Saturday 21 November 2009

Dibble Dabble Dob...

Today, I've been doing a little Dabble Day over in Blyth with Kim and her lovely set of fantastic helpers. I have a really great day, although my back is now feeling the worst for wear. lol.

This is the card that we made throughout the day. It's quite a simplish card but was aimed at the beginner/intermediate learners.

We did six rounds of ladies throughout the day, 45 minutes on each project, and it was absolutely buzzing. The best bit of it was when Kim said she wanted me to become part of her team. How proud was I? So, I'll be doing more Crafty days for her next year. Brilliant!

Carrying on with parchment craft, here is a card I made previously, which has now been sent with alot of others to Lynne in Sheffield to hopefully inspire people into taking parchment classes. So, if you're interested, just contact me. We're hoping to fit in a sampler day before christmas, and classes to start next year.

Here is the card in a little more detail.

Right.. that's me off for this evening. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. xx


  1. wow Jo, the red card is a stunner - inspires me to get my parchment out again but I was never at this standard xx

  2. Hi Joe!! I have seen the cards you have sent to Lynnes and they are all gorgeous you really are very talented with the parchment!! I have tried it! but find that I am very heavy handed but would love to learn xx Hope you had a relaxing sunday xx


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