Monday 7 April 2008

Nearly 5000 visitors.....

Wow.. I can't believe so many people have visited my blog! So ... in recognition of nearly reaching the 5000, I am going to organise a little challenge. I will post details of it later. There will be a PRIZE too... so watch this space...


  1. oooh!
    Please Miss, can I take part too!?


    Nikki x

  2. Hello Sis!!!!!!!!
    Remember me from Bowmanville, Ont??? LoL
    I thought i left you a comment here already but i can't find it! Anyways doll i LOVE your Blog and what you've done with your webpage and cards! Marty's cards are absolutely beautiful & Carley is following in your photographic footsteps! Holly & Scooby are so cute!
    Hugz to all of you!
    Lesley & fam


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