Sunday 27 April 2008


What a day... very enjoyful if not stressful! Firstly, thank you to all the lovely ladies and staff there.. I had a great day.

I had been waiting in all week to get my Trimcraft stuff for the demo this week.. it didn't arrive.. So, when I went over to the Range in Hull yesterday for my demo, I had to pick products off the shelf and quickly make up some samples.
This was a bit annoying as I wasn't able to spend so much time on them before the folks started to arrive.. but at least at the end of the day I had a nice collection - which I had to leave.. aargh! Now to make them all over again..

Anyway, this is some of what I managed to produce.. sorry about the quality of the pics, they were off my mobile. This wasn't all my cards.. just some of the ones I really liked.

the one on the left was from the All Dressed Up stack.. lovely!!! The one on the right was made with the new Dovecraft papers.. Pets.. which is really really nice..has to be my favourite one.

The ones below are from the other new packs, which are really nice too...


  1. Oooooh!

    Nice cards. Well done you...

    I like the one (black and white) with the rounded edge!
    Tell me how to make it please!

    Chat to you tomorrow!

    Nikki x

  2. A lovely selection of cards, Jo

  3. These are all Fabulous cards!!

    Puppy is coming along now...just about back to normal. Thanks so much for the help!!!


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