Friday 13 November 2009

Dainty as we go....

Parchment Craft.. I love it!

As I didn't have anything sorted to show you today, I thought I would have a good ol' dredge through my files to see if there's something I've never posted on my blog - and this fits the hole quite well.


I started doing parchment craft many moons ago, and even now, I love working with vellums and doing the odd card. Although these days, I don't often use patterns like I did before, as they are generally quicker cards.


This one would have to be my all time favourite card. I love the design loads! I have repeated this card many times, for me and also for orders which were recieved.


This one was where I really got the hang of colouring. As I am totally self taught in this craft, colouring on vellum was never really one of my strong points, until a lovely lady called Elizabeth guided me along. She was wonderful at parchment until she had problems with her eyes.


Who says parchment craft always has to be two dimensional? A little bit of playing with vellum here. Various different punches were used to create this little card, and the red just sets it off I think.

Well. I hope you liked this post today. Until next time.....


  1. Jo all these cards would be perfect for our challenge at Tuesday Taggers this week, we have the challenge of "no patterned paper" so go on have a go...Hugs Avril xxxx

  2. OMG these are stunning...

  3. ... if I got it right, just have to find a piece of vellum and test.
    Those are absolutely stunning!


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