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Some Wonderful Comments after I left Tonic Studios and Create and Craft. These were left for me on my Facebook page. Links are placed where I can, otherwise, comments are copied and pasted. 

My original post about me leaving is here - This was on FACEBOOK

A lovely post with lovely comments on the Tonicaholics site on Facebook.

Pamela Crafty Catz

September 8 at 11:33am
Guys. For anyone who isn't on Jo Austin's facebook page. It's with a heavy heart that I can confirm that she has announced that she has left Tonic. I think variety was wonderful and thoroughly enjoyed her style of demoing. I wish you well Jo. No matter what you do, you will shine and bring happiness to those around you.
For anyone wanting to wish Jo well, please feel free to pop a comment on this post.

Diane Mills Good luck Jo xxx

Vicky Woodham You will be sadly missed Jo, loved your demos & inspiration, good luck in you new ventures whatever they may be xx

Eileen Montgomery Aww that's a shame. I loved Jo and her crafting style. All the best for the future xxx

Mandy Homer I had a funny feeling she was, last time she was on c & c , her body language was different and when she was asked when she was back she said she didn't know. That said I wish her the very best of luck in whatever she does. Xxx

Jo Austin I only decided yesterday xx

Mandy Homer Will miss you, you always crafted with love. Good luck and best wishes, I'm sure you will shine and be brilliant. Xxx

Margaret Urwin I am so sad that you are leaving Tonic. I hope to see you on tv again very soon Jo 

Paula Pascual Jo, you are a super talented crafter. We are going to miss you loads! Xxx

Nicola Barnett Really sad to hear this Jo. U will be sorely missed xx

Jill Stoneham So sorry to hear this news, loved Jo's demos, wishing her luck and happiness for the future x

Lynne Nicholson Oh "Jostin" I'll miss you. First time I saw you was mid show and Dean was calling you Jostin it was several shows later I found out that wasn't your name. You are the reason I started my Tonic journey. I think because you made a mistake in putting the bits together but then corrected it. Made me realise I could do it and I didn't need to worry about mistakes. Good luck in your future venture.

Jo Austin You never need to worry about mistakes honey. We aren't perfect. Xx

Sue Foote Deano's not going to be happy - you've got a lovely working relationship with him - the mutual respect shows x

Glynis Kane Sorry to hear that Jo. I really enjoyed your demos. Best of luck for whatever's next x

Rosemary Huggins Good luck

Carolyn Oldham So going to miss you Jo, but life is all about moving forward, enjoy, have loads of fun and of cause the very best of wishes xx

Marion Fyfe That's sad. Enjoyed watching Jos demos. Wishing her all the best in her next venture.

Mags Brown Oh no, enjoyed watching Jo. I wish her all the best.

Kate Rockett You'll be greatly missed Jo, but I'm sure it won't be long before we see you on our TVs again. What I love about your style of crafting is that there's none of this "celebrity crafter" persona about you, you're just like the rest of us crafters! Don't ever change xx

Claire Rhodes-Brandon That is so true of Jo, shed loads of talent and yet so humble and unassuming :)

Jo Austin I don't have an ego and have never seen the need to be something I'm not. I love to share and learn. I am simple little me. Thank you both. That means alot xx

Bev Weisenburger Oh I loved watching Jo... but wishing her all the best for the future

Sheryl Tully Jo you're a very talented lady. 
Thank you for sharing your crafty knowledge and giving us crafters lots of inspiration. 
Wishing you all the best in whatever journey you decide to go on, stay true to yourself xxx

Vee Cee I Also wish her well in whatever she decides to do , hopefully she will decide to come back on screen ,she's easy to watch and explains things clearly x

Sue Barr Sorry to hear you're leaving Tonic Jo, best wishes for whatever you will be doing. S x

Alice Mitchell Thats such a shame, will miss seeing you on TV, and also your fabulous humour at the Craft Shows. Best of luck in whatever the future holds for you xx

Jo Austin Thank you Alice. It's necessary to laugh at oneself sometimes lol.

Alice Mitchell And you can definitely do that - your such a happy person xx

Sandra Woodburn All the best for the future Jo x

Jane Thrale Wishing you all the luck in the works Jo. You are a talented lady and you'll succeed in anything you do in the future xx

June Prince I wish you luck Jo for your future ventures x

Patricia Sykes So sorry to see you go Jo, will miss your demos very much.

Sharon Hillidge Jo you are far too talented to not come back to our screens. You will be missed more than you realis. Good luck for whatever you do x

Joanne Reid This will be Tonics loss and whoever is lucky enough to do business with Jo gain. I really enjoyed watching jo her flair was unbelievable and her cheekiness so entertaining, I hope some TV will be showing Jo soon. X

Nicky Gilburt A talented, inspirational lady, and so down-to-earth too, when I've watched you and seen you at the shows too. I don't doubt we'll see you again very soon on the crafting circuit Jo, good luck x

Lesley Lawton So sad love jo s demos and shows she is always fun without any fake ness will miss her so much good luck jo xxx

Linda Martin Will really miss you Jo. I loved all your demonstrations and the explanations of how to use all things tonic. Such a great sense of humour and fantastic personality. Hope to see you on screen again soon😍

Pauline Nutton I will miss your lovely demos and friendly down to earth manner Jo. Good luck with whatever you are moving on to xx

Terry Payn She will be a miss. I loved watching Jo. Good luck with everything you do Jo.

