Sunday 28 October 2007

Holly Baby!

Well.. here she is.. loads of photographs later ... although it does prove a problem to try and catch her when she's still.. lol..
This set fits perfectly with the new challenge over on Katy's forum,Sunday, 28 October 2007

Wet and wild!
Sorry no update yesterday, i'm in the middle of changing over computers!
Anyhoo here's this weeks photo challenge! Today we want to see Water!
She sorta discovered a little clean bit of water down in the local woods whilst out for a walk (.. obviously those of you who know Springers, know a walk means running around like a headless chicken only to come back when you need to.. lol) In this water was a large stick (well.. tree stump!) and she decided she needed to go for a paddle to fetch it.. only problem is., we have a springer who only likes to dip her big toe in a tiny bit of water (!!!)
This was when she was getting a bit more brave, and had a bit more of a paddle to pull the stick a little closer... until she eventually got it out.. see below haha..

Soooooooooooo... the question is... what do you do with a stick when you've got it?? well..

................ you run around like a mad dog (with the stick that was a bit shortened by mummy) and hit everyones legs with it.. and when mummy points the camera at you, you run even faster.

then when Teena manages to get the stick of you.. you do what Springers do... you jump up and down to try to get it back.. hehe..

Then... when you're all worn out., you lay down on the field looking all sweet and innocent (wondering what you can get up to next - - but at least it gives mummy a chance to take a more or less in focus photograph!!) lol.

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  1. Oh Holly is gorgeous! I can't believe how much she has grown since my last blog visit.

    Nice to see that she is keeping up the truly mad = springer spaniel reputation :o)

    Jules (and Springer Kira) x


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