger!

Sorry folks.

I haven't been blogging much over the last month, but I have a bit more free time coming up so hopefully will be back on track! I look at everyones blog and they are great to read, so always run out of time to do my own! Oh well...

I have been quite busy over the last month or so, what with jobs coming out of my ears., I haven't known if I'm coming or going!... I don't know if I mentioned it (**note to self - must read my own blog!) but I have acquired myself a few new jobs.. lol.. I wanted to get more involved with my crafting to make it more worthwhile, so I set about trying to find some new avenues! Well.. my search paid off and I am now still demonstrating for my favourite ol' Docrafts! I have also started to demonstrate for another large craft company as well as taking bookings for private ones on my weekends off. I still work for the magazines, (hint hint - there are some of my projects in papercraft inspirations this month, also in complete cardmaking and the Creativity! magazine. And there are more in the pipeline so all is good there!

I also started working for our local council doing community learning, teaching digital photography and craft, and this is the one where I am running about! We are being inspected mid October so everything needs to be sorted for then! I am also doing my 7303 course, preparing to teach city and guilds.. am I a sucker for punishment??? Then! I am also teaching card making and craft on a Wednesday at our local FE centre. So I am just busy busy busy!

Anyway, will go and catch up on some more posts.. bye for now!

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