Joan Brettle Formely Axworthy The best of luck Jo in whatever you do next such a lovely lady.xx

Anette Johnson You'll be missed Jo. Personally I'll miss your down to Earth inclusiveness as much as the clever demos and tips. If good things come to good people there are some great things ahead for you. Take care x

Debbie Pugh All the best for the future Jo x

Pam Lillington So sorry to here that Jo, we will all miss you,take care of yourself xx

Linda Newburn Aw Jo ... So sorry to hear that ... I really loved ur clear and concise demos and tips ... Hope u keep crafting xxxx

Pauline Whitaker Oh no you will be missed. I wish you all the best in what ever you decide to do next.

Jean Mcfarlane i really liked Jo Austin she will be greatly missed xx

Lynn Jeffery So so sorry to hear this πŸ˜₯ , your an inspiration to us all Jo. Your sense of humour had me chuckling times many. Hope you carry on with the demonstrations . We will all miss you and your personality (and your tattoo's you had to hide lol). Good luck in what ever you do in the future and take care .xxxx

Pat Morecraft You will be missed Jo loved your demos, good luck and wishing you all the best x

Marie Poole Well our loss is Jo's craftroom gain. You can never keep a talented crafter down. Jo will continue in her own way without the miles of travelling. Good luck Jo until we meet again xx

Sandra Butcher I love your sense of fun & humour, your'e like a breath of fresh air. I hope I'll soon be seeing you on TV. I'll miss you.

Carol MacDonald Going to miss her as she had such an easy going personality and was a wonderful crafter. Loved her demos. I wish her good fortune in whatever she is going on to do. Cx

Joyce Barton Oh no how sad i loved watching Jo creating wonderful inspirational loveliness. Good luck Jo will miss you and your wonderful personality xxx

Gill Orrell Good luck Jo, will miss you as I loved watching all your demo's, hope it's not too long before you are back on TV xx

Louise Burke really sad that Jo has made this decision and I really hope it won't be too long until we see her pop up on our screens again. Jo, you are far too lovely and talented to stay away for long. I thought recently your demos were going from strength to strength and I was really enjoying your more relaxed style - it reminded me that I like crafting because it's relaxing rather than rushed and frantic.

Sylvia Twells Good luck jo with whatever you choose to do next. You deserve the best 😊

Linda Carlin Good luck Jo xx

Evelyn Hamilton Brown Oh no, what a shame Jo, I hope you are going to be still doing what you love to do, whatever that be xx

Evelyn Hamilton Brown As someone already said, I had been wondering where you were as hadnt seen you on for ages xx

Elaine McDonald Jo please stay in touch with us. As you can see you are very much loved by us all. Xxx

Barbara Loftus What is going at Tonic, they're seem to be all over the place.

Denise Williams Aww I love your demos Jo. I remember years ago when you worked for Docrafts watching your demos in our local Garden Centre craft shop. I always went when you were there as I learnt so much. Good luck with whatever you end up doing in the future xx

Barbara Loftus Good luck Jo.xxx

Alison Jayne Hunt Oh no love Jo will really miss her :-( but I wish her all the very best xXx

Anne Corcoran I'm really sorry that Jo Austin has decided to leave Tonic, she is one of my favourite demonstrators. I wish you well in whatever you decide to do in the future xxx

Sarah Lou All the best Jo. I'm sure you will do great in whatever you do xx

Sue Cleary I love Jo's demos and I hope we will see her soon with other stuff xxx

Lisa Silve Sorry to hear jo leaving like a few others watching jo made me wanna do cards and crafts .i just want to thank you jo ive now not got a spare room lol its a messy craft room lol

Jan Walker So sad to hear that Jo has left. Enjoyed watching her demos. All the best Jo x

Mary Newberry Sad to hear that Jo has left Tonic, will miss her inspirational demos, and her sense of humour. Jo you are a lovely, down to earth person. Good luck in whatever you do next x

Catherine Bennett So sorry to hear that Jo is leaving, I loved her more relaxed and informal style of demonstrating and she is genuinely a lovely person. Wishing her all the best and hope to see her again soon, hope she keeps in touch through her page xx

Diana Blatch Good Luck Jo

Aisling Allen That's awful news, had a feeling it was coming when messaged you last night, will be so sorry to see you go, hope you will still be crafting and pop up again with another company on c and c, will miss you Jo ❤ xx

Jackie Millins-Horne Such sad. sad news..Jo, I wish you all the success in the world for what ever adventures you have ahead. You have been a true inspiration to me in my crafting and I can say with out reservation that you have opened my eyes to so many new creative ideas...See More

Jan Kissx Awwww no bright blessings in all you do jo xxxx

Margaret Holland Good luck Jo x

Jean Wicks Will miss Jo's vibrancy and laughter, but wish her all the luck on her next venture what ever it may be.

