Tuesday 17 November 2009

Time?? What's that?

Rush Rush Rush... that's all I seem to ever do these days!! This week is another hectic one with SOS things coming out my ears - not that I'm complaining, oh no! And I'm sure neither will the troops out there when they get their Christmas boxes!

Apart from this, I've been busy sorting things out for this weekend.. I've got a Dabble Day to do over in Blyth for Kim, so getting prepped for that.

Last week saw another one of the brilliant Passionette meetings.. I love these. A group of Monica's Stampin Up downline meet up to have  an evening of crafty project making, hints and tips and a good general laugh. Sanitary towels at the ready for our Mon.... read here!

Now - I apologise for the quality of the pics as they were off my camera, and it looks like a certain someone has been fiddling! - here are the samples we made on the night.

Aren't the colours on this card just lovely?

This one used brayering. The colours are so much nicer in real life than they are on the picture.

And here are another couple of pictures from the evening =

This was our lovely Julie Kettlewell - both her and Monica did extremely well at the Convention, so huge congratulations to you both!!

And of course, here's the lovely Ms Monica Gale! Stampin Up's top demo for the year.

Now don't these three look like mischief? lol. Three lovely ladies who also came along for our lovely evening. Lynda, in the centre, I have met a few times - previously too at our SU evenings.

A great time was had by all, and the samples from the convention which were on display were so lovely!

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