Wednesday 9 April 2008

Very productive... continues...

Here are some more of my cards... Some of them are samples from my demo's which I told everyone I would share.. others are new ones from last night.. Hope you like them!
(sorry about the dull colour on the one above... the flash was bouncing and it looked awful!)

again, not a very good image of the one above.. it is a card which stands on its own base... but folds down to a flat card to go in standard envie.

this one I suppose I could have added as a DCM card for the folded challenge.. but hey.. It's one of my demo cards from the weekend.. hope you like it!


  1. You certainly have been very productive, Jo - a great selection!

  2. Wow! You have been busy!!!!

    (Wish I could say the same....... been really busy but seem to have nothing to show for it!)

    Nikki x

  3. This is a great mens card - I love the papers!


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