Karen Brown Aww you will be missed Jo. Really enjoyed your demo's :-( xx

Denise Towers Sorry to hear that, hope you are moving into something good for you. Good Luck x

Caroline McCullough Sorry to hear that I did like jo's cards and hints and tips

Elaine Somers Aww sorry to see her go. I loved her work xxx

Valerie Coleman Really enjoyed Jo's demos and will miss her ideas with Tonic but I'm sure we'll be seeing her again soon. Wishing her all the best x

Sue Foote Gutted. Just gutted. Will be following your future exploits x

Michelle Barker So sorry. She inspired me so much as a recent beginner. Such clear instructions and a lovely sense of fun xx

Janet Tonner Sorry to hear this Jo,I really enjoyed your demos you are such a friendly down to earth lady,no big ego,look forward to seeing you on our screens again doing what you do best inspiring us to craft.

Novello Evans Good luck in whatever your new venture is, I enjoyed watching you do demos xx

Amanda Jane Ostler A lovely, lovely lady, talented crafter - will really, really miss you ......

Julie Ann Tinnion Take care lovely lady

Mary Greenall Good luck Jo Enjoyed your demos,your clear instructions and friendly manner Best wishes

Lyn Spinks Good luck jo ,we will miss you.x

Anne-Marie Holmes Not surprised , but sad that it should come to this. Tonics loss 😒😒

Alison Turner Gutted! So sad to see you go Jo Austin. Was looking forward to meeting you at Exeter. You always explained things so clearly and inspired me so much. Hope you have a restful time xx

Ann Smith Jo why loved watching you xx

Patricia Pittham Jo Austin keep us posted with your whereabouts in craftworld. Always chatted with you at shows. Inspiration to many xx

Elaine Dolan Awww so sorry i liked to watch you Jo you will bemissed alot good luck in whatever you do nextxxx

Carolyn Rimmer Good Luck Jo

Katherine Kerry How sad good luck but make sure we still see your wonderful creations xx

Maxine Abram Aw I loved Jo's demonstrations. Such a lovely lady. She will be missed. 😞 Wishing you luck Jo in whatever your future holds

Jackie Moseley Oh NO, one comes back and one goes.... not fair. Xx

Ann Molyneux So sad to hear that Jo but wish you good luck in your new ventures. Loved your demos, you are an inspiration to all crafters! Love and best wishes

Isobel Munro Good luck Jo with whatever you do now ..loved your demos.

Sandra Jordan Jo you will be missed but looking forward to seeing you create in the near future x

Nornor King Your creations were inspiring. Your talents and personality will be surely missed. Good luck

Sue Saunders-Robson You will be missed Jo. Loved all your demos. Hope this isn't the last we will see of you. Good luck and take care x

Linda Gough So sorry jo. Take care. Enjoy whatever road you take. Xx

Jayne Mather Such sad news, but as I have always taught my children You rise above things that try to drag you down xx

Hazel Fisher I loved Jo's demos, it's a real shame she is leaving Hopefully we might see her again soon thou x

Barbara Padgham Good luck it all that you do will miss you

Michaela Ann Georgiou Best of luck Jo, you will be amazing whatever you do next xxx

Sandra Midgley So sorry your leaving Tonic Jo your hummer and your lovely personality will be missed good luck in what ever you do next

Annmarie Spriggs Good Luck Jo! I'll miss seeing you on create and craft x

Pam Hicks You were my fav Tonic demonstrated nice calm and always lovely makes. Shall miss seeing you. Wishing you well in whatever you do x

Suzanne Oldbury Sorry to hear your news Jo. I have met you on a number of occasions and found you to be so helpful and lovely to chat you. You will be sadly missed.x

Sally Logan Oh no!! She is my favourite. Hopefully you'll be back on our screens soon. Not surprised by this though. Good luck and take care. Xx

Tracey Eve Aw that's sad to hear. Loved her style and way of explaining. Good luck in whatever you decide to do next Jo. Xx

Alan Langler Jo you were great on c&c we will miss you. Good luck in your next venture what ever that will be

Emma Wilson Good luck jo in what ever comes next you will be missed xx

Pat Lindie Sorry to hear that I always loved watching Jo's demos x

Sharron Harbour Sorry to hear you are leaving Jo, really do hope we will see you on our screens very soon. All the best in the future x

Karen Ruffles Your demos are great will miss them. Good luck Jo I hope your dreams come true xx

Yvonne Hodge Good luck in your new adventures Jo.xx

Maureen Hammond Good luck Jo hope you will still be on c&c xx

Mandy Bird Sorry to hear this ,but all best fie the future Jo.x

Linda Pilling So sorry you are leaving jo
I loved your style of crafting.you are very talented.you will be greatly missed.

Pamela Anne Marshall Oh Joe such a shame you were one of the few demonstrators I really enjoyed watching best wishes for the future hugs

Lynda Tully Wishing you all the best Jo in what ever path you choose...Good Luck xx

Sharon Ashurst Aw sorry you've left Jo I will miss your amazing demos and your smily face. Hope we will still see you popping up here and there from time to time. Best wishes for the future Jo xx

Stav Theturtle you will be missed Jo, hoping you go on to enjoy pastures new.x

Sandra Leonard Sad....... Very sad !!!

