Thursday 26 November 2009

What a life....

Oh boy.. it's Thursday already!

This is the last two days in a nutshell..

  • Shoebox collection
  • stampin up meeting
  • Shoebox collection 
  • stampin up meeting - more news on this later!
  • three hours in storage unit trying to fit in shoeboxes
  • Shoeboxes again..
Today -
  • Birmingham rubber stamping demo day
  • Shoebox drop off
  • Storage unit delivery
  • Three hours later - 9.45.. lots more boxes.. lots more dropoffs.. 

As much as I love the soldiers, and my job with SOS.. there are times I don't like shoeboxes!
So.. sorry there isn't a card to show you .. I've got some shoeboxes if you'd like to see? lol

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