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Sometimes, I let people know about my little 'quirks'... not very often... but just sometimes! And one of the things I love is Stationery. This includes my filofax, post it notes and pens. So, after a conversation yesterday with my friend Sharon, I promised that I would write a post about my pens.. and this led to this very very long post.. So.... Cup of tea in hand? Well, then read on..

 from left to right - Pilot Frixion x 4. Parker Ink Pen. Waterman ink pen and ballpoint. Two Hype highlighters. Cross Fountain pen. A groovy one. Parker ink pen. Pilot turquoise pen (I love writing in turquoise!!) A silver pen but it had rubber bands so looked a bit funky. Parker rollerball pen. Parker ink pen. My fizzy Moon pen - love him!. Three silver Franklin Covey pens - fountain, ballpoint, gel pen. My four colour clicky pen. 

Firstly.. the pens in question (or at least some of them). These are my wonderful collection of pens.. yes, I collect them too... but these are my favouritest pens in my collection. They range from ridiculously expensive (!) to the cheapest Frixxion pens that I love love love! These frixxion pens write perfectly as a gel pen, and you can also erase them, so perfect for the Filofax. They are really smooth on the writing tip too.. I don't like pens that seem scratch.

As you may also guess, I like slightly chunky pens. My fingers don't work like they should and I find it difficult sometimes to grip a 'biro' size pen comfortably.. so all my pens are slightly chunky and more ergonomic.

Now.. Post it notes.

I do use normal post it notes, mainly for my stamping if I'm wanting to mask something off.. but also to write quick notes on. However, these 3M ones at the back with the flowers on, are perfect for lists. (I love lists!!) The smaller packet of Avery labels are great for adding to magasine pages when I'm out demoing, so I can find pages in a hurry and don't have to flick through loads of things to find the bit I need.

Now, onto the Filofax. Oh dear... where to start?

I bought a long time ago, a Breast Cancer one. It was lovely leather, pink and small. I hated it. Now, many years on, I can't remember exactly what I did with it.. I know I didn't throw it away (after all.. I am essentially a bit of a hoarder!!) so I will find it at some point. But this is my little collection so far. 

From the top, I have a Pocket Guildford in Black, a Personal zipped Lyndhurst in black,(more about these two below), an A5 Finsbury in pink (my life!) and my A5 Classic in brown which is currently being used as a record book for my craft items.

The Lyndhurst on the left, I don't have a proper use for at the moment, but if I am away with work, then this fits perfectly in my handbag (which is a red Buxton tote bag)

The smaller pocket Guildford is used to keep up to date with all crafty Challenges that I think have a good theme for the challenge, or sketches etc.

You can see some of my more recent scribblings here -

Now.. this A5 pink is my day to day diary. This is my life! Everything is recorded in here that I need to have to hand, and the one I like to fiddle with to make it 'work' for me. 

As you can see below.. it has all my bits and pieces in there. It's pretty chocka.. but I love it.

This photo above shows all my numerous cards that I don't tend to use regularly - warehouse cards, and reward cards etc. In the pocket on the inside flap are bits of paper that dont really have a home - bills that may need paying, storage of notes etc. Then on the right, I have a little plastic wallet with a photo of my dog we had, Asti, and other personal photos,  and behind that is a business card storage pocket.

Onto the main part of the diary, and I use a week on two pages. The left I tend to scribble any phone conversations and general bits of things, on the right is my diary page and I also scribble notes etc on the right of this page. As you can see, post it notes are often stuck into my diary too.. lol.

Here, I want to show how I store things that may need paying or how to store my important bits of paper. (my NI bill on this page! If anyone wants to pay it for me, then just shout.. ) But I do have the filofax hole punch that goes with every size filofax I have. That way, I can punch any piece of paper to fit in.

These are my tabs that I made with my SU tab punch. The writing on them is mine.. as I couldn't find anything nicer to put on them - peel offs are definately a no-no, and stamping just wasn't going to do it! And then these are the dividers....

They are all made out of some lovely double sided papers that I find quite cheerful colours and patterns. (That is my other passion - papers!) They were all cut to size and then laminated. I chose to laminate them to make them more sturdy, but also so I could scribble on them with a drywipe pen, and then erase it when I've made 'proper' notes.

Now onto my pages.

I have various sections in my filofax. My calendar and diary tabs are at the beginning of the filofax, then I have sections for
  • Addresses - general, every day addresses and email contacts. I don't have seperate tabs for each letter, as in the standard filofax sections, but they are all grouped together and have a letter at the top of each page. I found that this saves space for more tabs. 
  • Banking - personal and business records and details. It also contains details of Direct Debits and the contact numbers and reference number for each.
  • Business - records of costings, marketing and tax return details. Also contains print outs of any magasine commissions and private freelance work that comes along.
  • Blogs - This has printouts of anything that may be of interest, plus ideas for future posts. I also keep a list here of any blogs that I add to my favourites, as I have found that computers are often a let down!!
  • Docrafts - as a Docrafts Designer, this section contains my Manager's details, phone number and address, plus all contacts at the Stores that I demo in, plus distance and travel time records. It also contains print outs of Commissions for the Creativity magasine.
  • Notes - A great section for keeping all my jottings together if I talk to anyone. This section has coloured paper so I can record things seperately.... home is pink, business is yellow, other is white.
  • Quotes - as I travel round different craft blogs, or web sites, I often come across lovely quotes.. so this is my section where I record the best ones. Some are often found on my blog too.
  • Class - I run craft and cardmaking classes, so this section holds contact details for my attendees, ideas that I want to try out, things we have already done in class. Plus costings on materials, etc.
  • B-OP - this is a private section!!
  • Blank tabs - these are left for anything else that I may want to add in the future.
So.. there you have it - my organised (!!) life. To put it plainly, I have to have everything written down otherwise the brain doesn't function!

And, I would like to offer a big THANKYOU to Steve who runs the Philofaxy blog - all about filofaxes - because I am sure I wouldn't love my filofax as much if it wasn't for everyone's inspiration on there. lol. There is some fantastic advice on there for how to get organised, how others use their filofax, and even a wonderful lady on there who has a Craft-O-Fax.. which really is what my little Guildford is. I suppose I could call it work in progress at the moment.. but it will soon become my Crafters Guild(ford). Hehe.

Now.. if you are organised, or love to be sorta organised.. why not drop me a comment and let me visit your little blog to say hi.

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