Tracy Sutton I too love you Jo, so sorry that you are off to pastures new. I'm sure it won't be too long before you are snapped up.

Kath Wharton Wish you look you are amazing

Anne Cairns Sorry to see you go Jo. Good luck

Marisa Job Wishing you the best Jo! Big hugs!!

Glynis Collins Oh noo! Get Jodie back don't want to loose Joe now! Hugs and best wishes Joe.xxxx

Val Anne Woodward All the best Jo,sorry to hear you are leaving,you will be missedxx

Tracey Edwards Best of luck Jo in whatever you do x

Margaret Gannaway Wishing you all the best but you will be missed. It's good to have several demonstrators as everyone has different ideas. Good luck. Xx

Georgina Wallace Reatly sorry you are leaving I used to travel from Nottingham to Derby when you demonstrated a few years ago,hope we see you pop up somewhere soon.

Mary Roberts That's sad 😣

Pat Clarke Soooooo sorry to see you are leaving Jo Austin, just as Jodie is coming back. Hope you are happy were ever you are going xx

Elaine Mcrobbie Going to miss your demonstration on C&C .Good luck with whatever you do 😒

Nikki Goddard Oh Jo u will be sorely missed I loved ur demonstrations and I wish u well with whatever u venture on to do xx

Joan Prince Will really miss your demonstrations. Wherever you go next I wish you every success. 

Mandy Reilly Good luck jo will deffo miss you and your demos babe xxx

Margaret McCormack Good luck Jo. I will miss you. Hope all goes well in whatever you doxxx

Susan Senior So sorry to hear this, I really enjoyed her demonstrations. I'm sure she will be sadly missed. Good luck for whatever Jo decides to do xxx

Linda Jones That's sad wishing you well for the future Jo I learnt a lot from you x

Linda Adams Good luck Jo Austin in whatever comes next, you will be ace. xx Thank you for all your demos and ideas. xx

Ruth Jamieson good luck jo you were amazing x

Dorothy Rylance Thank you for all your demonstrations and the very best of luck in the future.

Gabriele Beatty Jo you are such a talented lady, I will miss you xx

Elizabeth Young You will be missed Jo, good luck for the future.x

Linda Scotthorne Good luck for the future Jo , will miss you at Glasgow SECC , you are always so nice and helpful. All the best. xx

Jean Flowers Best wishes for the future Jo, you will be missed.

Margaret Ann Moffat sorry to see you go loved your demos, all the best in your future

Karen Railton Best wishes for the future Jo. Xxx

Sarah Smith Oh no, sorry to see you go. Best wishes for the future

Dawn Marshall Aww I loved watching you Jo will miss you terribly on TV , but I really wish you well for the future and whatever you decide to do xxxx

Sandra Radecki best wishes jo good luck what ever you choose to do xx

Sharon Goodley Sad to see you go Jo. Good uck for what comes next for you xxx

Jan Duke Good luck with whatever the future holds for you and thank you for all the wonderful tips you passed on. Take care x

Mary Blight SO sorry to hear that you have left Tonic, Jo! You were an amazing crafter & you gave all crafters wonderful hints, tips & ideas! I wish you all the best for the future! <3 XXX

Angela Hayward So sorry to hear Jo has left Tonic a very creative lady best wishes

Heather Dovey Good luck

Lynda Gilbert Good luck Jo, loved your demos xxx

Sandra Burns I'll miss you Jo your great demos, your smiling face good luck with your new venture XX

Janet Long Good luck Jo love your sense of humour and your demos. Wishing you all the best for the future and hope to follow your next exploits 😊 πŸ€ xx

Pat Moore Sorry to hear you're leaving Tonic I loved your demos, you always explained clearly what you were doing and i learnt a lot. I wish you well in the next chapter of your life may you go from strength to strength and continue to give pleasure to many in the days ahead x

Fiona Duthie So sorry your leaving tonic Jo but good luck in
You future ventures xxx

Annette Dallas I'm so sorry to hear that. Best Wishes for whatever you do next Jo xx

Liz Reeves Sorry to see you go Jo. I hope you are not far away from our screens. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Xx

Jennifer Eaton Sorry to see you go Jo. Good luck with everything you do xx

Lynn Bonner Sorry to see you go but wish you great fun on your new adventure. xx

Elizabeth Bennett Good luck Jo Austin with your new adventure thank you for all you have shown us with tips that help.

