Saturday 1 September 2007

So this is what heaven looks like??

If it is... all I can say is nothing changed there then!

I was doing a demo today over in Wigan and thought I'd come and write a bit today! I travelled by car, up and over the Moors outside of Leeds, and just as I reached the summit - the highest motorway in Britain I might add - the view was absolutly amazing! I went over last week when I demo'd over in Bolton and Manchester, but it was a bit spitty rainy and very cloudy, so much so I couldnt see two foot in front of the window! Today was totally different.. Good job the road was straight! What a view.. it was amazing.. So, last week I was in the clouds, so if this is what heaven looks like under the clouds, all I can say is "WOW"!

................................................ I even found the perfect little house, nestled into the hills above the motorway! Bliss!!!!

Back to the demo.. it was a good day, quiet, but good, I like it when it's like that and you can do a bit of one to one.. but the day doesn't go so quick.. Oh well.. I'm at Leeds tomorrow and then a weekend off as DH is off somewhere at the weekend..

Bye for now

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