Thursday 12 November 2009


Happy Thursday everyone!

I'm a happy bunny this morning!! Yep - I can eventually see the light..

I've been so packed out with work this last few weeks I've hardly had time to breathe.. but sticking my head into the sand for a couple of hours does wonders! I've got a rush commission to do for a magasine, work which I always love {although, not the 'rush' bit.. lol}. Just getting the ideas going for this was a bit of a headache.. lol.. but we got there in the end. I've just got one more card to do, then that's finished.

I've also got a demo on Saturday at Craft Central in Derby. This is going to be so much fun. The staff down there are a hoot, they're all so lovely, especially Jackie who manages the store. She's always so welcoming and friendly. The customers are really wonderful too, very eager to learn and we also have a laugh and a little one-to-one if time allows. I have to make some samples for that too.

Apart from these two busy pieces of work, I am still snowed under with stuff for the SOS christmas appeal, which has really taken off over the last few weeks. I'm completely amazed and humbled to how people are responding this year. It is absolutely amazing. It isn't just me that is busy either, oh no! The other Area Coordinators are reporting an increase this year too. Thank Heavens for Storage King who have offered me FREE storage at their unit for as long as I need! Now that is generous isn't it? And I have a room that is massive! So, thank you to them.

I am also working on projects for a couple of workshops I'm doing for a couple of places.

The first one coming up is a parchment one for a Dabble day for the Craft Emporium in Blyth, and the second is for a group of wonderful ladies near Birmingham, and that is Rubber Stamping.


Onto my title... VROOOOOOOM... and guess what? We're buying a new car! Here she is..

We've already got a Hyundai, which was my christmas prezzie a few years ago, and thought when we were looking around, that we'd trade in the Volvo we had, {which is a bit of a gas guzzler!} and buy ourselves another as it is a brilliant little run about.

So, this is what we opted for. A little Hyundai Getz 1.1 GSi.. not sure what the letters mean after the numbers, but hey.. who cares? It's lovely.. comfortable.. quiet. lol. Isn't it amazing how new cars are always so quiet? My little Betty {an Atoz +} sounds so tinny compared to this one.

However, it's still lots better than this -------

For those that remember, this is our car last June! It was a lovely, cutesie Citroen C3 {what do you mean you can't tell?} We had a 'bit' of an accident whilst on holiday and this was the result. We'd only had the car 11 months. Poor little Sissy!! Is there anyone else out there who names their car, or is it just us? We had to leave little Sissy in the Isle of Arran and come back on our own-some. This was the last time we saw her.

So.. new car tomorrow.. picking it up at 4pm.

**** now if only I could get my hands on the car I always, always wanted****

This would have to be the Triumph TR7. I was nearly there - only Paul decided to sell it a few months before I met him. Now isn't that just the story of my life!! I'm always only 'almost there'... hehe.

this is the TR7 - now isn't she a beauty? And on that note, I'll say Au Revoir!! until next time!

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  1. Congrats on your new car Jo, what are you calling her? We've never named our cars

    Jill x


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