Caron L Aspinall Jo you will be missed and I hope after a little rest you are back on our screens your demos were wonderful and you called a spade a spade, whatever you are going to do next good luck and please keep us informed xxxx

Pam Smith Oh dear, another great person has left Tonic, Will miss you Jo xxx

Caron French Wishing you lots & lots of luck Jo. hope to see your lovely demos back on TV somewhere soon. xx

Eluned Thomas Good luck with whatever you do next Jo Austin. I love your wit and humour, and your style of crafting.xx

Liza Wilson All the best Jo. I know you from Kathryn's shop in Doncaster I know you will do well and be fine xxx

Sue Lund So sorry to see you go but wish you well for the futurex

Jean Prescott You will be sorely missed Jo, hope to see you back on. Our screens shortly xxx

Denise Morgan Their loss xx

Elizabeth McCallum Good luck Jo

Julia Rowlands Best wishes to you Jo whatever you you do xx

Dorothy Amos So sad to see you go wish you well in whatever you do next jo xx

Carole Dodgson Good luck in whatever you get up to next Jo, you will be missed xx

Myra Marr One of my favourite crafters ....all the best with your future plans. I and many others will miss you...

Jean Hewis Sorry to hear that hope we see lots of you, you are talented and such a nice person.

Linda Price You will be missed Jo but wish you all the best for the future. When one door closes......x

Julie Turner So sorry to see you go Jo you were a breath of fresh air, all the best to you xx

Ann Clark you will be missed Jo good luck whatever path you take xx

Jacqueline Miller Good luck for your future though you will be missed greatly

Dawn Oultram Good luck Jo. Wish you weren't leaving. But shine in your next venture xxx

Aisling Allen Hope Jo is reading these messages and knows how much we will miss her, but hopefully she will be back soon with someone else x

Michelle Hesselden-Howes Read your post last night Jo & was sorry to hear that you were leaving Tonic now xxπŸ˜₯ your Demo's & ideas were brill X wishing you well in what ever your next step is (hood it still includes crafting) & hops to see you at certain shows xx all the best Jo 😘

Sarah Jane Bayley I am so gutted to hear this. Jo is such a beautiful lady both inside and out and is so very very talented. I wish her well in her new adventures. She's going to be greatly missed. Good luck Jo xx

Dorothy Cattanach Oh nooo Jo, Just so sorry. Always looked forward to your Demo's. Always inspirational and loved the banter between you and the presenters.I will miss you so much. Hope you are keepimg well. Good Luck for the Future in all you do xxxxxx

Deborah Chardoux Shall miss you Jo I enjoyed your demo's immensely

Sheila Cook Oh no, I will miss you Jo, you're a lovely lady and a talented crafter. Take care of yourself xxxxx

Jacqui Woodward I have met Jo on quite a few occasions and I must say she is the most loveliest person to meet. I wish you all the best Jo in your new adventure will miss seeing you doing C&C tonic shows. xx

Joan Chatfield Good luck Jo. Sorry your leaving tonic.

Ruth Andrews Good luck in the future Jo - enjoyed your demos -will moss you

Pat Jones You will be missed Jo any more TV lined up !

Pauline Wardle Gutted by this. All the best for future Jostin and hope that we will see you again. Always enjoyed your demos and the way you explained things so clearly xx

Cathy Fortune Sorry you have left Tonic Jo, I liked your slant on all of their products. Your demos were great, clear and instructional. You will be missed. Good luck for the future. Xx

Doris Mccloud Omg no I just love Jo. Why she left. Come back Jo we need you xxx

Jean Thurston good luck jo in your new adventure you will be missed xx

Christine Douse Good luck Jo, in your new adventure. I met u once at a craft show. You was so helpful with some punches that I wanted to buy. You will be missed. You gave credit where credit was due. You demonstrated calmly and your colouring was exceptional. Take care xx

Maureen Davies Sorry to see you go jo all the best xx

Barbara Dawson This is such sad news Jo. You have given Tonic so much and inspired us all. Tonic are losing a talented and superb demonstrator. Definitely their loss. Enjoy a rest but I so hope you pop up again very soon. Xxxx

Sue Bowen Best wishes in your next crafty venture . Have always enjoyed your demo's

Lesley Williams Sooooo sad to lose Jo, such a lovely talented lady you will be missed so much, I just loved your demos & so many good tips. Please come back Jo Tonic won't be the same without you xxx

Al Stevenson sorry to be hearing this, good luck with your next venture

Gill Allsopp Best wishes in your new venture/adventure. You will shine wherever and in whatever you do xxx

Trisha Atkinson What a huge shame, such a lovely lady and very good at her demo's. With whatever she chooses to do next I wish her so much luck, she will pop up again I am sure.

Trese Garner Really liked Jo. Good luck chuck in what ever your next mission will be. Xx

Sue Duncan Sorry to hear Jo has left Tonic, will miss her demos. Good luck Jo x

Julia Wyatt Sorry you have left i liked seeing all of you x

Sue Hare Sad Jo's gone. I'm sure she will be quickly snapped up to demo for another company. Wish her well for the future.

Heather Toms So sorry to hear this but Good luck in your new venture. x

Doreen Vosper Sorry to see you go Jo you are a lovely lady I liked your style of crafting all the best for the future Jo you will be missed by many 😘 xx

Liz Reeves So sorry to hear you are leaving Tonic Jo. You will be missed you are an inspiration to us all. Good luck for the future in whatever you decide to do. X

Aisling Allen We miss you Jo x

Ann Molyneux Good luck in all you do Jo - one company's loss another company' gaining a great asset! Happy crafting X
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Eleanor Jackson
t Jo Austin
2 hrs
Just a quick note to say I have been thinking of you. I hope you are doing ok and I can see from your shared works of art that you have been busy. Just watching a recorded episode of you on my tv. You are a lady of many talents, you are missed, but I am so grateful to you for sharing your skills and knowledge. Never doubt yourself..and I hope the future will be as wonderful as you deserve it to be. Crafty hugs xx


Comments below taken from emails and comments that were left for me after my demo's. 

Your parchment cards are out of this world. In fact, all your cards are gorgeous.
Posted by Ria

well done
this is a lovely site happy card making
Posted by denise

Your cards are wonderful, well done love your web site!
Posted by angelswings_2

To die for
Your cards are lovely, but your parchment cards, what can I say, I love them especially the hummingbird, teddy and competition one. I so want to try this.
Posted by Jane

Fantastic cards Jo. Parchment amazing. No particular favourite 'cos they are all brilliant. You are my inspiration - have today started parchment craft. "Thankyou" ******
Posted by shorty (pauline)

Parchment cards
Hi just took a look at your new site and would like to say that I think that your parchment cards are beautifull!must take hours to complete. Tazzy
Posted by Tazzy

Fab cards, my favorites are the parchments.
Posted by Debra Buckle

Beautiful Cards
Your cards asre truely beautiful. You certainly mastered the art of Parchment cutting out, I love the effect could never get the hang of it. Regards June.
Posted by June

Easy site
Good site, easy to navigate. Lovely cards. K
Posted by LazyKay


Hi your cards are really nice you have done well sue2﷯
Posted by sue2 (ELVIS)

Its a great site.. i never saw the old one but it certainly could not have been better.very pretty cards. well done. zuzuspetals from CMAPC Forum
Posted by louise

love them all. fantastic
Posted by daisydoo

Lovely cards
Your cards are lovely, they have given me some ideas.
Posted by Donna

what lovely cards. your web site is great well done. you have given me some great ideas.
Posted by sue

just gorgeous
I loved them all. Well done, very talented lady
Posted by Anne

Fab Cards!
Love the cards!!!
Posted by Annie

Love your cards!!!!
Love the cards!!! Well done on all your hard work and love love love that counter;) Hugs Annie xxx
Posted by Annie

Lovely new cards, great bookatrix Debs x
Posted by Debsy Doo

well done
These cards all all very proffesional looking.. well done! :-)
Posted by zuzuspetals

you've made some lovely cards.
Posted by saucy angel

They are lovely cards, really well done
Posted by lindschick

I thought I'd just say that I like all your cards and hope mine are as good as yours one day! Keep up the good work and inspiration to us all!
Posted by Erika (Twintrouble)

just wanted to let you know your cards are all very beautiful especially the parchment ones well done xx
Posted by linrobroy

beautiful cards an inspiration to us all thank you
Posted by aileen

Your cards are truly amazing...love the parchment ones...they have spurred me on to seriously get stuck into to this art ...bet mine wont look as good as yours though Pauline JX
Posted by pauline JX

I'm stunned
Your cards are great - I don't ever think my cards will be that good. I've just started making cards, and have got loads of ideas - I just get frustrated when I can't make my ideas happen. My husband wants me to be a whizz and make all sorts of fancy pop up cards, but I feel hapier sticking to what I know works at the moment. Well done. Al
Posted by Alison Gupta

Very Nice Work
Very Nice Work - well done. I have just started Pergamano and am teaching myself with the aid of books and comments from Do Crafts forum friends - your designs are lovely where did you get some of your patterns - there are one or two i particularly like the look of as a beginner. Enjoyed viewing your work.
Posted by Elaine Warren

Lovely site.﷯
Posted by DaMomma

Your website is comfortable and not over done as many are, it's easy to use and your cards are very nice, I particularly like the Parchment Craft cards. Congratulations on your work. Angela
Posted by Angela

Beautiful Cards
Hi Jo I love your cards. I will use some of your designs for inspiration Chri K
Posted by Chris

Lovely site
Well done your cards are really lovely, carry on the good work..best wishes
Posted by sylvia

lovely web site
lovely cards and a pleasure to go through your site,valerie (cyprus)
Posted by valreie

very clear instructions for the pop out template. No one should now have problems making these! Thanks.
Posted by pauline

lovely cards
lovely cards irealy love the parchment ones but they are all really excelent
Posted by Denise (nan)

great site.
great site and loved your pop out card. will go and see if i can do them now...new to this ..he he eh regards steve http://thewizardscrafts.myfreeforum.org/﷯
Posted by steve the wizard (dc)

Great cards
Your cards are really lovely, I love the parchment I have tried them myself but take a lot of time to do. Also really useful template much appreciate that. It is nice when someone puts somethin on their site to help others. http://www.helenandralph.zoomshare.com
Posted by Helen.B

Lovely cards
Your parchment cards are beautiful. Gives me the heart to try again. In fact all your cards are lovely.
Posted by Stella Puttock

Great instructions - will prove very useful!
Posted by Dee

I love your cards, instructions are super clear and well done :-)
Posted by Kerry (angelswings_2)

Lovely cards. the parchment ones must have taken you so long to complete. Keep it up!
Posted by Rosaline

Truly Stunning
I loved all your cards, especially the parchment ones, couldn't pick a favourite as they're all so good, you are an inspiration to us all! love Gill (scrappy gilly on Docrafts)
Posted by Gill

Thank you!
Your cards are relly lovely, Thanks for the help on the pop out cards you are a great insperation, happy crafting from http://www.whipchickcards.zoomshare.com/
Posted by Gemma

What a talent!
Yours cards are simply beautiful. It would be an honour and a pleasure to receive one.
Posted by Jan

I have just been on your site for the first time and I think it is BRILL!! I will be paying regular visits as I think you make really nice and varied cards LOL Serena
Posted by Serena Steed

Thanks a milion for giving the link for the templates....well done! Lynda
Posted by Lady Lynda

Well done
Hi Jo, Love your website and your cards are brill, keep it up girl you'll go far.
Posted by lizabeth

some lovely cards, i love the parchment cards only wish i could do them yvonne
Posted by yvonne

Great cards, very inspired, going to try pop outs now.
Posted by Carol aka Gingernonuts

Your Cards
Just thought I would have a peek at your cards. I love them, particularly the girlie ones as they are so delicate.
Posted by Judith Carr

Your cards
I think all your cards are beautiful, but I particularly like your parchment craft. I have only been card making since the end of November and I think I have tried everything but parchment is my favourite. I hope that you are feeling better soon after your accident.. Best wishes and look forward to seeng more of your cards... Rosemary
Posted by Rosemary Fox

I think your cards are beautiful,especially love the parchment and the flower ones are stunning,i can never seem to get my flowers to look right. Well done.
Posted by Marian

verry nice
Hello! Verry, verry nice your's cards!
Posted by Ludmila

Your Parchment Cards
Are a joy to look at - thank you x x x
Posted by elless

Nice Site
Nice easy site to use...love your beaded bookmark!
Posted by Paula

Wonderful site, easy to navigate and tremendous cards that you have made :)
Posted by xxTracyxx

Your parchment cards are beautiful
Posted by Chris

your site
I love the cards and how proffess they look..also love the beaded things..hope one day mine will be as good..only be papercrafting since Jan.this year..love..mejenxx
Posted by jennie brighty

Lovely site
Lovely colours, lovely cards and lovely site!
Posted by christine Johnson

Great site & cards, love the mobile phone dangly
Posted by Lindschick

Great site
Lovely cards and beady things...I love the colours on the site..very easy on the eye. Best wishes xxx
Posted by Sarah (flipdip72)

Thank you Jo for letting me have a look at you stunning work, These will inspire others too. Hugs. Patricia.
Posted by Patricia

Beautiful Cards
Hi, I love your cards, they are all so pretty, especially like the parchment cards, have never been brave enough to try, will have to learn. Thankyou for the inspiration Diane
Posted by Diane

From a craft addict
Loved all your cards.I will visit again to hopefully see more. Aren't crafters nice, everyone is so willing to share?﷯
Posted by Angela Bagley

Wonderful cards - you should be really proud of your work and yes, they are an inspiration to fellow crafters - thanks for sharing your work with us all.
Posted by Steph

fab cards!
Hi Jo, love your cards, especially the pop out ones! I have learnt how to do them now I have seen your website. Will check back often to see what you have been creating :) Love the other Jo :p
Posted by Jo craft_a_doodle_doo

Doncaster Chamber meeting
Hello Lovely site Jo, I have passed your business card to my daughter re photos and invitations. Lovely to meet you last Wednesday - hop eto meet again in the future. Regards Mal
Posted by Marilyn Tomlinson

HI GeeGee31 here just had to look and WOW how clever are you. I like to look but then feel down when I see how clever everyone is. Please can you do a few more Men cards? Keep up the good work. LOL Gill
Posted by Gillian Harington

wow your cards are fantastic wish mine were as nice﷯
Posted by vanessa

Thank you
wow..your cards are lovely well done also so pleased you have given the templates for the pop out cards now l can have go myself sue
Posted by sue

Fabulous card paperlily﷯
Posted by Debra Rees (Debsy Doo)

These cards are wonderful especially the parchment craft ones.
Posted by Marion

Hi, loved the cards and especially the Parchment ones...and all beautifully done..Thanks for sharing with us all...you have given me some brill ideas...Health & Happiness gertieB
Posted by gertieB

Started off via Joanna Sheen's forum, then Cliff's Place and via Elizabeth's site to yours....really enjoyed the visit....love Carol
Posted by Carol Pounder

Wow this is a ace website Good luck..x
Posted by Rhiann

i'm amazed at what lovely cards you do especially the parchment you are truly gifted
Posted by Linda Wale

I really enjoyed your site. Your parchment cards are stunning. I have just started card making. If one day I make something that is half as beautiful as one of your cards I will be happy. Take care & happy card making
Posted by Carolynne

lovely site and cards Jo. take care Tracy xxx
Posted by Tracy W

quick visit
Hi JO just had a quick look round but very good so will be back soon for a proper look. all the best Gillian
Posted by Gillian Povall

Hello - I don't expect a reply to this email but I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your cardmaking demonstration last Saturday - I've only just started card making and have lots to learn - I wish I could come up with so many ideas. I get a bit of help from a friend who has been making cards for years but seeing your demonstration was inspiring.

Anyway - thanks again.

Regards, Janet

Hi Jo

Thank you for a brilliant and interesting morning at Brigg today. As I explained I am very new to card making and would be interested in the details on the classes we discussed.

During your demo you explained that the instructions for making the boxes are available on the internet, I would appreciate you giving me the site details, as you would expect I've forgotten already. Although I did manage to remember how to fold the stand up card and and flower petal and written myself some instructions since I got home.

Many thanks again for a well presented demonstration.

Kind Regards
Margaret Pender

Hi Jo, thanks for the link to your blog - i LOVE how you have coloured in the Magnolia stamps - been and bought about 30 promarkers today after seeing how you have coloured the images in!!!
Couldnt leave you any coments so thought I would email you instead.
Hope the trip went OK - have a great weekend


Hello Jo

I really enjoyed your demo at Brigg on Saturday, I got lots of great ideas and tips


Ann Richardson

Hi Jo,
This is Betty that came from near Worksop to see your demo at Brigg. Really enjoyed my day out and congratulations on a super demo. It was lovely to see you again at Harrogate and for you to remember me from all the people that you must meet. Sorry not to be able to chat to you on Sunday but I could see that you were busy catching up with other people. I have also enjoyed reading your blog and am absolutely shocked to hear that you have a lump!! This is just dreadful for you. Hope you are getting it seen too straight away. I understand that Rotherham Hospital are very prompt at dealing with these things!!! I send you all my love and best wishes for a quick recovery. Betty xxx
Posted: 06 April 2008 07:36:00
Hi Jo I'm so glad I came to see you yesterday, thanks for the folding lesson!! Your cards are inspirational! Maybe we will meet again sometime soon, I hope so Christine x

http://www.docrafts.co.u...&s=1&name=Card%20Making Do Craft Ddemonstrater

Hi Every One, I just wish to give a Big Thank You to Joanne who did the Do Craft Demo at the Range Doncaster last Sunday. Joanne took the time & patience to explained each technique so that both beginners & more experienced crafters could understand, I had intended to just nip to pick up the goodies bag’s for my self & some friends, but ended up staying for nearly an hour, only problem I spent double the amount of money that I had planned to mmmmmmmmm just need to explain to hubby who Joanne is and why it’s all her fault she made me (HONEST) lol Many Thanks Grace


juliadon (3014 Posts) (19 gallery items) view my Gallery 14-May-2008 0:58 I have always found Jo to be very good and patient and sunday was just the same thanks Jo

Thank you very much for having the patience to show me how to use stamps today. I am hoping to have more confidence from now on with my own stamps . As I said to you it can sometimes be difficult to learn things without knowing other people who have the same hobby. I thought that some of your ideas were very good too. I hope that I can manage to achieve a good result when I try them out at home. I didn't get chance to buy much today as my husband was feeling poorly and wanted to go home, but I will be buying the cutters ,water pen and blending pen soon I hope. It would be lovely to see you again sometime. Perhaps you could come over to Barnsley when you are not busy , you are welcome to my home any time. Kindest Regards Jill Griffith.

Please see comment below. 'Hi everyone, Just wanted to say went to a demonstration at the wkend in Southport at The Range. the demonstrator there was Joanne Austin. What a lovely helpful person she was, she sent us away with many inspirational ideas and helpful tips, nothing appeared to be too much trouble for her. She is a credit to yourselves and all crafters everyehere...Our day just flew by. Thank you. Leigh'

Just found this on the card making forum: Fab Demo I just want to thank Jo for a fab demo at Bolton Range today. She was really brilliant, very bubbly, lots of ideas, exactly what a demonstrator should be. There was a permanent crowd arond the table all day and everyone was enjoying themselves. Thanks Jo. Liz
an email from Saturday's demo**

Hello Jo Thanks for such a super demo this afternoon at the Range. I really enjoyed it and am inspired to try the "concertina" cut out card tonight. Hope you had a safe journey home. Looking forward to your next visit and also seeing your demo on Create and Craft. Best wishes Kath Fox
I must say, the girls were right in the range... you were very good, and i thoroughly enjoyed the demonstration you did. Could have sat there all day!! if it wasnt for me needing to get some food! i have to eat regularly, as i have a blood sugar problem. Well done! i look forward to trying some of your ideas tommorrow Looking forward to your reply Yours Kindly mandi

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  1. Thank you Jo, I had a lovely time watching your demo at The Range Doncaster today, and came away truly inspired (and a little poorer!). Thanks for your patient explanations and some great ideas - I came straight home and tried the ink on the embossing folder/debossed image technique you showed us - success! I think that will be a new favourite. Thanks again, Angela


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